Mitt Romney’s mention of China during US presidential debate highlighted in the country

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In addition to the 67 million American viewers who were glued to their TV sets for the first of three presidential debates between President Obama and Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney, half a globe away, netizens in China have also been talking about it, especially when their motherland was touched upon by one of the candidates three times.

Multiple Chinese state-run media have covered the presidential debate. “Romney Says If Elected He Would Crack Down on China’s ‘Cheating’ Behavior,” reads one headline by People’s Daily, the Communist mouthpiece. “In the first debate, Obama did not mention China, whereas Romney played the China card three times and took a tough stand, claiming that if elected, he won’t borrow a cent from China,” says the lede of another news article reprinted in several popular internet portals. All Chinese news stories highlighted the fact that in the debate, the word ‘China’ was heard three times from Romney’s mouth.

Many netizens’ comments fixated on Romney’s China-related statements. Romney’s claim that he will stop borrowing from China amused some and offended others, and his accusation of China as a cheater was brushed aside by most netizens, who think he is only making a fuss about nothing.

现实利益至上:Then ask them to return the money! [怒骂][怒]

MusCRYSTAL:Attacking China is their usual rhetoric. It remains to be seen if there is any practicality to it! While not borrowing money, would you please just repay the money first? [挖鼻屎]

几点黄花满地秋_钱钱:It seems no matter who is elected, China will surely be faced with a tougher America. [奥特曼]

晒一下阳光:Why do we care how America fares? Just support whoever is closer to China… Of course it is Obama.

深海狂想曲: “Never borrow a cent from China.” (Jing’s note: not the direct quote) Romney spoke so arrogantly during the debate. Why not just change it to “Never pay back money to China,” given the U.S. has indeed been defaulting on debts all these years…"

中华小女: He said he’s going to protect the middle class. This is good. The part targeting China was purely for courting votes, because Americans all believe it is Chinese who grabbed their jobs.

海安石板街: The “not borrowing from China” point alone is a good enough reason for me to support Romney!

徐加珍是也:Even if you don’t borrow, the Heavenly Kingdom (China) will find ways to slip money into your hands.

羽翔工作室: China-bashing is always one of the trump cards during the U.S. presidential election. Romney publicly takes a tough stand toward China. And Obama commands aircraft carriers of the U.S. military to threaten our Diaoyu Islands. In unusual times, we need unusual wisdom to tackle the situation.

陈吖辉:“Claiming if elected, he won’t borrow a cent from China”, how to make sense of this sentence? Really can’t get it.

江上升明月:No more borrowing? So what? You guys never planned to pay us back anyway. [挖鼻屎] [右哼哼]

喁哊呯忛y:Nothing is absolute! Don’t be overly confident while talking…Don’t end up giving yourself a slap in the face.

深圳绿苹果:Those who have ever been a president are all very sensible on China. Those who have never been a president all pick on China.

兰色之洋:Is the rise of China giving you Yankees a headache? What a trash. It only says one thing: You guys are afraid. Haha, and bitter! [哈哈]

SimonRock:China’s quick rise has been treated as a negative example by the entire world. Everyone picks on China. On the one hand, they keep pointing fingers, on the other, they are in a hurry to do business with China and make money from Chinese. How cheap is that!

schwarzseher:QE1, QE2 and QE3 (QE: Quantitative Easing) do these make the US the king of all currency manipulators?

There are also netizens who are not bothered by Romney’s China mentions and instead focus on the presidential debate and the election themselves. Most were impressed by the composure and eloquence of the two candidates when being grilled by the opponent, and some, being in the authoritarian state, can’t help but raise the ‘what if’ question:

_無厘頭_:Love watching foreign candidates debate. Can learn a lot from it.

@爱娜6: When can we elect leaders of our country like this?

道不自器与之圆方:The most important result of the U.S. presidential election: They don’t have moral issues. Their personal assets are made public. The president’s are public, those of all officials are also public.

杨小麦:This… is called American great drama! Even if your English sucks, you can watch real people PK (Player Killing) on their vibes.

兰杰瑞jerry:A battle of words! How exciting the scene is!

hugozhu:Watched the first U.S. presidential debate last night. (It’s) Art! Our politicians only know how to read from scripts and have no charisma.

CCT无V:There are so many more eloquent officials in the Heavenly Kingdom. The reason why they read from scripts is they are afraid they may let the cat out of the bag.

tttqqqtttqqq:Can’t help fantasizing: if such a high-level debate on TV took place in China, what do you think the scene would be? What subjects would leaders debate on?

康弘:Its virtue is it can bring up hot button issues that the people are concerned with and discuss them in public to the full instead of shunning them.

灰兔子杰士派:I clearly remember there is one sentence in our history textbooks: In the U.S., the presidential debate is nothing but picking a slightly better one between two rotten apples.

夏叶CC:You won’t know if it is a mule or a horse until you walk it. Show me what you’ve got. Seriously, when can China be like this? Bring down those stupid cunts.

阿拉依郎:Have watched this debate. Feel it is so democratic there. Two candidates competing on the same stage can even shake hands and hug. If it were here in China, wouldn’t they be enemies? Then there will be bullets flying under the table.

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    F.Y.I, I agree that China is one of the main cards in Presidential Debate 2012 and I agree that Mitt Romney used that as one of the weakness on Obama. But some times saying harsh things like that really is not respecting the people from China…

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