Chinese lawmakers, political delegates sporting high fashion draw criticism from netizens

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From Weibo 1 and 2

Starting on March 3 and 5, two special meetings are convened in Beijing, China. These are the annual sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislative body, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a political advisory body consisting of delegates from a range of political parties and organizations. Chinese netizens fed a steady diet of humdrum and drowsy political jargon usually turn a deaf ear, except for the nonsensical proposals and comments interspersed in between (some noted later in this article). This year, however, they have cast their eyes over the attendees’ attire.

It seems that they have put on their Sunday best. This has created a backlash among Chinese netizens, who usually show zero tolerance for public display of luxury goods and wealth, and sneer ruthlessly at knock-offs.


Hermes Spring/Summer 2010.
32mm leather belt
Price: 6,000 RMB.


Hermes Red Crocodile Skin
Birkin Bag
Price: above 100,000 RMB


Louis Vuitton ALMA
Medium-sized hangbag
Price: 15,842 RMB


Marc Jacobs
2008 Stam Bag
Price: 10,000 RMB


Hermes Birkin
Classic Handbag, 35cm, Black with golden turn lock
Price: above 60,000 RMB


Spring/Summer 2010 women’s handbag
Price: 4,950 RMB


Emilio Pucci
Price: 1,990 USD
(FYI: She is Li Xiaolin, daughter of former Chinese premier Li Peng much criticized for playing hardball with student protesters in the Tiananmen Uprising) 


Celine 2012 new arrival
Neon orange snakeskin luggage
Price: 28,500 RMB


Zegna jacket


Giorgio Armani jacket
(FYI: Yang Lan, often nicknamed China’s Oprah Winfrey, is a household name in China known for hosting talk shows and owning her own media group.) 


Chanel handbag


Dior glasses


Louis Vuitton scarf


Chanel boots


Fur coat

To list but a few comments and proposals made by selfish, self-important and self-absorbed “delegates”:

Peasants should live in rural villages. Only then can they pass on the torch of national culture. We don’t encourage rural children to go to collage either. Going the college is a big expense. Just one college student each household can land the family in poverty. Once you finish college, you cannot go back to your hometown or find a job. That would be a tragedy. – Wang Ping, curator of China Minority Art Museum and CPPCC member

The root cause of the fact that train ticket shortage during Spring Festival Rush always fails to be alleviated is the extremely low rail ticket prices. – Luo Jinbao, vice director of Beijing Railway Bureau and NPC deputy.

A lot of what I’ve done today is about Confucian thoughts. Confucian thoughts are embodied by Chen Guangbiao. I think I am currently the living spokesperson for Confucius. – Chen Guangbiao, a high-profile philanthropist and CPPCC member.

Enterprises must follow the Party’s words. – Li Shufu, president of automaker Geely and CPPCC member.

Selected comments on Sina Weibo (8,756 shares and 1,220 comments):

肖小貓-Q兒(in English) Beijing fashion week[偷笑]

lin12y:Can they still speak on behalf of ordinary people?

爱动保的立娃:I am more drawn to the fur in the last picture. This is an entirely different matter from their purchasing power.

赵迅PopCap:Those London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week are just lame. Go to Beijing each March to attend Beijing Fashion Week in China! But, you really can’t be let in if you are not a big shot!

KevinLovers:We people’s delegates only represent interests of big brand names and the upper class and never that of the proletariat. At least it appears so on the surface.

玄55-许鹏: Indeed a fashion show! High-profile!

潇潇王子006:Poor people are not allowed to participate in politics and decision making…

G-Y-ML:Each one of them is a living advertisement. Manufacturers of these big brands must be thrilled about not having to pay advertisement fees.

李韬dean:Well said! It is okay that they can afford to buy these. It is okay that they don’t do charity work while being rich. But some of them don’t create wealth for the people on their posts. Then why are they in the position to attend the meetings?! So they are allowed to display wealth, while the common people were forbidden even to bitch about them?!

圆舞时光:I don’t care what they wear. I just want to know, whoever among them represents me?? [疑问] Then I can have a target!

清蒸恋_船到桥头自然弯:I am floored…They are capable of making luxury goods look so tacky and tawdry…this must be their innate talent, right??

湘里妹子-: “Let some people get rich first”! [瞧瞧]

我喺羊咩咩:Our country has grown strong! Those people’s delegates have been leading a decent life on our behalf!

修养的修: What a big deal? But in foreign countries, professional politicians really don’t have the nerve to wear animal fur.

我是小卡车:Could be knock-offs from Taobao.

张文字:A party thrown every year!

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7 comments to “Chinese lawmakers, political delegates sporting high fashion draw criticism from netizens”

  1. Guy In China | March 6, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    The worst is not that they spend so much money – it’s that they have no fashion sense.

  2. popo | March 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    And there you have it: The reality of Communism.

    Just another form of rape-the-peasants.

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