Beijing starts cleanup of three-have-nots foreign expats

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From Sohu

Beijing’s Bureau of Public Security has announced a hundred-day crackdown on foreign nationals who have no valid visa, residence permit or work permit, which lasts from May 15 to the end of August. Beijing residents are encouraged to inform against any such three-have-nots foreigner. This special strike-hard campaign is believed to have much to do with the recent sexual assault on a Chinese woman committed by a British tourist.


The bureau explained that many criminal offenders of foreign nationalities are ‘lurking among foreign expat communities,’ many of whom belong to the category of three-have-nots. They have no source of income, no fixed, regular residence and no legal job; some of them even came to China to engage in nothing but criminal activities.

Beijing right now has an alien population of nearly 200,000.  This crackdown, according to the bureau, will zero in on Sanlitun, Wudaokou and Wangjing, due to their high concentration of foreign students.

In an effort to fully deploy forces of the masses, the bureau called on its 20 million residents to tip the police off on foreign nationals who have illegally entered the country and been living and working illegally.

Selected comments from Weibo

Jeremy Goldkorn (South African, founder of I am officially, seriously and sincerely a three-have laowai. Visa, residence permit, and work permit, I have them all. I am also a three-no laowai: I am no rapist, no fraud, and I steal no job from Chinese. Nevertheless,  there are surely people who call me “foreign trash” or whatever.

行摄钟钟:F**k off from China, foreign trash!

毛头佬: Should have made this move long ago! Not all foreigners are Bethune (Canadian physician lauded by Chinese government for his friendliness and medical assistance to Chinese communists during the Sino-Japanese war)! //@AC空气稀薄 : Damn, so they didn’t start the clean-up until now! That bastard British rapist must be one of those.

王勃520:This must be a power display to other countries! (Don’t think that China is easy to bully. Will drive out your people first.)

丰丰疯了:Honestly, this campaign-style law enforcement of China is not going to solve the root problem.

刘仰: In the future, there will just be more and more foreign losers, who fare poorly in their countries and want to come to China to muddle along for food, drink and women. Because some Chinese are cheap and turn China into a paradise for foreign losers. Of course, another possibility cannot be ruled out, which is, some foreign losers are not really losers; they just act like one to disguiser their real identity and are up to something. So, a clean-up is necessary.

B00L:There are just too many illegal laowai in Guangzhou. These laowai thought Chinese people are easy to bully and love to entertain. They often do disgusting things. Chinese people are actually very angry. But because they are led by a certain party, they cannot give them a good lesson and can only instead be angry.

英语社交JosieChen: I absolutely support this! It is really time for a clean-up. Some foreign losers can easily make more than ten thousand yuan a month by taking a random English teaching job in China, and then fool around in China with his foreign face. China is not an ad hoc garbage dump for this type of white trash!

痞痞兔:Should also clean up those “foreign nationals’ fathers” (alluding to Chinese cadres whose children are naturalized foreign citizens) who engage in illegal activities in China. Many of those three-have foreign nationals’ fathers have a source of income (large-sum gray income), have fixed and regular abode (several houses), have a formal job (civil servants); some even stay in China for nothing but committing a crime (embezzling public funds and taking bribes).

TOP-戰鬥開始:Clean up those Philippine scumbags! Trash!

桜田君:Guangzhou, capital city of the Third World, paradise for black people. [奥特曼][奥特曼] Dear party, when are you gonna take action against it? [挖鼻屎]

ERIC的毛豆:Those who need to be cleaned up the most are Chinese who hold foreign citizenships. Start from celebrities. They are not Chinese at all! [怒]

戴小蛮:Start from Russian men nearby Ritan International Hotel first! 先清理日坛国际酒店附近的俄罗斯男人!

都市牛仔-斯科特:Please give priority to the cleanup of illegal workers from the Philippines. Thank you! [不要]

張旭東0403:When are they gonna start cleanup of non-locals?

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23 comments to “Beijing starts cleanup of three-have-nots foreign expats”

  1. 小巴 | May 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Sounds cool, but if you want to play fair, let’s play fair. Take that 40-50 million illegal chinese workers from different countries back to China right now. Thank you
    “Laowai trash”, seriously? Most of You chinese are so narrowminded people that you don’t even know where wudaokou is… (This is just a metaphore, I know you can baidu where wudaokou is…)
    And I don’t say everybody is like this, and most of you are nice and kind. But you have to learn to respect human rights and foreigners and play fair, not like a big fat kid in school who makes his own rules. (I’m referring not just to these cases but to the southern asian sea conflict, or the North Pole conflict or African events and so on…)
    No offense to those who are not involved of course. I basically like you guys, but when it comes to money or interest you know no limit.
    Regarding to the rapist guy: “The investigation is over. That woman and a few others were trying to blackmail the foreigner who paid for sex. Both parties have been detained…” you never know every circumstances. Yeah, let’s suppose he is a bad guy and wanted to get a hooker, so what, it’s a business between him and the girl the girl agreed, but wanted more money, the guy was pissed of. Let’s say he hit her, huuuge mistake, let’s say he deserved what he got. But as I said, don’t generalize, most of you guys are nice and kind, and most of us foreigners are the same, we are humans as well as you are.
    And I just read another article about a young american who set down next to a beggar and gave her food ( I mean that’s nice, sometimes I do the same, and I’m not american. One chinese actor said after it was posted on weibo, that: “There is always true love in the world. In fact, non-verbal communication can, as the saying goes , speak volumes.”
    And the rest says things like: ” If I were him, I sure wouldn’t mind buying some good food for and practicing speaking with a foreign granny…” or According to Beijing Daily’s argument, this must be a performance staged by imperialistic Americans, an effort of “Anti-China forces abroad” to disintegrate Chinese people!
    OR: “Such a handsome American young man chose to sit down outside a McDonald’s restaurant with a granny who begs on the street and share with her a bag of fries. What motive does he harbor? I insist that China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs tell the U.S. embassy to reign in its citizens and prevent them from putting on performances.”
    So my dear chinese friends, if raping is not okay, being nice is not okay either then what the hell? Are you out of your mind? Oh, no, let’s put it this way: be creative (which you can’t) and tell us a solution what to do. We like your amazing and 5000 years old culture, come here to study your unique language, we do as the romans do in order not to hurt your feelings and still what do we get in return? Scolding.. Nothing is good for you. Why is that exactly? (and this is a rethorical question, please don’t try to answer it)

  2. jahar | May 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    As he said, if that’s how you want it, then take back the millions of chinese living illegally in our countries.

    Calling people losers for coming here and working? again, can i say the same of those chinese foreigners in our countries?

    I hate when people say thinks like”Foreigners come here because they cant succeed at home.” Some people are motivated by more than just money. EVERYONE I know who came here, came here because they were interested in seeing China. EVERYONE.

    As for how we act, yeah, we are used to having more freedom, and we are generally more liberal. so when we go out, we cut loose a little more. But we seldom do anything that chinese don’t do. We are just more open about it. We are used to being judged less about how we have fun.

    One last thing. You guys beg us to come. You want to learn OUR language.

  3. Ivan | May 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Nah, they just hate the other Chinese living overseas and calling them losers because China is such a good place for living. Why then anybody in their right mind would choose to live abroad? /s

    Just don’t take too seriously people commenting on weibo: it’s mostly uneducated people, like you may find in most youtube comments.

  4. Blacksoth | May 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Who wouldn’t want to live in China? It’s the harmonious society, after all. Let the witch hunt begin!

    As a side note: Would the average chinese citizen be surprised if I told them that most Canadians have no idea who Bethune is?

  5. sarajevo | May 17, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    If this happened in America, even if it was totally within legal bounds, people would be crying about xenophobia and racism

    • Daniel | May 17, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Because it’s xenophobic and racist.

  6. JACK | May 17, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    set up video

  7. Garth | May 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Such bullshit.

  8. Garth | May 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Such bullshit. You guys are doomed to live in ignorance in perpetuity. Glad you live in the middle kingdom of harmony. Please stay right there and please repatriate all the bloodsucking losers that are in the west solely to milk our systems and benefits. Don’t you find it strange that no one, not even Chinese, want a Chinese passport or citizenship? Mind you, we’ll keep your good looking women, they give great massage and head. Thanks for that.

  9. Le Jem | May 20, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hey man, I’m British and live in China and the guy in the video is clearly a douchebag. But idiots come from everywhere. Beijing is a crazy place.I LOVE MY CITY. and getting to know the Chinese locals and the expats too. Don’t tar us all with the same brush.

  10. Chris Devonshire-Ellis | May 22, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    It’s not unreasonable of the Chinese to request that foreigners here have the necessary work and residents permits and/or the appropriate visa. I see no problem with that and it is certainly not “racist”.

    Let’s not confuse the law of the land with some unfortunate remarks both both sides on blogs and in the media. That is just trash talk and has nothing to do with China’s visa policy, immigration and labor laws.

    You want to work in China, get legal. Here’s a guide to doing that:

    It’s really as simple as that.

  11. dave | May 22, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Lived all over China, friends in the government, as well as high payed salarymen. This is a total bullshit story. Its horrible what happened to th young women. But this backlash is a f^ckin joke.Chinas largest internet sites are calling on people to basically go out and lynch expats and you know all media in china is controlled by government agendas. It really pisses me off how racist, zenophobic, ignorant, and utterly retarded a large majority of chinese are. Back in 2008 when a first generation canadian chinese cut the head off a man on a grey hound Canadians should have rounded up all the chinese students who were working illegaly thrown them in jail for a month made them pay a fine and then banned them from Canada for 5 years. I mean isnt this how bilateral relations work? Chinese dont even have the spine to stop women getting robbed and beaten in daylight of fear of being attacked but they will take pictures.Or the heart to help an infant that was dragged by a car. How many expats have stopped chinese from being robbed or have put themselves at risk in the name of helping a fellow human in china. Look it up on the internet. But do these Racist, heartless animals care? One terrible act from an expat now means were all spawned from hell. ITs perfect timing as well since china is politically unstable right now with government changes coming up.As well as economically Liu Xiaobocoming into turmoil. The united states spanked them with new duty tax on many exports due to dumping other countries are following suit. When will chinese realize there country is the worlds factory. Thats all it is good for and even that now is debatable. I could go on and on about that country. Maybe Liu Xiaobo was write in saying china would be a lot better off it was ruled by a western country for a while like hong kong was.

  12. Carla | May 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    NO RACISM…! I live here because I love this country! its culture, people….!!!!

    • jay | May 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      This is a total witch hunt! For all of you who live in Beijing you know how many of us are on business visas Hell i know people from overseas national companies on business visas. Chinas a shit place! counting down the days. As far as loving this country unless your chinese may i ask why? China has very little culture and its in small pockets of the country which are slowly being weeded out by majority han. “Its culture people” What an understated ridiculous statement. Im guessing if your an expat you teach english here. Have made a handful of chinese friends who take you out for few dinners and go sing songs every once and a while, and probably have traveled to a few places in china. All well l saving between 600-1000 dollars a month and thinking wow isnt china great? until you get back to the west or what ever place you hail from. “I love this country” Man i hate to think were you come from?

  13. John | May 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I wear a t-shirt now, everywhere I go. It says “Suspicious Looking Foreigner” with arrows pointing in every direction.

  14. André M. Smith | June 15, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Among all the foregoing comments written by persons with western names, there is one unbroken thread linking them; and to many others on other web sites devoted to themes on contemporary China. That is, they are unable to write the English language with a clarity and coherence befitting their status as representatives of western culture, regardless of their employment standing and field of primary interest.

    Readers here may recall the confrontation in Korea when a subhuman so-called English teacher viciously physically attacked a Korean couple seemingly old enough to be his grandparents. “See these rocks?” shouted with his bared knuckles in their faces! This is definitely ghetto trash. How such a one was able to secure gainful employment in any nation in the world is a miracle awaiting answer. Such imbecilic Americans unemployable domestically — and I believe they are in great numbers, from my own observations in China, scamming naïve Chinese educators — have designed a kind of free-form unaccountability in countries which have fallaciously convinced themselves that instruction in the English language at any cost to local dignity may be a necessary price to pay.

    The comments on this page are loaded with run-on sentences, partial sentences, punctuations erroneous or omitted, mischosen homonyms, omitted capitals, misspellings, and personal enmities posited as valid public premises.

    I’m quite sure that a review of the credentials of such writers would prove an embarrassment to all; excepting, perhaps, themselves.

    André M. Smith, Bach Mus, Mas Sci (Juilliard)
    Diploma (Lenox Hill Hospital School of Respiratory Therapy)
    Postgraduate studies in Human and Comparative Anatomy (Columbia University)
    Formerly Bass Trombonist
    The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra of New York,
    Leopold Stokowski’s American Symphony Orchestra (Carnegie Hall),
    The Juilliard Orchestra, Aspen Festival Orchestra, etc.

    • Allen | July 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Oh yeah! Well all I can say is; Maybe you should’ve proof read your own comment before posting??
      You know what they say!! About the pot and the kettle????
      Hello pot!

  15. Allen | July 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I’ve lived in China for 8 years; have gotten where NOTHING that happens here surprises me anymore. I saw the video on this British guy; and if it’s all as cut and dry as the story tells, which I have to wonder about, but if it is, then yes, what this guy was doing; or trying to do; was absolutely disgusting!!

    BUT, , , I know, , , you know, , , we ALL know, , , that disgusting acts like this are happening all the time across this Country. I’ve seen them myself, with my own two eyes, more times than I can now even remember. And anyone that’s been here for any time at all has also seen them. And what’s more; we all also know that nine hundred ninety nine times out of a thousand, , these disgusting atrocities are committed by, , , , that’s right, , , Chinese men!! Not foreign trash!!!

    So why, when something like this story comes to light, do the Chinese people jump on it like ducks on a junebug? The answer’s very simple. They NEED to! They NEED something like this to focus on for a while, , , . Why?, , So they can, , for a little while at least, , make their own Countrymen, , look just a tad bit less disgusting! For a little while.

    Oh, , and Andre, , you feel free to grade my post; check out my grammar, , and my punctuation, , and all that jazz. But ya know what? if attacking someone’s grammar and typo’s and junk like that was all I had to contribute, , , I really do believe, , I hope anyway, , that I’d just keep my big mouth shut!

  16. André M. Smith | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    If anyone interested in the subject has harbored any doubt about the current decline in educational standards in the world-wide use of the English language as a primary standard of communication accompanied by a stellar example of the rise of anti-intellectualism in America he need go no further than the two foregoing examples written by Allen.

    In his first screed he has written about my letter, without citing any specific example(s), that “Well all I can say is; Maybe you should’ve proof read your own comment before posting??” In truth, I did so. If, in my oversight, some misfortune crept in, pointing to the offense may be more helpful than a mere “Well all I can say . . .” By the way, that “Well,”as nothing more than an idiomatic distraction contributing nothing to the inherent meaning of the thought that follows it should itself be followed by a comma. (N.B., Allen, this is a comma → ,.) That semicolon (;!)following “is” should be replaced by a comma. That capital M in Maybe may be replaced without loss in meaning but gain in cohesion by a miniscule. (N.B., Allen, this is a miniscule → m.)

    The following observations from Allen defy reply. “Oh, , and Andre, , you feel free to grade my post; check out my grammar, , and my punctuation, , and all that jazz. But ya know what? if attacking someone’s grammar and typo’s and junk like that was all I had to contribute, , , I really do believe, , I hope anyway, , that I’d just keep my big mouth shut! Allen, can you be serious? “You feel free to grade my post,” “ya,” “and all that jazz,” “typos and junk like that . . .,” etc.

    I don’t think I myself could have written a more succinct autobiographical précis than did Allen with JUNK LIKE THAT. I propose that Allen is a prime candidate for the teaching of English in Korea, where he can proudly Show His Rocks.

    On books and learning he would swiftly spend,
    And then he’d pray right busily for the souls
    Of those who gave him wherewithal for schools.
    Of study took he utmost care and heed.
    Not one word spoke he more than was his need;
    And that was said in fullest reverence
    And short and quick and full of high good sense.
    Pregnant of moral virtue was his speech;
    And gladly would he learn and gladly teach.

    The Clerk’s Portrait. Prologue to The Canterbury Tales (ca 1387)

    And, by the way, Allen, I am convinced I do “contribute” more than “jazz” and “junk like that.” Why not give it a try yourself? It can have its own rewards.

    You have written that you have “lived in China for 8 years.” On a point of interest (perhaps only to myself), how have you sustained yourself as a laowei for so long a period of time? In what ways do you routinely commingle with your Chinese hosts? Are you —– Dare I ask? —– a teacher of English? I think I may not be the only reader of these Comments who’d like to know what cultural foundations you bring to them. At your leisure . . .

    André M. Smith, Bach Mus, Mas Sci (Juilliard)
    Diploma (Lenox Hill Hospital School of Respiratory Therapy)
    Postgraduate studies in Human and Comparative Anatomy (Columbia University)
    Formerly Bass Trombonist
    The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra of New York,
    Leopold Stokowski’s American Symphony Orchestra (Carnegie Hall),
    The Juilliard Orchestra, Aspen Festival Orchestra, etc.

  17. Mel Bel | July 12, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Andre, your head is so far up your arse, I can’t tell if you’re writing or farting.

    While I agree that standards of English and education in general have deteriorated over the years (I personally hold no claims to having such wonderful credentials as you – you must wet yourself in anticipation of the next scenerio in which you will be able to gleefully announce how superior you are to us underqualified plebs), yet there is a place for the basic ESL teacher here. Let’s be realistic – a lot of focus isn’t even on the grammar, and as is with the case at many language schools, the Chinese teacher explains the grammar, and we show them how to put it into practice. This does not require experience as a Bass Trombonist, surprisingly.

    As for the above article – I do believe there is a lot of resentment towards the average foreigner, some of it merited perhaps (yes, we do get special treament in some ways, but there is definite downside in that we also get shamelessly scammed), but much of it is not. Your average Chinese person I encounter is ill-mannered, self-centered and a coward. No, not all, by any means – there are the good ones – people who are genuinely sweet, but the common attitude here, whether it be on the roads, in shopping malls, at work… ME FIRST. Selfish. The stereotype of us (said in hushed tones) “open“ foreigners is laughable! We’re so shockingly open, and yet it’s common practice for a man to have girlfriends after getting married.

    I could continue to rant, but I figure it isn’t hugely edifying. My point is… Being a native English speaker, who is TESOL trained, and conscientious, is often enough to teach English.


    Dropped out of school at 16
    Played the piano rather nicely (I am told)
    Educated by the the books on my parents bookshelves, and by traveling
    My second favorite animal is the slow loris

  18. David | August 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Andre – you’re very verbose and I have no doubt that your grammar is impeccable. I’m sure you take a great deal of pleasure in pointing out other peoples’ errors. That’s what pretentious people do. Do us all a favor and stick your bloated ego back in your pocket and go play something on your trombone. Your credentials are all nice and shiny, but waving them around and trying to act superior just makes you look like a pompous ass.

    Cleaning up illegal residents is NOT a bad idea. Waiting until one foreigner commits a crime before doing it–that’s the bad idea. If there really are a large number of illegals in Beijing, they should have begun this roundup a long time ago. Instead, it’s rolled out of as some sort of revenge campaign.

  19. Yallah | December 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I am glad to see this crackdown on illegal foreigners. It’s time to get rid of those white monkeys

    • Julie | February 28, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      My father just fired 24 Chinese workers, he found that Romanians are more honest and don’t steal as much.

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