Elderly woman falling on Shanghai’s street shunned by passersby; foreigner curses

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From NetEase

At 8:00PM on August 10th, on the intersection of Xinhua Road and West Huaihai Road, an elderly woman was found lying on the ground; her head filled with blood. A person from the surrounding crowd called 120, the first aid/emergency ambulance number in Shanghai; however, the center’s response was that there were no ambulances available that could be deployed. In the meantime, no one from the masses stepped forward to help the elderly woman up from ground. Due to this inaction, a foreign bystander loudly cursed at everyone. The said woman took her own white soft towel and placed it under the old woman’s head. In addition, she took out money from her wallet and gave it the other bystanders to hold onto for the elderly woman’s medical expenses.

The rest of the bystanders stated that the foreign woman saw how no one went over to help the elderly woman and exclaimed, “Fucking you Chinese(sic), you should call the ambulance!”

On August 10th, Jiefang Daily’s reporter Zhu Chen stated on Weibo that the elderly woman was 87-years old. Her surname is “Qian”, which translates to “money” in Chinese. The doctor diagnosed Ms. Qian with mild cerebral infarction which often causes dizziness. This brain defect led to her fall and head injury. At present, the elderly woman is conscious and is not suffering from any major problems.

The above picture shows the scene of the elderly woman’s fall and the people surrounding her.

Comments from NetEase:

网易山东省东营市网友 [以善攻恶拔出生死根本] 的原贴:
It started with only a couple of cases! But after the news was reported, and the angry youth fueled the fire, now it is as if the entire country’s elderly people are all liars and cheats. Everyone gets old; so why do we remain indifferent and indecisive in these situations?

网易四川省德阳市网友 [红叶三少] 的原贴:
To the previous person who posted, I really admire your intelligence. So the entire country’s media should shut their mouths, because they have affected the river crabs of our society! (“River crab” is a pun for 和谐 [héxié], “harmonious.” It is used to avoid possible censorship and to mock the Chinese government’s efforts to promote a “harmonious society.”) It is the media, rather than our dysfunctional and unjust judiciary system, which contributed to the common practice of not helping the elderly. Now you’re happy with how I put it?

网易广东省广州市天河区网友 [gaoyulpy] 的原贴:
A nation that cannot even help an elderly person up from a fall can spend a whole day talking about exterminating the United States. Hilarious.

网易上海市松江区网友 [xxd233391] 的原贴:
Blush for a moment, safe for the rest of the life (Better safe than sorry). Would you screw a person with AIDS for just a moment of joy? It is not certain a tragedy would occur, but this does not mean they will not happen at all.

网易辽宁省沈阳市网友 [金明焱] 的原贴:
Foreigner, you don’t understand the country’s situations.

…Each Chinese is seriously *fcking* sick! I am cursing at you guys, but will you dare refute it? Regardless, these cowards, would you dare? I would at least *fcking* help [her] up! Because I am not Chinese.

网易云南省昆明市网友 [mon1mon2] 的原贴:
Ah, right. You have diplomatic immunity. Who would dare pester you? All public authorities are on your side; and what about us ordinary people? If you really are an ordinary Chinese person, I honestly do not believe you would help an elderly person, fulfill this good deed, and do so without reservations.

网易上海市浦东新区网友 [此心永恒] 的原贴:

Chinese people really do not have courage and uprightness. They are selfish and concerned with their own well-being. This type of sick behavior and attitude is even contagious; it is contagious to everyone, and even contagious to the next generation of people. I feel China’s future is hopeless. To my fellow Chinese, I can only fume at their incompetence, but I will never sympathize with their misfortune, because these sick people do not deserve my sympathy. I feel ashamed of being Chinese.
I hope the editor will permit this comment to be posted. This is my opinion and does not serve any other purpose.

喳喳醉 [网易贵州省毕节地区网友]:
Nowadays, living in this society where everyone is as dark as a raven is already very difficult; I don’t dare to be a good Samaritan.

有酒吗 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:
So this is what we call a land of ceremony and decorum for thousands of years. 50 cent party, quickly come out and earn your money!

(People who are allegedly secretly paid five mao (50 cents RMB) per post/comment that praises, supports, or defends from criticism/attack the country, government, or Communist Party. Netizens who are very nationalistic are often accused of being part of the “50 cent party” spreading propaganda or “guiding” public opinion.)

Next time, before you help an elderly person up, use your cell phone to record your efforts first.

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10 comments to “Elderly woman falling on Shanghai’s street shunned by passersby; foreigner curses”

  1. Blacksoth | August 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    “Fucking you chinese..”?? I’m guessing this conversation didn’t happen in english.

    “网易云南省昆明市网友 [mon1mon2] 的原贴:
    Ah, right. You have diplomatic immunity. Who would dare pester you? All public authorities are on your side; and what about us ordinary people? If you really are an ordinary Chinese person, I honestly do not believe you would help an elderly person, fulfill this good deed, and do so without reservations.”

    This is probably the most pathetic excuse yet. So you can’t help an old person up because you first require diplomatic immunity? From what exactly? I know things are tough in China for the average chinese person but would you truly be punished for helping an old woman?

  2. Chinawhisper | August 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I do not think it is passers-by`s fault. People nowadays have lost trust in each other. These all are caused by the government and its development style. In China Economy is the first prority, others are much less important.

  3. Rob | August 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Yeah Blacksoth they might. Recently a fish seller was pestered into committing suicide by an old woman he helped up from a fall. She accused him of assaulting her and spent days screaming at him beside his market stall. After he paid her 5000 her son came and demanded 25,000. His customers abandoned him, his business collapsed, he had no legal recourse and he killed himself. It’s not that the government will punish them, but a judge will assume that anyone helping had a hand in the hurting and is liable. Everyone knows that you can sue and win now, so there’s legitimate fear of your life getting destroyed just from helping someone.

    • Blacksoth | August 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      What does that have to do with helping people? If people can just lie and there’s no “legal recourse” then it wouldn’t have mattered if he helped her up or not.

      This seems a dubious story at best. If she started with lies, why didn’t he fight back? I wouldn’t let someone scream at me for 1min much less for days. She sends her thug son around to collect money and everyone decides it must be true and abandons him? Bullshit. He was picked on because he was weak, not because he decided to help someone.

  4. Rob | August 17, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    If you touch someone you are responsible for them, that’s why it matters if he helped her or not.

    I agree with you that he was weak, but initially he had contact with her. That made him liable. I’ll try and find the story and post a link.

    • Blacksoth | August 17, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      I’d just point out that, maybe in the US, the guy would be held liable. But in China the courts make up their decisions willy-nilly and most cases are NEVER heard. So I’m not sure this woman would be able to drag him into a courtroom even if she DID have a case unless she’s a high ranking official. There are serious violations to the average chinese person, and those cases never see the light of day so why this claim of BS violence?

      (If you link the story, I’ll definitely read it.)

      • Sea_Horse_Mirror | August 17, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        That happened before in the case of the Nanjing Judge. Some dude in Nanjing dragged this old lady who fell down in the streets and her family sued him for damages.

        Seriously both America and China need to get their act together in regards to good samartians.

  5. A | September 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    - Many countries have “good samaritan laws”
    which protect helpers from liability when helping an incapacitated person;
    when person is still responsive, you have to ask for consent
    (“May I help you up?”).
    (Thus, Blacksoth , in the US the helper would most likely not be held liable.)
    - Then, in a crowd, most bystanders assume someone else will call the
    ambulance/fire department /police, and do nothing.
    Therefore, when you witness an accident, (or if you have a heart attack
    in a public place), you don’t just shout help; you need to point at a specific
    person, and say: ‘You there, call [emergency number, 911 in the US]‘
    - I’d think that reporting such incidences indicates that actually most Chinese
    do think that not helping in such cases is indeed outrageous.
    But there may be a collective memory of bad times past, where it was
    better to look the other way, and not to get involved.

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