Despite ugly tension between Hong Kong and mainland China, HK’s accusatory ad becomes Internet meme

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From Sina Weibo

Since the demonstration in front of a Dolce & Gabbana store in Hong Kong targeting tourists from mainland China in early January, spats between Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese have finally escalated to nasty confrontation, culminating in a viral parody music video on Youtube and a full-page ad run in a Hong Kong newspaper. Trash-talk reigns the Internet, with mainlanders calling Hong Kongers dogs and slaves, and the latter responded by labeling the former “locusts.”

The full page ad was published in Apple Daily, a popular tabloid in Hong Kong often critical of the Communist rule. Over 800 people donated more than 100,000 HK dollars (US$12,900) through a fund-raising campaign on Facebook and, a popular online discussion forum, to get the ad cost covered, according to the Wall Street Journal. The ad shows a locust overlooking Hong Kong’s skyline. “Hong Kong people have had enough!” it screamed, calling on mainlanders to hear their roar.


Full translation of the text on the advertisement:

Do you want Hong Kong to spend HK$1,000,000 every 18 minutes raising children of parents who are both non-residents?’

Hong Kong people have had enough!

Because we understand that you are victimized by tainted milk powder, we’ve tolerated your coming over and snapping up milk powder;
Because we understand that you have no freedom, we’ve received you on your “Free Trip” to Hong Kong;
Because we understand that your education lags behind, we’ve shared our educational resources with you;
Because we understand that you don’t read traditional Chinese, we’ve adopted crippled Chinese characters (simplified Chinese) below:
“Please respect our local culture when you come to Hong Kong; if it were not for Hong Kong you’d be all screwed.”

Strongly demand that the government revise the 24th clause of Basic Laws!

Stop the endless invasion into Hong Kong of non-resident pregnant women from the mainland!

Video: Locust World (with English subtitles courtesy of uploader)

The music video, titled “Locast World,” is a parody of Cantopop song “Under Fuji Mountain” by Eason Chan, a Hong Kong singer. The work, emotionally charged to the point of racism – by refering to mainland China as Cina/Shina, a highly offensive ethnic slur – has become the rally song of a small group of Hong Kongers who took to the streets and mobbed mainland tourists.


The group of seven or so Hong Kong natives went to shopping streets and sang the aforementioned “Locust World” to each mainland tourist they met to send their not-so-friendly message.

Hong Kong people’s anger over mainland Chinese has been brewing over the years after Hong Kong’s handover to China from British rule, which is mainly directed at ill-mannered, uncivil tourists and pregnant women who flock over for birthright residency. It boiled over after a professor at the much-revered Peking University called Hong Kong people “dogs” in response to their accusation of a group of mainland visitors eating food on Hong Kong’s subway train.

The most provocative remarks made by PKU Professor Kong Qingdong about Hong Kong:

Kong Qingdong

1. This kind of people (Hong Kong people) have just got so used to being the running dogs of British colonialists that even now they are dogs. You are not human.

2. At the time, how did Brits treat these Hong Kong dogs? They got a whip, and if they didn’t behave, they whipped them, and simply turned them obedient by whipping. In ordinary people’s words, in Beijingers’ word, they just so need a damn good whipping. Now our Hong Kong has returned (to Chinese rule), but their hearts haven’t completely returned. There are still sons of bitches left behind by colonialists.

3. Do Hong Kong people have high quality of character (Are Hong Kong people civil)? I would think that Hong Kong is one of those places in China where people’s quality of character is bad.

4. Let me say it again, many Hong Kong people are dogs.

5. Hong Kong nowadays relies entirely on tourists from the mainland to support your lives. Otherwise you’re all gonna be starved to death, and become a stinky harbor. (“Hong Kong” literally means “fragrant harbor”. )

6. Like in Singapore, smoking is fined 5,000 dollars. Any order maintained by way of rule of law means you people have no civilities, no initiative. You don’t behave well if you receive no beating, don’t live well if you receive no beating. What does it say? One word: cheap. Need a good caning.

Mainland netizens were previously dumbfounded by Kong Qingdong’s insanity, repudiating his “dog” view and vowing friendship. The “locust” advertisement in Apple Daily and the music video “Locust World” have clearly made them flip-flop and pushed them over the edge. On Sina Weibo, the hugely microblogging service as a better replacement of censored Facebook and Twitter, netizens circulated a response “ad”, and unleashed a heavy barrage of attack on Hong Kong.

Translation of the response ad made by mainland Chinese netizen(s)

Because you are the son,
Your father gives HK$210,000,000,000 to you each year! (Note: probably a reference to Hong Kong’s HK$210 billion revenue from tourism in 2011, over half of which was contributed by mainland tourists)

Mainland people allowed that!

Because we understand that you don’t have a reliable water supply, we tolerate your using our water.
Because we understand that you don’t have a reliable power supply, we tolerate your using our electricity.
Because we understand that you are still wet behind the ears, we provide you a relief of 210 billion dollars every year.
Because we understand that you don’t read simplified Chinese, we’ve been using complex Chinese characters (traditional Chinese) all along.

“If the mainland hadn’t raised you as their son, you’d have been all screwed.”

Strongly demand that the naïve son should no longer be allowed to tread on the neck (of father)! Cut off water, power and food supply to the son for now!

Many comments made by mainland netizens are condescending, disparaging, ferocious and, some, profanity-laced. A few examples:

Kevin_小EO:Back then, Hong Kong was in economic crisis, the mainland within one day plunked down several billion dollars to bail it out and save Hong Kong people from fire and water. Did mainland compatriots had a word of complaint?! Today, we simply gave a few more births in your Hong Kong, and you become so exasperated. Let me ask those stingy Hong Kongers, don’t you feel ashamed in the face of a billion fellow countrymen?!

—老A—:Hong Kong this bastard raised by the stepmother doesn’t even acknowledge its biological mother! If it were not for mainlanders’ support, you might not even have food! Mainlanders have also had enough. No more supply of food and water to Hong Kong!

蒋文创业:For so many years after the handover, Hong Kongers refuse to be resigned to fate, put on nauseating airs of people left behind in the colony, and domineer over mainlanders in misery. The hell with civilities. Complete bullshit.

宋辻三: If it were not for the mainland, Hong Kong people would have been dead long ago because of hunger, thirst, heat, and poverty as a result of the Asian Financial Crisis. A bunch of stupid cunts.

On a side note, the locust advertisement with visual and verbal impact has quickly caught on with less serious net users and become an Internet meme, spawning a host of copycats that imitate tones of passionate natives of several Chinese cities and the United States.

China version

Do you want 90% of Chinese officials to emigrate their families abroad?

Chinese people have had enough!

Because of your inaction, we have to eat gutter oil, poisonous rice and tainted milk powder;
Because of your inaction, we are fettered by hukou and have no freedom to relocate;
Because of your inaction, compulsory education has become your tool for making money;
Because you love brainwashing, I’d like to quote the famous song here:
“Without GCD (Chinese abbreviation for Communist Party), there will still be New China.” (Note: the original title of the red song is “Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China.”)

Strongly demand that officials make public their personal wealth!
We want to be the real masters in our own country. China doesn’t welcome you.
If you really love Marx and Lenin so much, please retreat to your Russia.

U.S. version


Are you okay that in the United States, out of every 100 people, there is 1 Chinese to be their neighbor?

Americans have had enough!

You have no democracy, we do, and you wanna come?
You have no freedom, we do, and you wanna come?
We have no corrupt officials, you do, so you bring them along!
We have no corruption, you do, so you will bring them along!

Strongly demand that the U.S. Government re-sign the Chinese Exclusion Act!

You denigrate our culture, and yet you come to study our culture?
You disparage our lifestyle, and yet you come to enjoy our lifestyle?
You attack our export of universal values, and yet you build Confucius Institutes everywhere on U.S. campuses?

Think the U.S. isn’t good? Then get your ass home!

Beijing version


Do you want Beijing’s migrant population to continue growing?

Beijingers have had enough!

Beijing has already accommodated 20 million migrants
Beijing has already accepted 478,000 children that came along.

You also damage Beijing’s culture, disturb Beijing’s order,
Jack up Beijing’s property prices, let your children born outside of One-child Policy take the college entrance examination here through relocation,
You eat and drink in Beijing and yet you denigrate Beijing as if it were worthless;
Please do us a favor, build your hometown till it is decent before you come here.

Strongly demand that the government revise the law!

Stop the endless influx of migrants into Beijing!

Tianjin version


Do you want Tianjin to once again become the springboard of non-local officials for promotion?

Do you want Tianjin to continue to be ruled by those who don’t understand Tianjin or love Tianjin?

Tianjin people have had enough!

Because of construction, how much old beautiful real estate has been demolished?
Because of construction, our old town has been ruined!
Because of construction, our Guyi Street has been destroyed!
Because of construction, our Jingang Bridge has been destroyed!
Because of construction, our homes have been demolished……

Those motherf**kers who want to profit from ruining Tianjin,
Go f**k yourselves~~~~~~~

Shenzhen Version


You’ve come, and you belong to Shenzhen.

Shenzhen welcomes you!

Because we’ve all left home, we welcome you;
Because this is the circle that Grandpa Deng drew for us all (Note: meaning Deng’s designating Shenzhen a special economic zone), we welcome you;
Because you are part of the driving force that keeps Shenzhen advancing, we welcome you;
Because you’ve made Shenzhen’s glorious 30 years possible, we welcome you;
Because we want to tell the whole world, we use English below:

Warmly welcome every fighter to Shenzhen!

We wish all Shenzhen people a happy new year and every dream come true!

And many more…(Click to enlarge)

From left to right: Shanghai (ranting against migrants), Guangzhou (ranting against migrants), Chengdu (welcome), Chongqing (demanding that ban on reusing cooking oil be lifted.)

From left to right: Gulangyu Island (demanding limitation on number of visitors); East China Normal University (demanding enrollment of more male students); Ease Campus of Shenzhen’s community college (ranting against poor dorm rooms)

From left to right: Music buffs (demanding that people ignorant of concert etiquette be barred from entry); Chinese emperors (ranting against time-travel TV dramas distorting history); pigeons (ranting against having to fly long distance)

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