Premature baby girl discarded in trash bin with throat cut

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At a little past 8 o’clock. on July 23, a rag-collecting scrap-peddling old man found a premature newborn in a trash bin in Anshan, Liaoning province. When the baby girl was found, she was wrapped in two plastic bags with her placenta and umbilical cord still attached and a very deep cut on her throat. At the time she was purple from lack of oxygen. The old man and residents nearby called the police and had the preemie rushed to hospital, where she received an emergency operation. She is still in a critical condition.

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The time of the abandonment is estimated at around 8 a.m., as if the baby girl had been dumped earlier, she would have been taken away with other garbage by the garbage truck.



In the maternity/neonatal ward at Anshan Central Hospital, doctors rescued the baby by closing the 5-centimeter (2 inch) long wound, which was so deep that it went down to the windpipe. “The cartilage had already been cut off. It came so close to damaging the membrane of the windpipe,” Dr. Wu said, “Half a centimeter deeper, the kid would have died instantly.” The cut was even on the edges and was highly likely to be intended. The scar it left will be permanent.


Dr. Li, director of the maternity/newborn ward, said that the baby girl is around 32 to 34 weeks old and weighs only 1.4 kg (3 pounds), “She didn’t cry most of the time and only cried a little when she was given an anesthetic shot. Except for the external injury, there is nothing wrong with her, not even with her heart and lung functions.” Li said that each of her three serious problems, that is, premature birth, lack of oxygen, and the cut, was enough to kill her, “She was really blessed.” But she will still be placed under intensive care to make sure no complication or other life-threatening condition occurs.


While her conditions have stabilized, it is too early to feed her with milk. She will have to depend on glucose for nutrition. The staff members at the local community say the child will be sent to foster care after she is discharged from hospital.


A resident points at the trash bin where the baby was rummaged out by the rag collector.


The inside plastic bag is tainted with blood.


The police has stepped in and began investigation. According to the Chinese, abandoning one’s own child, has violated the criminal law, item 261, which is called the “Offense of Abandonment”. The maximum punishment can be five years behind bars.

The main culprit of child abandonment in China is the nation’s favoritism towards sons, which stems from the traditional notion that women do much less farm work than men and have to leave their parents behind once they marry into a new family. When the preference for a boy is coupled with the much-criticized One-child Policy, child abandonment becomes a particularly salient problem, for a family which desires a boy and wants to escape the monetary penalty for having more than one child is very likely to keep procreating and abandon all baby girls until the first son is born.

Other factors to the high incidence of child abandonment in China may include poverty, birth defects and out-of-wedlock birth.

Last year in the Chinese city of Shijiazhuang, a children’s welfare home had to set up a baby hatch to increase the survival rate of the 20 or so foundlings discarded near the institution every month.

(Read: Chinese city sets up baby hatch to tackle child abandonment)

Top comments on NetEase:

北邮博士 [网易中国网友]:2012-07-24 22:55:26 发表
A real animal. The cruelty of this act makes one’s hair stand on end! F**K your mother!

正义压倒一切 [网易广东省网友]:2012-07-24 22:59:08 发表
What a poor kid!!
Find the bestial parents, perp-walk them and beat the hell out of them!!! 找到那畜牲父母游街暴打!!!

没事就放毒 [网易广东省江门市网友]:2012-07-24 23:01:06 发表
Hope you can be strong and live well on!

646705316 [网易广东省茂名市网友]:2012-07-24 22:59:01 发表
This is murder!

yehui8330 [网易北京市网友]:2012-07-24 23:06:04 发表
F**K you! Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs. You are worse than animals.

liao0008 [网易湖北省咸宁市网友]:2012-07-24 23:00:49 发表
If favoritism towards sons is still not going to be antiquated, bro (referring to self) will find no wife! F**k. (Jing: he is talking about the skewed sex ratio as the result of selective abortion and killing of baby girls.)

网易河南省三门峡市手机网友 ip:61.158.*.*2012-07-26 19:44:40 发表
What is wrong with this woman! However old-fashioned one is, one cannot possibly have the heart to do this. This is way too hurtful.

网易河南省三门峡市手机网友 ip:61.158.*.*2012-07-26 05:41:41 发表
Simply shot them to death after they are caught. This kind of people is already psychologically twisted, and their living is a harm to the society.

网易日本手机网友 ip:126.86.*.*2012-07-26 03:55:23 发表

Hope that child can be strong and live well on.
After she grows up,(She should) find her biological mother and ask her in person. Figure it out before cutting her throat too!

Selected comments on Sina Weibo

shan_shan_wong:I was so close to tears after reading it.

candy糖果会:So cruel. How did they possibly have the heart to do it… The parents should really go to hell.

子乔1213:Worse than a beast! They don’t deserve to be even a human being, much less a parent! [鄙视]

端毅诚爱-KL斯大林同志:China’s traditional “Males are better than females” notion can attain a level so in human. This is beyond anyone’s imagination! [怒][愤怒]

shanghairen妈妈咪呀:Having escaped death in such misfortune, the child is destined to good luck for ever after.

温吞水宝宝:The parents should be publicly tried for murder charges. I beg the judiciary to bring them to justice!!!

哈利路亚777的小屋:What a sin! I truly wonder what this woman’s heart is made of. You don’t have the tiniest bit of attachment to the child you had been pregnant with for months? [泪][泪]Isn’t she the flesh of yours? My heart is aching as if it is pierced by ten thousand arrows…You despicable woman! You will definitely get your karma! [怒]

老科Kuberk:Uh…When I read about this in books in childhood, I was told this kind of thing only happens in the old man-eat-man society…

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12 comments to “Premature baby girl discarded in trash bin with throat cut”

  1. Sherry Yuan | July 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hi there, I am a Chinese Canadian with two lovely young boys. What can I do to adopt her and take care of her? I think I can give her a good home.

  2. Sherry Yuan | July 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hi there, I’m wondering how to get in contact with someone who can help me adopt this little girl. I am Chinese, married with two little boys. I am not rich, I am not poor. My husband is a good man and my kids are lovely. Please, I would like to love this little girl instead of her having to live with a foster family. Can someone help me? Thank you!

    • Jing Gao | July 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Dear Sherry, I will try to contact the hospital staff for you. However, because I am currently based in the U.S., it may be difficult for me to get the contact info of the right person.

    • TB | November 25, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      I am so glad that someone stepped up and asked this question. It was my first instinct to take this baby home and show her the love that every child deserves. Please, please please tell me that this works out for you. I’ve prayed so hard on this I thought by now someone would’ve adopted her. I live in the US but please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you adopt this little girl. My family doesn’t have much but I can at least offer my time.

  3. t | July 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Blur or censor with warning, please.

  4. Rachel | July 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I regret to have seen these pictures right before i‘m gonna have lunch……
    I feel it is me who have a cut in throat

  5. dido | July 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    “…taken away with other garbage…”


  6. Blacksoth | July 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    There are so many people that would be happy to adopt this girl, but the parents are so afraid of criminal law and debilitating fees they chose to kill her silently and dump her. The government is every bit as responsable for this.

  7. Sherry Yuan | July 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Dear Jing,

    Any help would be appreciated. I can imagine that this is such a challenging situation for every one. Thank goodness for the person who found her and the great doctors and nurses who are taking such good care of her.

    My sincere thanks,

    • Kat | July 31, 2012 | Permalink Reply


      I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Please keep us updated if anything is being done towards the adoption!

      All the best,

    • cherry | October 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      were you able to adopt or get any news on this little princess?

  8. Tong88 | August 9, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    It is sick people are doing this kind of things to baby. Luckily the baby survive the ordeal. People are being so cruel nowadays.

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