Photos: Hilarious one-child-policy writings on the wall

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Bad news for internet humor: China is exterminating countless slogans splashed on the walls in rural China, screaming family planning and sterilization and striving to intimidate the population into submission. The Chinese authorities say that in promoting family planning, “Only by keeping abreast of the times and catering to the people can the idea take root in the countryside and deep into the hearts of the people.”

Let’s take a look at the endangered earthy and rustic propaganda strategy, some tampered with by rebellious villagers (shown in parenthesis and with strikethrough).


Less (more) Kids, More Trees; Less (more) Kids, More Pigs.


Understand Accurately the Normal Physiological Phenomenon – Wet Dream. One Or A Little More Wet Dreams Each Month Is Okay. Don’t Play with Your Genitalia at Ordinary Times.


Gotta Make A New Wave of Planned Parenthood In the Summer!


Women of Childbearing Age Get 2 Yuan (32 cents) for Each IUD Check


Would Rather Have A Bloodshed Than One More (less) Child!


One Person Violating One-Child Policy Will Lead To Sterilization for the Entire Village.


Beat It Out! Abort It! Miscarry! Just Never (not) Give Birth To It!


Husbands Are Held Accountable for Family Planning


(Those Who) Should Have Aborted It And Yet Didn’t, (Will) Have House Razed and Cows Seized.


No Pregnancy Until (Marriage) License Is Seen; No Childbirth Until License Is Presented.


Have IUD Inserted After 1st Child, Get Sterilized After 2nd Child. Extra Pregnancy Results In Abortion And Sterilization; Extra Childbirth Results In Sterilization And Penalty


Evade One-Child Policy By Fleeing Today, Forfeit All Your Property When You Get Home Tomorrow.

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    Quite a few are blatantly photoshopped

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