Camels die from overwork during China’s weeklong holiday; netizens lament

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From Sina

Several camels at a tourist hot spot in Northwest China have died from receiving a record-high number of visitors during China’s eight-day holiday.

Mingsha Mountain (Singing-sand Mountain-dunes), 6 km south of the city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the country. It is a range of sand dunes in the desert famous for the noise made as the grains of sand are swept by the winds. The exciting activities available surrounding these golden sand dunes include camel rides, para-gliding, sand tobogganing among others. According to Li Ying, the deputy director of the park management, whereas the park did not experience gridlocked traffic as other places in the country did during the Holiday, they did not expect the camel rides to be so popular. “Usually camels wait for people. This year, people wait for camels,” Li said.

So far, the park has 1,000 camels available that were specially trained for the activity. In the past few days, from dawn to dusk, each camel took on average seven visitors and barely had time for a break or food, but it is still unable to meet the demand of the 8,000 park visitors per day who wished to get a camel ride.  The camel owners were equally busy. One owner said, “I come out at 5:30 in the morning and still cannot get home before 10:30 in the evening.”

Li Ying said, for two days in the row, there have been camel deaths from fatigue. Camels must be tamed before they are safe for giving visitors a ride, so the park cannot use a camel from elsewhere until it has undergone at least six months of training.


As the result, the park announced that owners must treat camels with humanity and ensure that camels get enough rest. Any owner that makes its camel take more than five visitors per day is subject to penalty.

Selected comments from Sina Weibo:

卸甲村民:The damned Chinese! Poor camels! In this amazing country, there are not even human rights, let alone animal protection organizations. In the evil United States, decades ago when filming ‘Shawshank Redemption,’ the maggot fed by old Brooks to the crow was even a maggot that died of natural causes at the behest of the animal rights group. So, please allow me to cheer from the bottom of my heart”: Socialism is good! Besides, being born in the right country is a touch job, both for humans and for animals. Sigh~

独坐敬亭3328:How are our ordinary people any different from these camels?

碧小煜:How come… that strong will be overwrought to death?…[泪][泪]They worked from early morning all the way to late night without a break and finally died from fatigue… Did they struggled before death? When he was struggling, what were humans doing? They still made them work! And work!! For money! Just for the sake of money!! What are humans doing?…

Y云水禅心Y:It is no different from the cruelty toward cats: the latter is to satisfy perverts minds, the former is to satisfy greedy desires. Both are ugly!

叶立鹤[蜡烛][蜡烛]Poor camels, they were caught up in China’s National Day holiday.

三千星:At the tourist park, on seeing animals, if you refuse to ride them, they may die from hunger. If you all go to ride them, they may die from fatigue. So poor. [泪]

花不弄影:Even camels died from fatigue… Speechless! For the economy…

妞妞爱米莉:In China, we are the same as camels…

KING幻影:There’s no way out. In China, we can only accept this as the reality.

欣恋家:Poor camels. [伤心][思考]We cannot predicate our happiness on the pain of camels. [泪]

人在漂泊中:Any creature born in China is a tragedy.

cyhjs:When I visited Mingsha Mountain, I thought these camels are miserable.

Road-C_周露:I vow to cocoon at home during the holiday in order not to burden any camel.

我是矛盾体的小怪物:So poor!!! Why not let them take turns?! Camels need to rest!

KDS东靖堂可乐:If I could choose, I would not be a Chinese. Shameful, victimizing, sick.

一直相信从未改变:Maybe someone said it right: humans are the most cruel and frightening animals.

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    There ‘s nothing as dangerous as “new money.” So pathetic!

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