Design FAIL: Suzhou’s Gate of the Orient looks like a pair of long johns

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“Gate of the Orient”, an immense structure under construction in Suzhou, Jiangsu province next to the Jinji lake, has been the talk of Chinese social media lately. Some netizens say that the Gate of the Orient looks like a pair of long johns or low-rise jeans. Others say that having the “Gate of the Orient”, the new CCTV headquarters in Beijing will no longer be alone in its comical and undignified design.

Despite widespread criticisms from netizens, the design of the structure is highly acclaimed in the architectural circle. A person in the real estate business in Nanjing told Nanjing Morning News that he believed netizens will eventually change how they view the building after it is completed.

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(Left: rendering of the Gate of the Orient; Right: China Central Television headquarters, nicknamed “Big Boxer Shorts.”)


A net user published on the web a photo of the Gate of the Orient in Suzhou, which is close to completion, and its quirky design drew much criticism from net users. Some quipped that the Big Boxer Shorts of the China Central Television headquarters “finally has a brother and will no longer feel lonely”.


Another net user found out a photo of an exhibition center in Zhengzhou and said that it and the Gate of the Orient are like two jigsaw puzzles that “belong to to the same set” and the former can be dovetailed into the letter.


The Gate of the Orient is the centerpiece of Suzhou’s industrial zone. This 88-storey, 301.8-meter-high building will be the tallest structure in East China’s Jiangsu province.


The Gate of the Orient in Suzhou is 6 times the size of the Triumphal Arch in Paris, France. Two classic Chinese gardens will be built at its very top, and a five-level cellar will be built underground, making the Gate of the Orient “The most complex high-rise structure,” “The structure with the most use of steel per unit volume in China,” “The highest Suzhou-style Chinese classic garden,” “The deepest cellar in China,” “the highest overpass in China,” and “the highest swimming pool in China.”


The picture of the Gate of the Orient upon completion was made fun of by many netizens: “Is it a pair of low-rise jeans?” “Crotch of the Orient,” “Not bad. Finally it has stood up. (Note: compared with CCTV’s Big Crotch, which looks like that of a man sitting on a toilet.)”



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