Chinese netizens’ reaction to Russia, China veto of UN resolution condemning Syria bloodshed

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On Saturday, a U.N. Security Council resolution on Syria condemning President Bashar al-Assad’s crackdown on his people and ousting him was vetoed by Russia and China. All other 13 members, including the three permanent members of the council — the United States, France, and the United Kingdom — voted in favor of it. The vetoes have drawn reprimands of both countries from the other 13 members in the chamber, the most vocal of which is the United States. “The United States is disgusted,” the U.S. envoy, Susan Rice, said in accusatory tones rarely seen at the UN. She added that Russia and China should consider themselves “complicit” in massacres committed by the Assad regime. “Any further blood that flows will be on their hands.

Representatives of China and Russia veto the resolution condemning the Syrian government.


Syrians killed in a government crackdown on the rebels in Hom amid intense bombing by Assad’s army.

In Syria, dozens were reported killed on Saturday in one of the bloodiest days since protests began last March. Rebel groups and opposition activists said the regime launched an assault on the city of Homs on Friday night using mortar and tanks to bombard civilian areas. The Syrian government has consistently blamed the bloodshed on “armed terrorist groups.” (CNN)


People in Syria’s Homs hold funeral for those killed in the bloodshed

Supporters of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad took to the streets to thank Russia and China’s vetoes, whereas the opposition urged Moscow and Beijing to change their minds. Russia and China have handed Syria’s government a “licence to kill”, say opposition activists, according to BBC news.

On Sina Weibo, netizens engage in heated discussion as to the right and wrong of China’s stance. In one post, a user shared a video that is alleged to be the raw footage of bloodshed in Syria committed by the Syrian government, with the emotional comment, after China and Russia vetoed resolution sanctioning Syria! Look at it!!! Look what is happening in Syria??? It is massacre!!! A bloody massacre!!!


A Syrian anti-government protester holds a sign that reads in English “China, Russia, Thank you! We are dying” in the city of Hama, north of Damascus, during the “Day of Rage” demonstrations called by activists to pile pressure of President Bashar al-Assad as his regime pressed a violent crackdown on dissent. (From Bloomberg)

In another post submitted by Hu Xijin, a high-profile pro-government media personality and prolific blogger, he wrote, “China and Russia vetoed the resolution proposed by the security council on Syria. Firmly support the Chinese government to do so. The U.S. envoy criticized China and Russia for ‘selling out the Syrian people.’ Go ahead with vituperation. The U.S. cast the single vote against the security council’s resolution on Israel multiple times. This time, China and Russia cast two vetos. Yeltsin had a nice saying, ‘As long as Russia and China join hands, whatever the U.S. is up to is just masturbation.’ Great!”

Here are selected comments on these two posts from Sina Weibo

宋辻三:About how the U.S. destroys stability of other nations with fake video and bogus documents, one can refer to the Hollywood film Wag the Dog, or search WikiLeaks for content about the U.S. government producing fake video of Romanian massacre to fuel unrest in Romania.

关下吊扇: Should cancel China’s permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council as soon as possible. This will count as a tad contribution to the civilized world.

好火药:To Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of Global Times, it is said that you published a weibo post that didn’t even differentiate the black U.S. female diplomat Rice from the white Rice…! And then deleted it!! I feel ashamed for you!


(The screenshot shows Hu, the chief editor of the communist tabloid Global Times, says in one post that: “Ms. Rice, the U.S. envoy to the United Nations, said Russia and China’s votes are ‘disgusting’. This high-ranking diplomat, who was once secretary of the state, made such an egregious remark without even the most basic etiquette of diplomacy. Perhaps her behavior is best described as ‘disgusting’.”)

樊建川:Russia has so many vested interests in Syria that their veto is a matter of course. Why do we follow suit? In the history, it is Russia that annexed the most land of our country. We should learn our lessons from the history. In the past, alliances formed between China and Soviet Union, China and North Korea, China and Arab, China and Cambodia, China and Vietnam all ended up in trouble and almost in inferno. We should uphold the non-aligned movement. The violent act of the Syrian authorities is self-evident. Why would one want to be entangled in trouble and even get tainted with blood? Even if (China) doesn’t want to vote for (the resolution), it shouldn’t vote against it. Abstaining, as always, is also okay.

布衣单刀小kk:From what we see in Damascus, all of them are government supporters. The same for young people that I met. Of course, the crackdown on dissidents do exist, just like in any other country. And the so-called civilians also sure have been unfairly treated. They got so exited the moment people in the Gulf instigated it. The issue of Syria has totally demonstrated that politics is a game played by superpowers and wealthy nations. Only the people are victims.

老牛二世:I myself have never entrusted anyone with the duty of casting a vote in the United Nations, any Great Hall, small hall, Zhongnanhai (central headquarters for the Chinese leadership) or Beidaihe (Chinese leaders’ favorite summer retreat where meetings are convened). Therefore, no resolution formed in this entire world represents my decision.

施祈缘: I suggest that the UN General Assembly convene a meeting to revise the United Nations Charter and stipulate that a government not elected by its people is barred from admission to membership of the UN, or more importantly, permanent membership of the security council!

大于3世:No matter how bloody the scenes look, those stupid cunts of 5 mao (epithet for pro-Communist netizens) will still defend their master disgustingly…In the Heavenly Kingdom, what’s left is nothing but helplessness and disgrace. The only thing we can do is apologize to the Syrian people far away…Hope when that day comes to the Heavenly Kingdom, the new Syrian government will forgive and forget old grudges and support people in the Heavenly Kingdom!

Zealot_DC:Chinese government has made friends with way more than one or two authoritarian governments! The interests of those authoritarian governments are closely associated with interests of their own group and power! Even if all Syrian people were killed, China would absolutely veto on sanctions!

变态辣椒2012:My old work: A panda that loves to make friends.


730柒叁零:In the face of unrelenting questions from the Imperial U.S. envoy to the UN, Comrade Li Baodong’s attitude was humble, his standing posture was quite elegant, his facial expression was very soft, his emotion was very uncalm, his eyes were obviously wavering. His lips were clearly compressed. His hands were used to protect his little penis – end of my assessment.

Li Baodong

@泛中东围脖:The United States contributed money and effort to establish the United Nations. It was never for the purpose of establishing a democratic institution. The United States, a member of the UN that has the power to prevail, either plays hooligan by withdrawing financial contributions or threatens to exit. Here, let’s express our condolences to the hero who fought against autocratic UN, is bold enough to throw away UN charter and condemn UN for being a non-democratic and incompetent institution where rogue states hold sway. His name is Gaddafi.

手机用户2667614630:This is the real superpower diplomacy. The hell with international peace! The hell with democracy and human rights! Wake up, the angry youth! The perennial theme of diplomacy is: national interest is above everything else.

毕嘉豪:Bravo, China and Russia! They should have joined hands to fight American dogs long ago!

王栓中:Great, vetoing the resolution on Syria is in line with China’s national interest.

评微品微:No matter how we review it, it finally is not an abstention. It is a progress whatsoever.

姜逸青: The UN mechanism lost its validity long ago. It’s at best a forum. In dealing with those tyrants who use weapons to crack down on their people, it cannot reach a consensus even on the front of value judgment! What’s weirder is, Russia has its own steak (stake) there, but why do we follow it with naivety?!

汽斯威:When it comes to today’s Syria, any intervention from a second country will only make it more chaotic. Which political system is not founded on the basis of human rights? Other countries’ intervention will only result in exacerbation of conflict and poverty and bring disasters to the country and its people. If Syrian opposition has its guts, why not overthrow the government themselves? If you cannot win the battle, just fight guerilla war! Like the Communist Party and the Kuomingtang, fight on your own! Don’t depend on intervention of a foreign country. What’s more, Russia has its steak. So the United States doesn’t have its steak?

金之洁:The Assad administration slaughters its civilians, including women and children. Do you still think this regime is legitimate? Can political confrontation be above lives of people? What are you cheering and praising on seeing the bloodshed?

刘克佼:I am only appalled by the good caliber of American diplomats: it is obviously a stage where clout and interests are intertwined. And yet they can appear so high-sounding and lofty, so touching and moving, sometimes in tears. Are they good at acting, or do they really

Vincent_余洋:The pride of you guys are premised on over 5,000 corpses of Syrian civilians. Feel ashamed of belong to the same Chinese people as you do.

奔驰总部XIAOYI:Syrian people who embrace peace should thank China and Russia for being free from NATO air bombing for now!

隔壁墨墨:I feel disgraced for the veto that my country cast! Deeply disgraced! An image that China won’t be able to change even by hosting 1,000 Olympic Games!!

FT-USA:Should realize that the biggest potential enemy of China is not the United States or Europe. Not even Japan. But the bear to our north. It launched the most brutal invasion of China and did the most evil thing to China in history. Colluding with it will only land Chinese people into an abyss.

巨淫:A government that opens fire at its people must be overthrown!

Youngraindream:Do some people want to say ‘How great it might be if our country had been attacked by the NATO 23 years ago? (Note: alluding to Tiananmen Massacre in 1989) Then now we’d be able to admire the charms of the U.S. Army at Dalian Harbor and also read news about Chinese female college students being raped by U.S. Army.’

时尚云髻:What lies in front of a country is always nothing but national interest. Who dare say that the United States purely wants to help? A lot of national issues are involved. I believe that every head of state has thought it over and over before making their decision.

张农01: This veto serves as a deterrent and menace at home.

心旷神怡的围脖: Motherf**ker. Only a rogue state would support a rogue state!

客船听雨声:It seems we were back to the period in Beijing 23 years ago. History always repeats itself. I hope that the 21st century will see the end of all totalitarianism, authoritarianism and tyranny in this world.

青天白日亮堂堂2: Because we experienced massacre before, we feel extraordinary sympathy for the Syrian people. Our government doesn’t represent us. Hope you understand this! Apologize to you again!

高福美地贾裴军: International affairs has innate complexity. But why are we always in the minority?

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    Another sad step in Chinese diplomacy. If they’ve got a game-plan for world domination, or want to play with the big boys after they develop, they need to seriously rethink their strategy. Perhaps maybe, they’re doing this just to be jerks, and show the US that they’re not going to ‘go with the program’, no matter what’s on the table. Then again, maybe it was just to support Russia.

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    Nothing is quite black and white. China and Russia are refusing to play the game NATO has set …

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    That cartoon strip of the Panda had to be the best contribution. I hope people spread it all over the internet.

    What they said about Russia is bang on. Russia is no real friend to China; this was clearly a screw you to perceived western dominance (ie. the U.S.) with Syria stuck in the middle.

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