Pic of the day: Chinese auntie uses sex doll to slow down speeding drivers

August 4, 2012Jing Gao2 Comments, , , , , , , ,

According to Metropolitan Express, an auntie in eastern China’s Shandong province was fed up with cars roaring past her home on the street side. And that the local government cannot do anything about it only made her angrier. Then she came up with a brilliant idea: she tied a sex doll covered with a red see-through lingerie to a tree nearby. Almost every driver decelerates in order to find out what that is! Reckless driving in the area has been much less common!  (Picked from Sina Weibo)

sex toy

Selected comments from Sina Weibo (20,695 shares, 3,596 comments)

琪琪之微:Talented! But isn’t it more accident-prone?

Ridgway-Lee:So it was still there the next day?

王冉: A small thing can tell people differences between the people and the government: 1, the people are of wisdom; 2, the people understand human nature.

风之沧海-Wilson:Then the relevant department will take the inflated doll away…

大美人lisa的秋天:Hehe, [嘻嘻] Auntie knows people’s minds. Auntie is a genius of human psychology. [good]

平凡的漫步海底:But let’s hope there isn’t traffic accident as the result of curiosity, which is bad.

细辛离岸酒:What about an inflated traffic policeman? Where can I buy one?

阿甘:Auntie understands customer demand and is even able to offer the solution. Must be an excellent marketing manager.

艳京美熙:Auntie keeps abreast of the times and captured the traits of the human nature. If others are not going to help us, let’s help ourselves. Awesome. [赞]

幸福的一介武夫:Good idea. But it may cause many rear-end accidents.

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2 comments to “Pic of the day: Chinese auntie uses sex doll to slow down speeding drivers”

  1. east2west | August 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    She’s got a great sense of humor! I think it is wonderful that people are becoming more pro-active and creative in solving social problems.

  2. Blacksoth | August 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Give this woman a job in local government! She clearly knows how to make effective changes on the cheap.

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