Pic of the day: A quick vocabulary lesson in Chinese fashion buzzwords

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From New York Magazine:


代购, dai gou (MOT translation: proxy-shopper): An agent hired to buy luxury goods overseas to avoid the import tax.

暴发户, bao fa hu: Nouveau riche, parvenu.

山寨, Shan hai: An obvious counterfeit, i.e., a monogram LU bag (after LV, or Louis Vuitton).

酷, ku: Cool.

晒, shai: To show off online, often by posting a photo of one’s latest purchase.

卖肾, mai shen: To sell a kidney in order to buy something, espeially a tech gadget. (People actually do this, but it’s also used in the figurative sense.)

农民, nong min: peasant, often derogatory.

潮, chao: Trendy, staying ahead of the tide.

粉, fen: To be a fan of (a brand).

土鳖, tu bie: Wingless cockroach. (MOT: this is translation mistake. The literal meaning of tu bie is native turtle.) Someone with money but no hopes of ever becoming fashionable.

自拍, zi pai: A photo taken of oneself, posted online.

土包子, tu bao zi: Steamed dirt bun. A derogatory term for a peasant.

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