*Graphic warning* 9-month fetus forcibly aborted by authorities for One Child Policy violation

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From Tencent Weibo

The news and picture came from a web posting in Baidu’s discussion forum: Family planning authorities in Moshan town, administered by Linyi city, Shandong province, forced a 9-month pregnant woman into abortion. According to the post, the baby “even gave a cry when it came out.” The family, on hearing the cry, went over to see the baby, before it stopped crying or breathing. Doctors pronounced its death.


The image shows the 9 month fetus lying dead in a bucket. Because the parents of the baby already have a child, the local government hunted them down and forced abortion, citing the One Child Policy, which is imposed on all urban Han Chinese families. The mother was restrained as doctors injected her with a drug to kill the unborn baby. But after the baby was dragged out of its mother’s body, it was still alive and began to cry, before doctors left it in a bucket and drowned it.

The post soon attracted public attention. An unidentified netizen condemned the local birth control office vehemently in his comment on the post:

family planner

I am from Linyi city. I know how dark the family planning authorities here are. Each village has a target set by the higher-ups that must be met. Besides, each village is also entitled to a fixed number of abortions as an extra. However, not all villages have eligible people, or this number of pregnant women. So officials responsible for women’s affairs of each village take the trouble to rummage about for pregnant women to induce abortion. As long as her hukou (family register) is in the jurisdiction, as long as she agrees to terminate pregnancy, the village will reimburse all her surgical costs and even mete out a monetary reward of 8,000 to 10,000 yuan (US1,270 to 1,580). If the set target cannot be met, the village will be faced with penalty. But how can there possibly be so many incidences? Most people these days do not want that many children. How can there be so many extra births? In this case, they pounce on mothers-to-be like vampires who see blood. Reckless of how old the fetus is, they force abortion. There are just too many things like that in Linyi. I even witnessed one myself. In the hospital, a pregnant woman was dragged by several ruggedly muscular men into the operation room and did not relax their vigilance until she was injected with the drug. They said, “Another one accomplished.” But that pregnant woman was near term! And her family did not even know she was kidnapped here. I later learned that she was captured when she was at a fair.

Selected comments from Tencent Weibo (11,677 reposts, 3,776 replies)

西门西边: So abhorrent! || @钟如九: Too horrible! || 很二的圍脖實名制: It’s horrific to the extreme. We need public awareness and support.

某帅: The post in Baidu’s discussion forum has already been deleted. This township government has a really big sphere of influence. The Shangdong channel of People’s Daily Online even published an advertorial publicizing the town’s family planning enforcement.

黄珍: Cold blood.

彭小冲: They did these all for the damned political achievement. This damned birth control office treats people’s lives as dirt. Let’s see how these sons of bitches would react if we kidnap pregnant women in these officials’ families.

: Cruel. Totally cruel. Let’s just look at those celebrities and big potatoes. Which one of them has only one child? And they just get away with it? Who will penalize them? Who dares? So does it mean we ordinary people deserve to have our flesh and blood victimized? Is there still equality and fairness in our country?

卧室小酌: It’s really time to abolish the One Child Policy. But if this game is stopped, where will these game players go? In fact, this world is easy to manage. Just make sure that there are enough material resources, and that people work for shorter periods. Sigh…|| ElenaWong: An antihuman organization. Murder.

感动常在: Our paying taxes is for them to serve the people and not for them to kill lives! Punish the murderer severely! What are those police uncles waiting for???

我已失忆: No government official in our countries is diligent. Except for those at birth control offices.

鍾小儀: This is the Chinese law. It’s all just a game for rich people.

崔革: Is Linyi a living hell? An inferno in the earth?

孙羽: Chinese policies are designed to protect rich and privileged people! I hope everyone understands that! If you feel offended and uncomfortable, just emigrate to another country.

龍飛: I am from Hengshui, Hebei province. Several years ago, a relative of mine was forced into abortion at 7 months by the local family planning authorities.

张思奇: Despicable, these scumbags. Calling them animals would be an insult on animals.

李寻: Please, did the fetus do anything wrong? What makes you think you have the right to kill it? It’s raised by the state? That’s ridiculous! Please, which one of us was raised by the state?

aiguo: What a sin they’ve committed! I feel so terrible after see it. This, is our country. My heart is chilled.

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    I know two of my aunts were forced to have abortion at 8 month of abortion !

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