To enhance cleavage, C-list actress squeezes breasts so hard that blood veins show

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23-year-old actress Liu Yuxin appeared in several TV dramas before, where she often had minor roles and bit parts. Then this year, she took a supporting role in Startled by Each Step, one of China’s hottest TV series.  Just as television viewers started to remember her face and name, her red-carpet look on December 4 at a star-studded fashion event took the shine off most A-list celebrities and made a real dent in most net users’ minds, who ogled, blushed and took offence. Some complained that her photos were all over the place on their newsfeed pages all day.

She might have gone too far with her body-conscious dress and whatever lingerie or padding underneath. Blue veins were visible on her breasts, which might be caused by the tight-fitting dress that constricted her blood flow. More important, many netizens even love to believe that the two darker spots at the edge of her very low neckline are her nipples escaping the shackles of her dress.

The master of the ceremony could not refrain from asking Liu Yuxin why she chose to wear such a revealing garment. Liu answered, “I feel now that I am still young and have the body, I should be dressed like this as often as possible, before I get too old for this later.”

After the photos and video were posted online, netizens squinted and rolled their eyes. Nevertheless, many ridiculed her ruthlessly. Regarding one photo that shows Liu sitting in the audience with no one around, a user named Guo Xiaosong wrote: “Li Dongtian (Jing: guest assigned to the seat next to Liu, according to the name tag) has already been scared away. Tonight Liu Yuxin will occupy Weibo all by herself.” Another user wrote, “It seems no one has the nerve to sit around her.”

In Chinese entertainment industry, the cleavage of a female celebrity has a nickname: “Line of career,” which means, having a cleavage ensures one a good career. Even though it is very sexist and objectifies women, it has become an unwritten rule. In the show biz where publicity is highly sought after, cleavage is a headline, an attention grabber, and will naturally propel female stars’ along the road to fame.

Selected comments from Sina Weibo

静驮在喝大麦茶:Is it really necessary?? Have all (her) dignity and self-respect gone to hell?? People say Japanese are very permissive, some Chinese can actually parallel (Japanese) if they really wants to be permissive!!! Why not just go topless!!

潇湘墨水:Sigh, another woman who do not even care about face while seeking fame! ~

木子青熙:OMG~ a milk cow~

双子座的敏: Yes, an obvious boob job~ Can’t figure out why want a boob job?

luxury_Jim:Literally breasts that are “startling by each step”… (Jing: a wordplay on the title of the TV drama Liu appeared in) So tacky

毛吞吞:The implants in her nose and chin are so sticking out. So much silicone~ Will men actually think being dressed like this looks great?…

HHHMR:How are men in the mood to look at the nose and chin…

流丹 : Most of them who so love to expose (breasts) have had a boob job! They would feel anxious if their investment is not to be displayed. Everyone, just take a few more glimpses at them.

赵芯-HK代购:My heaven. It is squeezed to burst! The nipples almost showed…What have become of people nowadays…

哑巴 : Are blue-vein breasts a new vogue in the show biz? The girl can even smile. Great endurance.

一个人一只狗miko:Will they burst open if I squeeze them a bit! [嘻嘻][嘻嘻][嘻嘻]

西南才子小虎:This chick suddenly becomes all over the place on the Internet, as even I came to know her name, and I did not know it until today. The blood vessels even got blue from being compressed.

心昊0408: (I ) did not have such blue veins when lactating. The blue-vein breasts have caught on!

StacySunZ: The butt has grown in the wrong place.

王某人傑:Is it true that female stars nowadays cannot be famous without exposing their breasts? [疑问]

追忆惘然:Scared the crap out of me. The first search suggestion on Baidu (Jing: the largest Chinese search engine) is “Liu Yuxin, blue veins”…

OnCity摄影沙龙:Her parents will cry.

我系刘建:Great! I want those.

swatch-ttj:Sigh…Being a star is really a tough job…

More photos of Liu Yuxin

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