*Graphic* Children’s bodies discovered under bridge; hundreds look on

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A divorced father who wanted to visit his 4-year-old daughter during the Chinese New Year was told by his ex-wife that she had died and was already buried. Grief-stricken and suspicious of the cause of her death, he called the police and found the person who handled her daughter’s body. Police investigating the case tried to dig up the body under a bridge when they found to their surprise bodies of three other children.

The news and particularly gruesome pictures from the small village in eastern China’s Jiangsu province immediately captured the nation’s attention. Local media reported that results of autopsy of the four bodies showed while the 4-year-old girl was killed by her mother’s boyfriend as a result of domestic violence, the other three children died of illness.

It turns out according to the local customs and superstitions, bodies of young children cannot be brought home and laid to rest underground or cremated. They must be buried in locations where traffic is convenient for their trip to their next lives easier. Otherwise, their spirits may linger around their homes due to homesickness, and new lives born in the same families will be possessed and haunted.

However, it is said the local hospital charged 600 yuan to dispose of remains of young children at parents’ request, but paid a villager only 30 yuan to do the job.

 Villagers look on at the burial site under the bridge.

Body of the 4-year-old girl.

Thousands of villagers look on.

Selected comments from NetEase

百撒布得骑姐 [网易福建省福州市网友]:2012-02-01 16:03:55 发表
The sight of these chills my heart. Why a life can’t get even the tiniest amount of respect…

suyi1982 [网易天津市网友]:2012-02-01 16:06:50 发表
I feel creepy. My condolences…
At the same time, I blush at the low quality of character of our countrymen…
They would love to gather around any scene and look on. Do you really have so much time?

alfredrx93 [网易河北省廊坊市网友]:2012-02-02 09:46:13 发表
(In reply to the above comment) You talk to rural villagers about quality of character? So ridiculous!

网易新疆手机网友 ip:221.7.*.*2012-02-01 16:10:27 发表
Son of a b***h. Are they still humans? Heart-chilling!  狗日的,这还是人吗?寒心呐!

网易上海市网友 [木涵儿] 的原贴:
The happy grins on those onlookers faces are mind-numbingly creepy. Ignorant mean fellows of the marketplace…

hacker164 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:2012-02-02 13:24:09 发表
I just knew it. It is the same a hundred years ago. Exactly the same as the callous crowd portrayed by author Lu Xun…As long as those who have died are not their families, they will look on out of pure curiosity however big the thing is, and will even tattle on about it as postprandial talk and never feel appalled or sad. Just like pigs raised on a farm that only look on curiously as fellow pigs are being dragged away and headed for a slaughterhouse.

Exactly, so many were laughing as if it were just a joke. Tragic. Those bodies that lost souls are so miserable. Then I begin to realize how heart-broken and grief-stricken their parents are…

网易江苏省南京市网友 [52898部队] 的原贴:1
Just a few rural puppies died. Let it go. Why make a federal case out of it? Does it mean that if a rat is roadkilled, it should make headlines too?

I went through the trouble of signing up for a new account just to greet your family. End of discussion. An ill-bred creature.

The second floor, I support you! The first floor, I hope that you will be run over repeatedly by vehicles on the street in turn. Not a big deal. You won’t know it after you become flat. Hehe, you are welcome.

joneluo0 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:2012-02-02 09:57:40 发表
My heart feels pain and sorrow when (I) see the children’s bodies in the pictures. The suffering they went through! Hope that in Heaven there is no pain like this.

yishuicaigou [网易山东省临沂市网友]:2012-02-02 09:45:52 发表
I don’t have the heart to look at the scene. Poor kids. Even after they died, they were buried just like puppies. What is wrong with the society? It indeed gets muddled up! I only have sympathy for the kids, as they have seen little of the world and remain innocent and kind! Humans are crying when they come to this world, but they can’t be crying when they pass away. These children died a horrible, painful death. When I close my eyes, I can imagine the horror in their eyes before they died. If there is Heaven, I will pray with everything I have for the children that they are taken care of by  a motherly figure in Heaven, free from anxiety, sorrow, fear or horror. Rest in peace, kids. How poor!

雨中小花 发表评论于 2012-02-01 15:57:37
Horrible! Usually in other countries even remains of pets are not allowed to be buried at will. The hospital went so far to dispose of bodies in this manner? They are not afraid of a spread of infectious disease? The local drinking water won’t have any problem?
What surprises more is that no one even thought about this…

bbbbtttt 发表评论于 2012-02-01 13:56:28
When I was little, there was a body dump outside the village. When a little child died, the social customs said s/he cannot  be buried, otherwise, children born later would not survive. So dead children were dumped there to be eaten by wildlife. It wasn’t corrected until the end of 1970s. And that was not even the poorest rural village in Shandong province. Poor kids.

CherryDC 发表评论于  When their children died, they easily let others handle and didn’t even want to know where they are buried. What kind of parents are they? Almost like beasts!

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