Photos: Tianjin people seek pleasure in battle against rainstorm and flood

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Just as Beijing is inundated with widespread public criticism of its poor infrastructure and government incompetence in the wake of a deadly rainstorm, which killed 77 people, Tianjin, a city 88 miles away with a population of more than 12 million, was hit with a similarly heavy rainfall and soon submerged in water.

However, unlike those in Beijing who are still in the angry and gloomy mood six days after the downpour, people in Tianjin seem to have coped with the natural disaster really well, at least psychologically.

Netizens on Sina Weibo,  Chinese hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, are amused by the following photos showing Tianjin residents go boating, rafting,jet-skiing and even fishing in the water. It may be politically incorrect to laugh over others’ misfortunes, but if they are really enjoying themselves despite having a hard time, and it lifts everyone’s spirits, why not?


This is how he wades water.


Two salarymen commute like this.




A man wearing poncho gets around on the back of a giant ‘turtle’.



Everyone on one street in Tanggu, Tianjin, is trying to catch fish in the water.


And they did catch some!


A car is revamped into an amphibian with a plastic tube joined to the exhaust pipe.


Swimming with a life ring.


And in spite of the flood, the restaurant selling the well-known Goubuli steamed stuffed buns is still open!

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