Photos: Who says China lacks creativity? Look at its supermarket displays!

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It takes the art of flower arrangement and patience of setting up domino tiles. But it just happens when you have a bunch of bored grocery store employees, a ton of products and an obsession to put everything in place. The following pictures taken in China’s supermarkets show you what unstoppable aunties (as most supermarket employees in China are middle aged women, and often endearingly referred to as aunties) are capable of.


Wheel of Fortune, or mops.


Eiffel Tower or Toothpaste Tower? Anyway, the sign says “Don’t Touch.”


Flip-flop Snail.


Towel Girl.

“Tank! The **gate toothpaste that’s gonna be viral!!!”

“One more ‘**gate Tank’.”

“This thing is Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace)!!!” (It is made up of boxes of muffins.)

“This is definitely a secret weapon, made of bras.”

“I didn’t realize until I took one down and examined a while that these are panties. ”

“New discovery, haha. Food storage bags. The bear aircraft.”

“What is this creature? If you take a  closer look, it is bra!”

“What a big f**king awesome butterfly!”

“You know what are these?! ~~~ These are pajamas and socks.”

“These are slippers. Abso-f**king-lutely slippers!”


Iron man


Bamboo Warrior.

Selected comments on Sina Weibo

MOMOKO翘:Not bad, not bad~~ Shopping in this supermarket is gonna take a long while~[鼓掌]

Lulita1001:Why I have never seen any?!

小嫩的老陈生日快乐:I have laughed to tears!!!!! [哈哈] Godlike!!!

兀正:It did achieve the eye-grabbing effect. //@翼码万青: Is such a display really gonna work to the benefit of sales? Or is it just some fanfare?  //@万家围脖: Really f***king awesome! So talented! Gonna learn from it! [握手]

乐乐宝贝乖微博达人:Unstoppable indeed[哈哈]

淡淡D阳光微博达人:A creative idea by awesome people! (I’m) worshipping…

mysterylife:This is the Huarun Supermarket in Chang’an District, Xi’an. Wow! I like it, I like it! It makes life more fun. Why not! Some Chinese people are really…Such a creative idea that our own countrymen came up with. Why not heap more praise on it! Had it been achieved by foreigners, they’d surely keep singing praises. How can this happen! We should know the Chinese people are an intelligent people.

Puffy-Vintage复古毛衣:This supermarket’s strategy and display are so full of creative ideas, ha~~~~~~

匿名网友谢锦龙微博达人:Great. What if, in that huge butterfly, a customer takes away a few cans of soda?

byewangcai:Strange, why supermarkets in our town are so mediocre.

心安得理:Awesome! Browsing around in the supermarket is like browsing around in a theme park.

therehao_0:You may distinguish yourself in any trade, even if you are only a grocery store stock clerk~~

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