Miss Chongqing contest found rigged after its beauty queens are deemed ‘too ugly’

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From NetEase, Chongqing Morning Post

A beauty pageant in Chongqing received a lot of flak for selecting three “ugly and scary” women as the winners. The photo of the top three beauty queens has become the target of verbal attacks and insults on Chinese social media sites, and by the end of yesterday, a judge finally came clean, “We were pressured to make that decision.”


The three winners of Miss Chongqing. The young woman that came in the third place is the most controversial choice.


The curtain descends on the 2012 Miss Chongqing, which serves as the regional preliminary for Miss International, on July 6. The result went unnoticed at first, but after microbloggers on Sina Weibo posted the crowning photo onto Sina Weibo, it immediately went viral. Until press time, more than one million related posts were seen on Weibo, making it the third most popular trending topic.

Netizens did not pull their punches when offering their opinion, “So ugly! If you are gonna say this is the level of Chongqing’s beauties, I won’t even admit I am a native of Chongqing,” “The one on the right…it must be the contestant’s mother who came to claim the title in place of her, right?” “Sister Feng will regret not participating in this pageant, for (if she had,) she will definitely be the winner!” Sister Feng is widely regarded as the ugliest reality TV personality in China.

Almost all commenters thought that the three winners are below average in Chongqing as far as their appearances are concerned, and that they are not in the position to represent Chongqing in later rounds of the Miss International contest. Some even began to question the fairness of the competition, suspecting behind-the-scenes deal or even casting couch, “They must be good in bed,” “Sugar daddies decide if they are pretty or not; The money and power determines the ranking.”


The winner of Miss Chongqing will go on to compete in Miss China International, a national preliminary for Miss International.

Mr. Liu, a staff member from the pageant organization committee told Chongqing Morning Post that the whole competition is based on fairness, “The results were decided collectively by a panel of seven judges…We scored them in each ground. Different people have different judging criteria. We cannot require everyone’s aesthetic standards to be the same.”

However, a judge of the contest, who requested anonymity, said that in the final round, when judges were supposed to determine the top three, they were under outside pressure, and the result was not their decision, “As a judge, I am pretty disappointed in the selection of the top three too. I personally don’t think they can represent the image of women in Chongqing.”

Chongqing boasts of a cornucopia of pretty women with fair skin, slender figure and smart fashion choices. In a 2005 vote organized by the Chongqing Municipal Government over the top ten signatures of the city, “Beautiful women” garnered the most votes and became the No.1 selling point.


The top winner in the competition.

Selected comments on Sina Weibo

当时我就震惊了:Really have the power to make men lose their souls!

潘石屹:They look very…unique.

广东电视台主持人谢剑:Shouldn’t have looked at it. Now I cannot fall asleep after seeing it. So the competition only had three contestants? Or they were decided by drawing lots?

李迪:This at least shows that they did not undergo any plastic surgery.

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    Wah! corruption in Chongqing, I never heard of such a thing

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    Is the one on the right really cross-eyed or is it just a bad camera angle?

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    Dogs can be stunning after wearing make-up

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