Thousands demand apology from top official who disrupts traffic at tourist attraction

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From Sina Weibo

A top government official sparked public outrage at a famous tourist attraction after his privilege compromised interests of thousands of tourists.

On the morning of July 15, all shuttle buses that travel back and forth between the park entrance and Heaven Lake, a crater lake on top of Changbai Mountain in Northeast China’s Jilin province, were put out of service to give way to a military-plated vehicle that carried a high ranking official. The management and the local police enforced traffic control and cordoned off the park area. All tourists were ordered to wait at the park entrance for several hours, creating a huge backlog.


According to @时间药水, a microblogger on Sina Weibo who witnessed and photographed the process, the crowd were infuriated to learn that the congestion was caused by the visit of a high ranking official and began to throw mineral water bottles at the police and military motorcade.

Below is a compilation of his posts that pretty much explains the incident.


Police vehicles clear the way for a cadre who is going up the mountain for a view. All passenger cars are stopped. Thousands chant in unison “Refund! Refund! Refund!” Mineral water bottles and other stuff were all thrown out. Anyone that came to give an order was driven away. Fight privilege! This is huge~


The crowd broke the blockade. This cadre is besieged. Tough luck.


The license plate was immediately taken down. It is said that it’s a Beijing plate.


The crowd is gathering. Some people shouted, “Whose Heaven Lake is it?!”


The crowd is shouting, asking (the cadre) to get off the car and apologize. The son of a gun just holes up in the car and doesn’t get off.


The clash has already intensified to this extent, and they are still so flagrant and brazen. They really have no idea they are doomed!


Getting off the car and apologizing would ease the tension, and tourists would go on with their trip up the mountain. But now those up there cannot get down and those down here cannot go up. It’s getting out of hand.


I’ve run into this unrest in Changbai Mountain that did not occur in the past hundred years. Chinese ordinary people have really been driven to the verge of breaking out. This is way better than the view around Changbai Mountain and Heaven Lake. Tens of thousands mobbed and asked for an apology. A Korean guy said, “Our leaders will get off of his own accord and shake hands with us when running into us. China is way out of line.” Except for Fat Kim III (Chinese netizens’ epithet for Kim Jong-un, the new North Korean leader) and a handful of others, (leaders of) which country can possibly be so shameless?! There come some police officers. So the shouts go one after another, “Welcome you! People’s Police For the Benefit of the People.”


The two sides are in the talk…In the distance, roaring shouts can be heard.

All these posts have been taken down by internet moderators at Sina Weibo. The microblogger, angry and yet helpless about the censorship, wrote in his latest post,

Not surprisingly, they were all deleted~ Okay, time for me to wash up and go to sleep. One thing to say: so praises must be made in public, whereas criticisms have to be made in private. I will refrain from telling the government that stands high above the masses to reverse it. I only hope that when they are alone, cadres can contemplate if it is better to keep their mindset abreast of the times.

The incident was also heatedly discussed on Tianya, a hugely popular online forum. Multiple anonymous sources commented in the thread that the top official in question, who caused the blockade to be enforced at the tourist attraction, is Liu Qi, former party secretary of Beijing and currently a member of the Central Committee of Politburo. The Tianya discussion thread has also been removed.

More photos of the protest over the ‘privileged official’


Comments on the posts before they were taken down:

@妞妞贝宝:More than a thousand are waiting at the entrance. It is said that a blah-blah cadre from Beijing has come. No tourist has been allowed to queue since 2 p.m. The radio lied that the main road to the mountain top is under construction. The police vehicles and the special car for cadres were stopped by the crowd on their way. A real spectacle.

@山海蓝狐:[Shit-izens, just suck it up!] Believe no more in the crap about “Serve the People”. This society has always been one that caters to high-ranking officials and noble lords. This society has always been one where the rich and the powerful get their way. But you can do nothing other than swallow it without complaint or criticism. Who can you blame if you are a shit-izen?!

一键成名吗表示:[The sullied Heaven Lake] I saw rows after rows of security officers and policemen up there. There were even pretty girls acting as receptionists. Goddamn racy!

Comments on the removal of the original posts

湘-E我反对:Just a reminder: watch out for persecution and retribution. If this can end, that will be fine, but I am just afraid that they won’t let you go.

最新孤家寡人:They still need a cupboard for their skeleton…

有则改之789:Relax bro, your weibo is now all over the place. The people will thank you!

夜雨连城kste:What the crap. I am in Lanzhou. I also met a similar bunch of bastards today!

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4 comments to “Thousands demand apology from top official who disrupts traffic at tourist attraction”

  1. Tom Carter | July 17, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hmmm, I was at Changbaishan in the dead of winter (mid-February) and was literally one of only two people on the entire mountain. Well, that’s not entirely accurate: the DPRK soldiers who pointed their machine guns at me when I accidentally crossed into the North Korean border were also there.

    But my point is that maybe the real problem here is that, for some peculiar reason, Chinese tourists prefer to visit places ONLY when thousands of other tourists are also there. This could all be avoided if they dared to stray from the herd.

    Not to mention that Changhai Mountain is infinitely more beautiful when it is quiet and covered in snow than when it is plagued with red-hat wearing tour groups littering everywhere.

  2. Blacksoth | July 18, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Is it just me, or are these bursts of civil unrest seem to be accelerating? Either that or reporting on such events has been much better.

  3. joehancl/PRAY, it works | July 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    If the chinese govt. is wise, it must now work towards a transparent rule of laws. The judiciary must be independent. If NOT the pressure on more than two billion people who sees one rule for the upper class and one for the common people will cook as in a pressure cooker. In this internet era no govt. can cover up. It takes a spark to explode the population.

  4. grovesman | July 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    noting to see here…move along…

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