72.7% of Chinese are satisfied with crackdown on corruption? Netizens: ‘My @ss!’

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From Sina NetEase

72.2 percent of Chinese are satisfied with China’s anti-corruption work in 2011, compared with only 51.9 percent in 2003, said Cui Hairong, deputy director of China’s National Bureau of Corruption Prevention at an international conference hosted by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption.

The news met with unanimous derision, sarcasm and outrage from Chinese netizens. (Comments translated below.)

Cui said that from 1982 to 2011, a total of 4.2 million Chinese government officials were punished for violation of the Communist Party’s disciplines. In the past 9 years, more than 42,000 were charged for corruption.

He went on to say that according to a survey of the public opinion, the percentage of Chinese happy with the government’s battle against corruption rose from 51.9 percent in 2003 to 72.7 percent in 2011, whereas 83.8 percent surveyed agreed that corruption had been contained to a certain extent. However, he did not specify when, where or how the survey was conducted.

“The international community has also given positive evaluation to China’s prevention of corruption,” he said, “Last year, China moved three places higher than before on Transparency International’s Corruption Index, and scored 3.8.”

Yeah, on a scale of 10, though. And he also failed to mention that China ranked 75th on that list. That came even worse than Chinese men’s soccer, which ranked 71st in 2011 and has always been much reviled in the country.



Selected comments from Sina Weibo (4,465 shares and 461 comments)

雯狸狸:I submitted three comments in a row, and it just wouldn’t let them be published. Weibo, is there still any point of having you? Why don’t you let us speak the truth?

韦来2011:Only 72.7%? That’s too low! The percentage of people satisfied must be 100%! Why so sheepish about it? Just go ahead with 100%! Who has the nerve to object? Who has the nerve to complain?! Then he will be anti-Party!

Platanus_13th:Those who are not satisfied will be hacked 130 times!

横翔捷出-sun:I am among the 27.3 percent.

维修工老江Can I use profanity?

卍_Patrick黃_卍:Having not claimed it was 90 percent, the government has actually made a progress! [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

创仔在钱方:So shameless! I am definitely not satisfied.

yaowei_姚斯:My ass!

红颜圣水Whether you believe it or not, I certainly don’t.

关注美好的乐趣[哈哈]An international joke.

曼子要学术:Our country’s statistics are always so full of humor.

狮子赞歌:Goose bumps all over the place.

小超人Aspirin:Every one, which one of you was surveyed on their satisfaction?

选矿人:This is so funny. @Sina Top News, can you be any more deceitful? Today is not April Fools’ Day, is it? [吐][吐][吐][吐][吐][吐]

Veisir:After reading this news, I just couldn’t wait to check the comments.

九夜楼兰叹:This must be an internal survey.

密斯特王種草莓:A few years later, the satisfaction rate will be 99%. You and I will always be that 1 percent.

熊熊青青_Flora:It’s the first time I am aware that there is a National Bureau of Corruption Prevention in our country…

Soundless_SH:How does the Bureau of Corruption Prevention prevent corruption inside Bureau of Corruption Prevention? [思考]

一瓶硬币:How did such data come out? Who did they f**king ask?

song木槿:Actually, just read the comments, and it is clear if everyone is satisfied.

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4 comments to “72.74 of Chinese are satisfied with crackdown on corruption? Netizens: ‘My @ss!’”

  1. Alejandro | May 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    No doubt the government is spreading rumors! wahahaha

  2. Blacksoth | May 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    “Can I use profanity?” Ha! I get the reference and it’s both hilarious and illustrative.

  3. John | May 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    So the Bureau of Corruption Prevention is publishing a corrupt account of corruption in China…

  4. Sammy | June 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Corruption is too much going on now everywhere. These activities cannot completely eradicate.

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