George W. Bush’s brother jokes about joining Communist Party; netizens react

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From Sina Weibo

Neil Bush, younger brother of the former U.S. president, started using Sina Weibo, China’s hugely popular microblogging service in September, 2011. Despite having 120,000 followers, Mr. Bush attracted most of their attention only for his pedigree and was living in the shadow of his famous father and brother. That is, until he sported Chinese revolutionary outfit and thought about becoming a Communist.

Neil Bush

In a post he submitted on August 27, he uploaded a picture of himself wearing a green cap with a red star and a Serve the People bag across his shoulder, holding an old days enamel cup printed with Mao’s portrait. He commented on his photo in both English and Chinese, “I’m thinking of joining the CCP. What do you think of my accessories?

Most Chinese netizens find Mr. Bush’s tongue-in-cheek post and photo hilarious. Some even seized this opportunity to express their discontent with the Party using sarcasm and ridicule.

Neil Bush is currently working in China as shareholder and Co-Chairman of CIIC, a Beijing based real estate company. In addition, he works closely with Chinese state-owned enterprise giants, including Shougang Steel and Sinopec, to develop business in the U.S. as well as other parts of the world.

Selected netizens’ comments from Sina Weibo:

@找-乐-儿 : This bro must have never thought about being in the politics, as this photo will effectively terminate his future career in the U.S. politics. Luckily in the U.S., unlike in China, one’s mistake doesn’t automatically incriminate his family. Otherwise, Jeb would never have a shot at the presidency. //@袁莉 wsj: Em. Many entrepreneurs and business people want to join the party as well. You are not alone. Guess you have to queue and be put to test.

海边散步的空空:Just recite “Wearing three watches” and “River Crab Society” to me first.

(Note: The two share the same pronunciation in Chinese with “Three Represents” and “Harmonious Society”, two core ideologies/taglines employed by the CCP)

静恩庆民:(Originally written in English) oh, you out le ,now the standards is change, first you should be fat, like a pig with a big head, and white T-shirt put on, also the watch must be rare, means you represent the people.

成都市民一致 :Brilliant! Even being a village head in China is better than being the president of the United States.

怎一个操字了得Display your HermesHold a bottle of Maotai liquor in your hand. Finish your report on thoughts. Then you will be dispatched back to the United States to protect the children of our Party.

Mr- Shoshody:Nice outfit. But you should be good at lying and exploiting people, be black-hearted and brazen in order to qualify.

Cat_Zone:Why don’t you wear a military coat? Then you’d look more like a die-hard party zealot.

三人禾木南 :A Mao badge is missing from your chest. Haha.

@姑娘忒高兴:This picture clearly demonstrates commies’ image in the eyes of Yankees: Red Guard! Haha!

April ———Rain:Our party is almighty! It has finally subdued families of U.S. high-ranking officials with its merits.

我心飞翔的猴子:Haha, you want to join CCP because you want to come to China to feed your addiction to power, embezzle funds, taking bribes and fool around with women, right? You can’t escape my sharp eyes!

@潇湘刘盛: Haha. Just write an application essay first. Then write a report on your thoughts no less then 2,000 words every month. And find yourself three references.

@作家天佑—: Your pocket is not big enough. Even after you join the party, you can’t make much money.

@肖芳华律师: Well, if only you single out the senior and junior U.S. presidents in your family and make public criticism of them in a struggle session.

@张醒生: Bro, what you wanted to join was Mao’s communist party. It’s actually out now. Rejected.

@13亿公民的声音: Infiltrate the heartland of the enemy – even the diabolic imperial America has learned this trick!

蛙-哈哈(Originally written in English) you’ll be a rich man

avril倩倩(Originally written in English) lt is not a good idea.ccp has too many people…

陆芷芳芳芳(Originally written in English) oh. no! in fact,now the members of CCP are very very rich! they look like the money slaves, but the most of their money comes from us!

大漂亮闻多多 :Stop daydreaming. With your father and your older brother, you will never pass the screening test on political background.

曼联主场:Mr. Bush, just go back to your United States of America and abscond with 200 million U.S. dollars before you come back to China. Or else you clearly don’t qualify.

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    Awesome comments. Hilarious.

    They sell Mao/Party pharaphanelia at every tourist area. I always wondered what the reaction would be from chinese to foreigners that actually wear it. Nice to know they realize he was joking. What a horrible disaster it would have been if they didn’t.

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