New Internet meme: China has completed 62% of its great revival

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How long are Chinese people away from its great revival, the ultimate goal of the nation? Well, to put it in the most ‘scientific’ and statistically correct perspective, the goal is 62 percent completed, according to a Chinese expert on August 3. Using a quantified index to measure the progress of the nation’s revival has garnered widespread ridicule from the Chinese public who are increasingly discontent with the country’s widening wealth gap and social injustices. “62%” has even become a viral Internet meme.

Yang Yiyong, Director of the State Development and Reform Commission’s Macroeconomic Research Institute for Social Development, said at a forum that by 2005, the task of rejuvenating the civilization was 46 percent complete; in 2010, the process sped up, and now the nation has achieved 62% of its task. This is based on the Great National Revival Process Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators.

yang yiyong

Yang Yiyong speaks at a forum, where he mentions the 62% revival rate.


Yang believed that the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation should at least include the following five aspects:

1, The comprehensive national power, manifested by the national economy, reaches the level of a moderately developed nation in the world. Living standards of the majority of the people are modernized;

2, The all-round progress of the society and coordinated development of its various sectors. Science, technology, education and health care achieve at the advanced level in the world.

3, The socialist democracy is further perfected. The legal system is further improved. People’s political and cultural rights are substantially respected and guaranteed. The social order is satisfying.

4, The development of harmonious relationship between humans and the nature. The ability to develop sustainably is increased. The eco-environment is improved. Resource efficiency is significantly increased.

5, The unification of the motherland, and a greater contribution to the world peace and development.

Yang Yiyong also said that when he reported the figure of 46% to the higher-ups in 2005, the feedback he got was, “too low.” He hasn’t reported this year’s figure yet.

Most scholars and commentators question his conclusion. Xiao Yuhen, a media commentator, said, it has been more than a hundred years since the rejuvenation of the civilization started in the last century. And yet 16 percent of the task was finished within the past seven years from 2005. Is it really possible?

Even People’s Daily, the communist party’s mouthpiece, frowned upon such a study, and openly questioned its rationale on Sina Weibo, “Expert recently announced that an assessment using a three-level indexing system shows that the task of reviving the nation is 62% complete. However, after the news of a mother from Yongzhou, Hunan, being sent to a forced labor camp for petitioning for her sexually abused young daughter came out, this figure looks so pale. The strength of a country is far more than GDP and Olympic gold medals. A complex mathematical model should have included the wide citizenry’s rights and dignity, the social equality and justice. Let’s work together to achieve it.” The post has so far received more than 132,000 shares and 42,000 comments. As one approving user said, “People’s Daily finally speaks for its people.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese net users have invented new ways to mock the report, by being liberal and creative with the figure 62%.


“Installing…The Great Revival of the Chinese Nation
62% complete.
WARNING: The system will automatically crash after installation is canceled!

张泉灵: Having not had a stomach problem in about seven or eight years, I suffered from the ache last night. I took medication and drank hot porridge per the doctor’s instruction, and now I have recovered 62%.

蝈蝈不是Superman-SJCRUC: I did not sleep well last night. Only 62% asleep. This morning, I had breakfast to be 62% full. It seems I only have 62% of my life to live. Who can help me finish the download of the film which is now just 62% complete?

王不满: #62% of the national revival complete#  The Chinese nation, hold it there! Coz if you are 2 percentage points more revived, you will be blocked. (The combination of 6 and 4 often triggers China’s Great Fire Wall and gets blocked by the internet censorship engine, because it is easily associated with Tiananmen Square Massacre, commonly known in China as the June 4th Incident.)

跳梁老丑:Achieved just this much in over sixty years? Given that the recent three decades the growth rate has been exponential, does it suggest that in the first thirty years (the system) was always rewinding and hanging?

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