Matchmaking for Chinese multimillionaires is demanding and secretive

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From SouFun, NetEase

On May 20, an exclusive club for single Chinese business tycoons held a selection meeting in a hotel in Guangzhou for its members who look for ideal dates. 320 women pre-selected from a pool of 2,800 applicants came to the meeting titled “Global Beauty Contest,” vying for a chance to marry into a rich and powerful family. One business tycoon with a net worth of more than 10 billion yuan (US$1.59 billion) even offered a cash reward of 50,000 yuan (US$7,936) to anyone that recommends an ideal girlfriend, who must be a virgin, if the first date goes well.

At the meeting, a man who claimed to be the organizer said that the process aims to “find high-caliber mothers of the second generation of the rich” and spouses “who will be managing immense wealth.” As if he did not make his point clear, he added, “Finding a suitable wife is much more important to a businessman than to an ordinary people.” (Read:
Infographic: What does Chinese rich people’s life look like?)

Among the 11 business magnates who are seeking mates, one owns personal assets of more than 10 billion, whereas the other ten each have an average of 360 million yuan. None of them showed up at the meeting. They all entrusted the right of cherry-picking their women to a special panel of judges they hired for the occasion.


Only staff from the organizer and candidates are at the meeting. All multimillionaires are absent.



The mustachioed and bespectacled man is a physiognomist and astrologist hired to assess candidates through face-reading and horoscope.

It is said that the matchmaking event for millionaires will be held in ten cities in China. Guangzhou, the first leg of the matchmaking tour, has seen more than 2,800 applicants aged anywhere between 19 and 56, even though millionaires have set the age limit at 28. In addition to pretty women from Guangzhou, some came all the way from Australia and Singapore.

There is no surprise that the millionaires’ wants are very high maintenance. The basic criteria that applicants must meet: Age: 18 to 28; height: 160 cm to 175 cm (5’3 to 5’9); college graduate; good looking. Each one of them also has their own set of standards. The richest billionaire has an extremely long and specific list, which requires that his date weigh below 50 kg (110 lbs) and be a virgin.  But he has deliberately kept his profile content ambiguous: divorced, younger than 50, personal wealth 10 billion yuan, well-known entrepreneur in China, golf lover, strong physique. No photo or real name is provided.

Most candidates said they understand and accept the requirement of virginity. Only one said “If one needs to be examined for it, it is a little insulting.” Another candidate noted frankly that patching up hymen to fake virginity is quite easy, which renders this requirement meaningless. (Read: Prostitution ring makes 13-year-old fake virginity with pigeon’s blood.)

Eliminations proceed in five rounds. In the first round, everyone is examined by a cosmetic surgeon for their outer appearance, and more important, to make sure their beauty is natural rather than a product of some type of enhancement. Then comes the couch, where a psychological expert judges their personality and EQ through tests. In the third round, a physiognomist/astrologist determines if a candidate’s facial features and horoscope are compatible with the millionaires’ and thus conducive to the enterprise. Next, candidates are tested on their education and general knowledge by a scholar with appearances on TV shows. In the final round, a love coach talks to each candidate to evaluate if she is fit to marry into a rich family and if she is sincere. (Watch: Video: “Man without money is trash. Marriage is a colossal-sum transaction.)



Candidates are waiting to be questioned and examined by a panel of judges.

The organizer maintained that in order to respect client confidentiality, personal information of the mysterious 11 business magnates is withheld from the candidates. What is known is that the 11 multimillionaires come from backgrounds in a variety of industries, including the apparel industry, real estate, the hotel industry, the financial sector and restaurant industry. It is said that one must amass a personal fortune of at least 100 million (US$15.87 million) to become a member of the elite, powerful and secret club.

The person in charge takes pride in the service and its significance, “Finding a suitable wife is much more important to a businessman than to an ordinary people. Because 80 percent of the society’s wealth is kept in hand by 20 percent of people, an unstable marriage of a prominent businessman brings about much more harm, for example, that of keeping multiple mistresses.” He also attributed the flamboyant, licentious lifestyle of the second generation of the rich to businessmen’s lack of time to educate their children.

According to the organizer, they will select 28 from these candidates and host a 2-day stylish luxurious party at a five-star hotel in mid June for the 28 lucky women and the 11 multimillionaires.



All candidates interviewed by the reporter spoke on condition of anonymity. One said she did not know ahead of time that this meeting is arranged for wealthy people and thought it was only an ordinary blind date party. When asked if she minds dating a much older man, she said, she’d be lying if she said she loves a 50-year-old rich man, because obviously it is his money that she is attracted to.

Many candidates said their pursuit of a better life is for the sake of both their parents and their future children, and that they don’t think this notion is a worship of money. Miss Chen said she does not mind marrying a man with potential, but it is still very risky to bet on his potential. So she has chosen the shortcut. In her opinion, a successful businessman must have extraordinary merits and be very mature, which makes him a reliable husband. (Read: Material greed of Chinese women turns Chinese men off; Western women become popular.)

However, it turns out that these girls who boast college degrees are not necessarily well informed and knowledgeable. Many could not answer questions like “The Statue of Liberty is a gift from which country” and “Pagoda is a structure representative of which religion.” One woman who earned two master’s degree abroad knew little about Du Fu’s poems. She argued, “I was sent abroad to study as early as in high school.”

To please this particular billionaire, the organizer has placed down a hefty cash reward for “headhunters.” They claim, “If you know any girl that meets the criteria, please recommend her to ‘Single Chinese Businessmen Club’. If the girl you recommend goes out with this gentleman, you will get 50,000 yuan in cash or a gift of the same value. If the girl starts a smooth relationship with this gentleman, you can get a real estate property worth three million.”

This may attract a horde of bounty hunters. Many told the reporter that “It is a good opportunity. Worth a try.” Nevertheless, one man on the street said, “I just don’t know if I will be sending her to Heaven or Hell.”



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你没资格代表谁 [网易贵州省贵阳市网友]:2012-05-21 10:06:23 发表
Just look at these women, will any of them be a virgin? My ass! They won’t go get a hymen repair, will they?

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Even those who look like ghosts have the gall to seek mates! Haha haha! No wonder they say miracles happen every day, and opportunities present themselves every night.

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Are they f**king seeking mates or a booty call?

mutao2 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:2012-05-21 10:14:02 发表
58-year-old virginity?

They look so ugly even with makeup, and they still had the gall to come~~~

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If there is any virgin among them, I will streak into women’s bathhouse and then streak out!!! F**k!

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If there is any virgin among them, I will streak from one end of the Great Wall to the other!

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I can tell you very responsibly that I have just performed my 2,800th hymen reconstruction surgery. I wonder who will be that unlucky.

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