Boy defecates on Guangzhou’s subway train

November 13, 2012Jing Gao2 Comments, , ,

A photo of a boy around the age of 10 defecating inside a subway train carriage has been circulating like a wildfire since it was posted Saturday. The majority of Chinese netizens were dumbfounded and vehemently criticized the boy and his parent, who, according to a witness, stood by during the entire process and did not even try to stop him. But some comments also pointed to the fact that it is really hard to find a public restroom inside subway stations.


Net user @李小冷S uploaded the photo to Sina Weibo and commented, “I was shocked today. This is what I saw on Metro Line 3. Yes, you got it right, the kid is pooping at the corner. And that’s a really huge pile!! His father stood right next to him, unperturbed. Judging by their clothing, his family is doing not bad. But the upbringing is too inadequate! He does not even care to withhold his poop!” Until press time, it has been shared 18,400 times.

“What makes one feel sadder is, it was during rush hour, but except for me, no one at the scene said a word about it,” @李小冷S added in a later post.

Selected comments from Weibo:

maymay有只猪:Brain-dead! [汗] A national disgrace!!!

小萱草:I saw this pic on FB (Facebook). The comments are 100% unanimous, saying ‘Not surprising for Chinese’!!!

Wynn:This is truly a matter of education within the family!!!

LL猫猫侠:Was it terribly smelly?

嘿嘿文文[抓狂]Really? Are we sure it is not Photoshopped? I can only say this country is too crazy.

JJJJ凡人:Wah wow! Is there any hope for this kid?? [鄙视]

迪高deco:There is really hardly any restroom inside Guangzhou’s subway stations. Or just very few of them have one. It is certainly not civilized to defecate on the train, but the design of the subway station is also problematic.

sanzond:This kid is poorly brought up. At 10, he should have understood things. Why didn’t he clean up the poop he left? Even my 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter knows one should not litter in public places.

猫娘_Fan:An ill-bred son is the fault of the father!

月岛免免: what kind of person is he? Worse than dogs! Even my dog knows how to withhold.

可正的老婆:Why do I feel very funny? The young boy looks really serious.

宝宝是只柴犬:With such a parent, the kid is truly worrisome.

沦落天涯好青年:First, only a person really selfish and brazen is capable of this. Second, all people around him were made of wood. Chinese can beat the world with these two points alone.

三白二黄:Arrest the unscrupulous parents and punish them by having them stand in the subway station and do volunteer work for ten days.

安分—小女人:How disgusting! This is a public place, for god’s sake. [晕]

张锦生:The kid must be dying for fame?!

LJ蓝沙:If the subway station is blamed for not having a restroom, how terrible the subway can get when everyone does what this kid did once the nature calls? [黑线][黑线]

我叫溫馨呀呀呀:Make him eat what he created and lick off the ground!!!![怒][怒][怒][怒]

啦瑞娜Lareina–LJJ:What if this kid is retarded?

gz_lho:This kind of people deserve the exposure. Don’t talk to me about privacy in public places.

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2 comments to “Boy defecates on Guangzhou’s subway train”

  1. Ciota Locha | January 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    It is normal ,maybe place not normal :D

  2. Norris | April 4, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    the responses are more disturbing than the incident. The unsympathetic nature of Chinese society conveyed in the comments is what I find most disturbing, but I suppose it may be too soon to take this as truly representative of the Chinese populous, but yeah, the reactions are pretty stereotypical. In the defense of the kid, he could have been having stomach problems, and didn’t wanna soil himself, since maybe he was on his way to a date or something. I mean it’s unscrupulous, yes, but hardly harming anyone that much. So take a chill pill netizens of the people’s republic of China. Your only smearing your own honor when you suggest disciplinary measures be undertaken over such a minor incident.

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