Video: Civil servant starves 90-year-old mother to a bag of bones

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From NetEase

A post titled “Civil servant in Wuping starves 90-year-old mother to death” circulated on dozens of Chinese websites since it was first posted yesterday. In the video, an extremely skinny silver-haired old woman is lying on a bamboo bed sheet. According to the post, the old woman is the mother of a public servant surnamed Zhong in Wuping county, Wujian Province. Because of differences over family affairs, the son starved the mother to death. Chinese netizens were flabbergasted by the video and the cruelty of the son.



The post author wrote that on September 28, the police received a phone call about an old person on the verge of death from starvation. When they arrived at the scene, they found the gaunt woman covered with a piece of cloth. They rushed her to the hospital, only to be told that she had been suffering from long-term severe malnutrition, which caused failure of multiple organs. She eventually passed away on September 30.

Most netizens were enraged by the heinous act. One net user wrote, “I did not expect that today, in the 21st century, such a thing could happen!” Another commented, “Not only should it receive moral condemnation, it must be punished by law!”

The police department of Wuping county confirmed the news. They say that they have already started investigation into the case. However, the police said that while Zhong, son of the old lady, was an employee at a bureau of Wuping county, he was not a civil servant, as he did not belong to the government system.

Selected comments from Sina Weibo:

灼热Bruce1013:Worse than pigs or dogs. But why did no one find out about it and stop it all along until the old person was starved like this? What about (other) children? Relatives? Friends? A tragedy that the old woman finished her journey in such a lonely and desolate way. The aging problem is looming large. Has our government, our society got prepared for it?

眉山婷婷:This kind of person deserves a tit-for-tat. Only locking him up and starving him to death can assuage public anger.

追寻古韵微博达人:I do not even have the nerve to keep watching it. How can there be such a heartless person in this world? Human dregs!!!!!!!

我是剪刀手爱德华:Why are there so many things that can chill people’s heart in this world?

风细水亭虚:Right. The humanity, the social morality are degenerating.

半句话_半首蝶恋纱:Go to hell, you…(She) made so much effort to give birth to you and raise you…Look at yourself…What a crap!!! For god’s sake, she is your mother…

聆听你的残留淡淡心声:This damn rubbish should have been strangled to death at the time of birth. And (he’s) a f**king public servant? Bah.

鬼火幽冥好忙: Every one will grow old. So, the so-called “raising children to provide for old age”?~~If there is enough money to raise a son, it is definitely no doubt enough for providing for old age, and it is every less risky than raising a son, yes or no? //@芽咩咩心里有小怪兽: I really don’t get how come hearts grow out of these beasts? Never expected you to be that nice to the old. At least feed her a spoon of rice.

Vivian芳芳: Shit. Ungrateful wolf! Beast! Later his children will treat him the same way.

红鲤鱼2368144967:F**k. This type of person deserves death penalty.


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