Video: 19-year-old drunk driver w/o license makes out with girlfriend after killing one in crash

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From Sina Weibo, Anhui Satellite TV, KDNet

On the early morning of August 21, according to a news program on Anhui Satellite TV, a car in Chengdu killed one person and injured two others in a crash. The driver was a 19-year-old man. Police inspection showed that the driver was under influence and does not even have a driver’s license. But right at the car crash scene, the man, despite the fact that he killed a person, went on to make out with the woman sitting next to her. When the reporting crew arrived, the woman in red, waved her fists at the camera and yelled, “Shoot me! Yeah yeah yeah! Just shoot me! Keep shooting!” Later, after the driver, identified as Li Yalei, finally sobered up, he said he cannot make it up to the victim and the injured; the only thing he can do is say sorry.

The news was initially listed as one of the top ten trending topics on Sina Weibo, but was soon taken down from the list by the site’s moderator probably to avoid sparking public fury.

In March, news of a mysterious Ferrari crash on Beijing’s street, which killed one person on the spot, was soon covered up by Internet censors, who took down any related story and blocked search terms such as “Ferrari”, “crash”, and North 4th Ring Road, the location of the crash. Speculations that the driver was the son of a high-ranking Chinese official arose, although no one really knows the true story.

In October 2010, the pampered son of a district police chief in central China’s Baoding city hit and killed a college girl while racing on campus. He allegedly shouted ‘My father is Li Gang’ as intimidation after the security guards tried to stop him from fleeing the scene, which really touched a sensitive nerve of China’s grassroots and further deepened the public resentment of the rich and privileged class and their offspring. The son of Li Gang was later sentenced to 6 years in prison.


Below is the translation of an angry web post on KDNet, a popular Internet forum, which sums up the news story with snarky commentary.

This is the car crash scene. This road worker died on the spot. A family has been shattered thereafter! I believe this road worker must have had parents to support and children to fend for. So how is his family going to live their life in the future now that they’ve lost their backbone. How do you think his aging mother, his wife and children are going to handle the sudden heavy blow? The old mother will lay her children to rest, and children are not supposed to die before their parents, for God’s sake! Sigh, what else can I add as my comments? Road traffic is treacherous; drive with caution!

Yes, the red circle highlights the moment of the man and woman making out. It seems some really intense emotion is going on! It seems they didn’t even know they had killed a person. Must have had a lot of drink. This post-90s handsome guy is going to be really sad.

When the reporter tried to conduct an interview, this man took the drunk driver away from the camera while hurling insults. What an attitude!

This is the woman in red. She did not seem to be sober yet, and when the camera was rolling, she was still yelling “Shoot me! Just shoot me!” She was completely unaware that a person had died! Will she be subject be the human flesh search engine?

The driver was really wasted. 81 in the breath test. A DUI for sure, unless something went wrong. And he has no driver’s license. What would be the charge against him? Will he be executed? DUI + driving without a license + one person being killed, any legal expert gives an analysis please?

This is the car involved, a white KIA.

The windshield has been turned into this from the crash. Just imagine how big an impact it was and how fast the speed was!

Selected comments from Sina Weibo (4,414 shares, 1,264 comments)

刘毅_1994:Damn! Such a thing can happen?! That bitch is too damn sick! Bastard! Bitch! [吐][打哈欠][鄙视][鄙视][鄙视][鄙视][鄙视]我去!这都可以!那死女人尼玛也太恶心了吧!人渣!死女人!

上海老玩童2012:Why they appeared so calm? Because their parents can help fix it. 为什么能那么淡定?因为家长会帮搞定.

KYLE小梨:Only the second generation of an official or a wealth person has the gall to do this!

兔子脚:Does he have any connection to an official of the Heavenly Kingdom? If yes, then the more powerful (that official is), the lighter the sentence will be. [酷]//@江西樟树林: Must be executed!!!!!

跑摊匠:We still firmly believe: Without sharing the news, there won’t be harsh punishment. Without sharing the news, there won’t be justice. Without sharing the news, there won’t be anything.

Joan低调不用实名:Wow, not only is that woman ugly and old, but also her voice sounds horrible, and her conduct is so low and cheap! Any expert to find more about her through human flesh search?…That man deserves this. He has no license, drove under influence, and killed a life. Must have qualified for a death sentence, right? That poor innocent road worker. [蜡烛]Rest in peace.

杭州西风瘦马:Are they still humans? Despite the social development, why are there more and more cold-blooded, shameless people like them? I feel deeply saddened that we mankind have these in our species.

镜子脸:Wine and meat rot behind vermillion gates while at the roadside people get killed in car crashes.

落雪是花博报:That woman in red, do you still have human qualities? Are you still a human? Would you be so happy if it were your family who got killed?

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    Wait. The one in the red dress is a woman?!

    To me it seemed like the actual drunk driver seemed to know what he did and showed at least some remorse; it was his friends that were the truly belligerent ones.

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