Chinese grows “Asia’s biggest man boobs” after treating baldness with contraceptives

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From Youku

Guo Qingbo lives in a rural village administered by Dezhou, Shandong province. Six years ago, he heeded a quack doctor’s advice on treating his baldness and began using contraceptives to shampoo his hair. More hair did grow. However, his breasts also got larger and larger, until they looked like two balls hanging in front of his chest. His man boobs have become marketplace gossips in the village. Some even thought he underwent a transgender surgery, “Old Guo still wants to change sex at the age of 50?”

Guo Qingbo is the constant target of the villagers’ ridicule, which leads to his withdrawal from his community. “I did not go anywhere during this New Year. I am really afraid that they will mock me.”


His wife is very concerned as well, “He is the only man in the family. My daughter married out. My son is in the army. He is the backbone. We get very upset after he had this problem. ”

Plagued by this physical anomaly, Guo went to Jinan, the provincial capital, to seek help from medical experts. Doctor Wang gave him a physical examination to discount the possibility of tumor, and found that the “boobs” are merely excessive fat. Guo successfully had the fat removed via surgery.


Selected comments from Sina Weibo

焖蹄辣肉加蛋加素鸡:Congratulate the Heavenly Kingdom on the forthcoming debut of the latest generation of breast enhancement product.[衰]

尐灬花花灬:Haha, I’m afraid that after this news came out, the pills will have price hikes. The hair is thicker, and what need to grow large have become large. //@周伟周伟周伟林: Those friends who dislike themselves for small breasts, the secret prescription has come! Hurry up to the drug store and snatch at the pills…[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

李旺财小宝:Great stuff [害羞][害羞][害羞][害羞] //@shawbee: Wow. So those women who want both hair growth and breast enhancement and don’t want a baby can achieve three goals at one stroke after taking it! //@水心Miracle: What’s the brand? [酷]

荣伟will微博达人:A new method for enlarging girls’ breasts!

记得艾特我:Women can get a double advantage after using it.

金九如1948:This invention is on a par with the invention of Viagra.

_七熹:Perhaps it doesn’t work on women.

谭世平新浪个人认证 :Haha, is what the female doctor does in the last picture hooliganism/sexual harassment?

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