Video: 8-year-old goes hysterical after seeing his mother beaten by chengguan

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A video clip has been circulating on Chinese internet, in which a woman has blood all over her face after she was beaten by a law enforcer. Her son lost control at the sight and kept screaming and wailing for about a minute while thumping and pushing a table.

Original video on Youku

The chengguan (city management enforcement officer) quarreled with a breakfast-on-the-go vendor in an alleyway of Sanya city, Hainan province when he was on patrol. The chengguan believed that the breakfast stall had caused disturbance to normal traffic, and wanted them to leave.

According to the vendor, Ms. Chen, the chengguan used much foul language against her, so she argued, “I didn’t set up my stall in the street. It was just in the alleyway. Why not discipline those who did occupy the street?” When the chengguan confiscated her steamers, she tried to seize them back, and the quarrel escalated into a brawl. The chengguan hit her head with a broom.

The vendor’s younger sister intervened, trying to mediate between the two fighting parties, only to get hurt by the chengguan, who banged her on the head with a plastic stool.

The police who investigated the matter said that neither party would acknowledge having started the fight first. However, after the police mediation of their dispute, they agree to resolve it, if the chengguan pays the Chen sisters 7,000 yuan (US$1,111) in damages.

The 8-year-old boy who witnesses the entire confrontation, however, clamed up on reporters, and was frightened on seeing chengguan.


Selected comments from Sina Weibo

崔海龙的地盘:I once witnessed a similar scene. It really needs some rearrangement to really solve the root problem. //@任我行8101: The crux is probably not chengguan, but that the entire Chinese people is living with much stress and exhaustion and needs readjustment. //@我是一个兵V: This is so cruel! Especially when hearing the child’s hysterical cry, I was really heartbroken and angry.

钝剑无锋胸牧云:What the chengguan said and did reflects the government’s attitude towards the people. What a heartrending scene!

KJCapp:This is not a problem about Chinese chengguan. This is a problem about most Chinese people’s quality of character! Whoever takes over as the chengguan would result in this and pass it on for 20 years.

荣波: Just listen to the child’s hysterical and helpless screams! Let those stupid cunts die! Look forward to good reform.

平国实:“The best way to teach is through words unspoken.” Such behavior can wreak havoc on the child’s mind.

toughchoices: Whatever the truth is, I can’t stand seeing what became of the kid.

茱莉亚柳莹: God!!!!! I never shared any similar video, but when I saw this, I was so furious that my heart is racing!!! Child, you must remember the face of each one of them!!!!!Have them pay you back!!!!!!!

海子影子:I cried after watching this~ Sigh~I am really indignant at this country~ I have no desire to love it at all!

湖南豆可夫:You guys are fostering people who will eventually raid your tombs.

忍不住想说3:Some triad members/gangsters won’t even have the gall to beat women, but chengguan do. Pick on men if you have the gut.

财迷妞子:Faced with screams of this boy…How could they be so stone-hearted!!

Parisjetaime:From this day on, a seed of hatred has been sown in the little boy’s heart. When he grows up, when it is our turn to condemn him of his numerous sins, don’t forget this scene today. Those who hold public instruments in the hands, now that you’ve sown the evilness, you will reap evilness ten times as much.

简泽龙:How much trauma this has caused to the little kid’s psyche! These people who work as chengguan will surely die sonless. Those who were terrorized by them are all the people in the bottom class!

空空的白:Should just beat those guys like this too, and let their kids experience the pain of wailing helplessly~~ So inhuman!!

MOMO靓靓[j哎呀]Damn… Must be held accountable… That kid…just how heartbreaking this is…

都那先生:Stand up! All those who don’t want to be slaves!//@t微笑倾城: !!!!!!!!!!!!//@尉迟学敏: Please give people the right to live and room for survival. //@徐丛林:The government, are you or are you not going to interfere?!?!//@新竹-wang: The kid’s screams are gonna tear people’s hearts apart.

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3 comments to “Video: 8-year-old goes hysterical after seeing his mother beaten by chengguan”

  1. Blacksoth | March 6, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    So the chengguan graduated on beating crippled men to death to beating a woman. How many chengguan did it take? In most other countries, it just takes one. And even one isn’t tolerated.

  2. JACK | May 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    fuck them one by one

    i will go and beat them all

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