Prostitution ring makes 13-year-old fake virginity with pigeon’s blood

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The city police in Nanchang, eastern Jiangxi province busted a prostitution racket by arresting four people and rescuing three underage women, including one 13-year-old. The ring leader made his girls pretend virgins and sell sex at premium prices. The crime ring also blackmailed hundreds of thousands of yuan from victims of their badger games.

When the police on patrol questioned a couple at a train station, they found a bag of blood-soaked sponges and unidentifiable white powder by body search. The girl, later found out to be 13-year-old, soon lost it when the police asked her for an explanation of its use. Follow-up investigation proves that they used jailbaits, whom they claimed to be virgins, to extort money.


Hong (on the left) and two underage prostitutes.

Ms. Diao, 16, confessed that because she is ill-educated and did not want to take up tough jobs, she had been unemployed, until she met Hong in a bar and soon hit it off with him. In June, 2011, when Wu, the ringleader and an acquaintance of Hong, propose the plan of blackmailing with fake virginities, Diao thought it is a way of making quick and easy money and consented to the plan. They depended on a pimp for ‘customers’.


The criminal gang borrowed the trick – employing pigeon’s blood to fake virginity – from Wu. In January, 2012, they successfully extorted 300,000 yuan from a man by using this method. The picture shows (from left to right) Ms. Diao, Ms. He, and Hong.


According to their confessions, Ms. Diao approached a wealthy businessman surnamed Zhou and had sex with him as a virgin in a hotel room. After Zhou fell asleep, Diao informed Wu, who broke into the room with his accomplices and pretended to be Diao’s brother. Wu threatened Zhou with a rape charge, unless 300,000 yuan is paid.

The picture above shows the bags containing a sponge soaked in pigeon’s blood and powdered potash alum – said to induce contraction of vagina – to fake virginity.


They used the same scheme to extort another 12,000 yuan from a victim surnamed Feng in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province. On March 7, their blackmail attempt failed in Jiujiang, Jiangxi because the customer refused to open the door. It has been learned that the principals each got 75,000 yuan from dividing up the proceeds, whereas no girl participated in the crime had got any money yet.

The picture above shows Ms. He and her boyfriend Hong, one of the principals.


The picture shows Wu, the ring leader.

Wu, the leader, required all girls not to dress revealing garments or putting on makeup in order to look more like innocent schoolgirls. Three girls in the ring were sent home for being either underage or non-participating in the crime.

阿里的海 [网易辽宁省网友]:2012-03-31 16:02:32 发表
Oh, my…Now even a 13-year-old has to pretend to be a virgin…

命若天定艹我就破了这个天 [网易吉林省吉林市网友]:2012-03-31 15:54:12 发表
I remember that having sex intercourse with a girl under 14 constitutes rape…Too bad that I was stupid enough to believe it at the time…

包公二世 [网易广东省广州市网友]:2012-03-31 15:58:03 发表

Selling your cunt,
Will make you pay the price sooner or later.
It’s okay if you ignore your physical health,
But you should at least think for your offspring.
Do you really want to give up on having a baby?
If your child comes out of this dirty thing,
Don’t you think you owe your own child?

xyswwyw [网易浙江省绍兴市网友]:2012-03-31 15:54:49 发表
This cunt is really not cheap.

NBA0 [网易江苏省常州市网友]:2012-03-31 15:52:35 发表
What kind of society is this?

曾经的蟀哥 [网易江西省九江市网友]:2012-03-31 15:51:35 发表
This is the legendary sale of fake virginity? Passing the fake off is bad enough. And blackmailing? So there is really nothing that we can rest assured about these days.

网易内蒙古呼和浩特市手机网友 ip:218.202.*.* [手机上163.com看贴回贴]2012-04-03 19:23:54 发表
I suggest that the facts of life be included into textbooks soon to strengthen minors’ self-protection.

网易陕西省宝鸡市网友 [皇马女球迷爱小贝] 的原贴:1
Sister (referring to self) was in Junior One (7th Grade) at 13. I would retract my hand and blush immediately after touching a boy’s…So each generation is really going to surpass the previous one!

网易河北省石家庄市网友 [专治小编痔疮] 的原贴:2
Brother (referring to self) wanted to make love at 13, but it was a pity I could not find one to make love to…What a torture!

网易广西手机网友 [屁王] 的原贴:6
I remember that when I was in junior high school, I only knew boys should enter the men’s restroom and girls should enter the women’s. I just didn’t understand why.

网易上海市闵行区网友 [怒放的茉莉花] 的原贴:14
Two days ago when I was browsing around in a bookstore, I overheard two girls under 20 talking about what orgasm feels like…And they wee getting increasingly excited by the topic and even talked so loud, which made my face as red as an apple…

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:211.140.*.*2012-04-02 11:39:08 发表
Oh, women, don’t overuse yourselves when you are still young…

网易重庆市手机网友 ip:123.147.*.*2012-04-02 11:03:38 发表
Damn…So even a 13-year-old is not a virgin…It seems I should teach my son to play with a virgin when he was still a baby…

忍无可忍就拿起舞器干 [网易上海市闵行区网友]:2012-04-01 20:52:20 发表
The ring leader should be killed!

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