Life journey of Chinese, Americans, Europeans, Africans, Middle Easterners, Indians, and North Koreans

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From Renren

Life journey of a Chinese

o to 10 years old: Be forced to learn to master various skills for the sake of gaining face and certificates

10 to 20 years old: Wars against mountains of books

Age 20 to 30: Send millions of resumes to get a job

30-40 years old: Become a veritable house slave

40-50 years old: Abandon all political ideology; focus on a humble life

50-60 years old: Maintaining good health becomes a top priority

60-70 years old: owns a house

70-80 years old: Settle down and live out one’s twilight years

Prior to death: Find it impossible to settle down

Life Journey of a European

0-10 years old: Join the school band; learn how to play classical music and such

10-20 years old: Start one’s own band mainly for the sake of practice

20-30 years old: Heavily influenced by Gothic music

30-40 years old: Band officially goes black metal

40-50 years old: Nostalgic of childhood, and regress into a life full of color

50-60 years old: settle down and live a humble life

60-70 years old: Go to church for redemption of life’s sin

70-80 years old: Be taken good care of by kids

After death: Owns a huge piece of land property


Life Journey of an American

0-10 years old: Mainly consists of group field trips

10-20 years old: Fall in love and follows dreams

20-30 years old: Find a stable, ordinary job

30-40 years old: Own a house and car(s)

40-50 years old: Take vacation despite stress from work

50-60 years old: Family is everything

60 years old: Start writing a memoir

Older: Live comfortably while aging

Before death: Usually buried in a public cemetery

Life Journey of an African

0-10 years old: Suffer from famine

10-20 years old: Live a collective life

20-30 years old: Become a strong labor for the tribe

30-40 years old: Help the tribe out while struggling to feed the entire family

40-50 years old: Rise to the status of chiefdom

50-60 years old: Organize tribal activities

60 years old: “Now that the Chief is old and immobile, should we eat him?”

Then you find yourself in a splendid bon fire party…As an entrée.

After death: Become part of nature that you worshipped in awe


Life Journey of a Middle Easterner

0-10 years old: Parents are oil tycoons; enjoy a few years of wealthy life

10-20 years old: Join the military to defend Middle East

20-30 years old: Retire from the military, finds it difficult to pump out extra testosterone, and hence joins a terrorist organization

30-40 years old: On a sacred mission as a suicide bomber

40-50 years old: Well, nothing ensues.

50-60 years old: Nothing ensues.

60-70 years old: Still nothing.

70-80 years old: Really, nothing.

Before death: OK fine: you were dead long time ago, remeber?

Life Journey of an Indian

0-10 years old: Like most of the Indians, spends childhood in a slum

10-20 years old: Major in IT due to pressure from parents

20-30 years old: You fed up with not being able to express your own opinion, you escaped from parents to the U.S. and A.

30-40 years old: Parents called: the marriage they arranged for you when you were a child is due now!

40-50 years old: You give birth to 12 kids and the family live in the U.S.

50-60 years old: Go back to India despite peer pressure

60-70 years old: Force your 12 kids to learn IT by spending all your life savings to pay for their tuition

70-80 years old: After all these years, you return and live in the slum

Then you rest in piece.


Life Journey of a North Korean

0-10 years old: This man is my hero

10-20 years old: This man is my hero

20-30 years old: This man is my hero

30-40 years old: This man is my hero

40-50 years old: This man is my hero

50-60 years old: This man is my hero

60 years old: NO ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

And you cry your heart out

And then you’re dead.

Selected Comments

祁强 Awesome

黄鑫 The last one is a bad joke

于云武 The North Korean one is funny

戴岩泽 If we go on like this, a Chinese with a stable job may not be able to pay out the house mortgage even at his 70s

何欣阳 Gomes Us learning all music skills is called “being forced” while Europeans are being classic and noble. People who wrote this article, you don’t have to worship so much the foreign things. It makes me sick.

何世鹏 We all end up dead

杨卓 It’s somehow too extreme

石鼎然 The Indian one is fun

曹聪 The North Korean one is very funny

李政斌 It’s amazingly well done

郭含 What we fought hard all our lives,, Americans can have them so easily,,So we can’t compare it,,It’s better not to compare

邹楠It’s got right down to the matter

司仰宸 It’s not real

赵美香 Bullshit!Don’t lose control to please the public

唐玉龙 All bullshit!

李立杭 See? This is the regional difference

吴明轩 Very sharp

黄建文 Stupid

叶嘉纬 You can find all versions of these in America, without North korea though

段立新 Bullshit…It’s so fake

许世龙 There’s no choice. You can’t change the fact you were born in China and every country has its own advantages and disadvantages. You don’t know that without experiencing it.

朱震清 You could be shot dead for no particular reason in foreign countries…

闫敬博 Chinese people’s lives are full of challenges

左盛光Orz Stupid! How many Chinese are waiting until 60s to have a house? The way you said it, it’s like foreigners never studied

解琬 Wear oneself during the whole life

韩立然 Take all these as a joke

湤劍♥Punk No matter what, we can’t avoid death

梁耀华 Classic!! It’s quite incisive!!

巫俊勇 It’s so funny…

袁黎明 It’s only because we focus on different things !

黄津 The life pace in Europe is very slow, which suits well humains laziness

蔡志伟 You watch too many movies

王 点 The lives of Americans are so good ~

郭正浩 The reason why Chinese people are like this, isn’t it because of the massive population?

曹迪 Actually it’s good to be in China!

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  1. Allan | April 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I have lived in many african countries. i have never seen people dressed like that!

    • Kam | May 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      And the pic for the years 50-60 looks like Papua New Guinea. And the whole cannibalism thing was stupid. But of course expected from Caucasian worshippers.

      • Allan | May 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        You are right!! It is Papua new Guinea! This is ignorance or stupidity or malevolence at its best!

  2. 404namenotfound | October 15, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    The African one is pure bullshit. I’m African and life is WAY better in my country, i’m only in China because my TV told me its awesome. All i see in China is frustrated/angry people everywhere. -_-

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