Chinese netizens feel ‘sorry’ for 18th Party Congress of Kuomintang in Taiwan

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Just when we thought Chinese netizens may have whined enough about how the upcoming 18th Chinese Communist Party Congress, set to begin on November 8, is a sheer waste of manpower and money that inconveniences people’s normal life for nothing, a series of pictures taken during the 18th National Congress of Kuomintang, or the Nationalist Party, which convened back in 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan, resurfaced on Chinese social media, and renewed netizens’ interest in lashing out at corruption within the mainland bureaucracy.

Liu Zhiming (@记者刘向南), a veteran journalist at Economic Observer, is among the first net users to post a compilation of the photos onto Sina Weibo, Chinese hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. He commented on the photos: “The 18th National Congress of Chinese Nationalist Party held on October 17, 2009 at Xinzhuang Stadium in Taipei Prefecture. Foldable chairs, lunch boxes. It is alleged that even the venue was rented. How poor and miserable!”




More than a thousand delegates have lunch at a makeshift cafeteria inside the stadium sitting on plastic stools. From the president down to the delegates, each person is treated the same way.


Ma Ying-jeou, President of Taiwan and the Chairman of the Kuomintang (third from left) sits among other delegates and eats from the lunch box.

Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) fled to Taiwan in 1949 after their defeat in the Chinese civil war to the Communists and designated Taipei as the temporary capital of the Republic of China. China and its people still regard Taiwan as a renegade province to this day, even though Taiwan has become a de facto sovereignty and has repeatedly called for de jure independence.

In the past decade, with popular discontent with Chinese authorities ever mounting, a considerable percentage of Chinese netizens have expressed nostalgic feelings for the Nationalist rule and envy for Taiwanese people’s lifestyle.

The thinly-veiled sarcasm conveyed by the post immediately caught on with Weibo users. Until press time, it has garnered more than 14,000 shares and 4,000 comments, an overwhelming majority of which made a direct comparison between Kuomintang in Taiwan and the ruling Communist Party of China, and probably no comparison is more odious than this one.


Many net users minced no words in their praises to the clean government in Taiwan and contempt for CPC.

VolinWong:This is a real party. 这才是真正的party

john15444:What a great party! My tears of passion are rolling down. We welcome you back!

普世观念:Only by learning from George Washington and Chiang Ching-kuo can the peril of the nation and the party be prevented. Or else the 5,000 years of cycle of violence will continue!

伊晗言的小天地:Their money has all gone to the right place to the benefits of the ordinary people.

上海even唐:A clean government is reflected in every detail!

小碗滴粑粑:It looks so unbelievable~~ If the Heavenly Kingdom could save all the money like this~ and invest it on education~ and poverty-stricken West~, how great would that be! ~

Casey_Winterwine:Em, the 18th Party Congress of the Nationalist Party! As expected, it surely belongs to the people of the nation! And it is surely different from the Communists, who have everything at their disposal!

萝卜头头:If the U.S. presidential election is a farce that wastes money, then the leadership transition at our imperial court also costs an arm and a leg, and yet we don’t even get to watch the farce.

Lockey_W:A clean party free of corruption is the hope of a country. [good]

随风之若水:This feels more casual, so there will be people who dare to speak up! The CPC has made it look so uptight and serious, and all of those sitting down there just come to be a part of the show. On the surface, it seems highly united…

Others gave full play to sarcasm and wry humor:

丰乳圆臀:The lunch for some party must be Maotai liquor and lobsters! Haha.

_奔跑的小菜鸟_:I have so much disdain for them. Hurry up to seize back Taiwan now that they are having such a hard time. Really cannot bear the sight of this. [泪]

@王克勤: Kuomintang is faring really terribly.

2008常思一二:Which one is more advanced?! Which one is greater?! It is so self-evident!

DG李毅:Kuomintang is too pathetic. Come and look at our Sparta~~

资深林某人:So miserable~~ Wait a few days to look at our 18th Congress. Will make you envy to death~~

原度:You guys really don’t have no self-respect! Should have at the very least gotten yourselves a little conference hall! Look at our 18th Congress, it has assumed a kick-ass air even long before it begins.

水村的故事:It cannot even compare with the county level in the Mainland!!

女秘书杨晓冬:A reporter interviews a patriotic citizen, “What do want to do the most for our motherland?” Citizen: “Emigrate, in order not to cause trouble to our motherland!” Reporter: “What do you think is the best way to love a country?” Citizen: “Emigrate, in order to cause trouble to the evil imperialism!”

无凡步:Sigh! Taiwanese people are so poor! They eat boxed lunch and don’t even have Maotai liquor to drink!!!

恒星-流星:How can they be so goddamn poor! Look at our leaders! How awesome they seem!

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