Weibo highlights: Chinese President Hu Jintao on political reform during 18th Party Congress

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During his speech at the opening session of the 18th National Party Congress of the Communist Party of China, Chinese President Hu Jintao said, “In over 30 years of continuous and consistent exploration since the Reform and Opening Up, we have been unswervingly holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Neither will we follow the old path of closed door and ossified politics, nor will we take to the evil road of changing our flags and banners.”


The quote was posted by the state-run Xinhua News Agency on Sina Weibo, China’s leading social media site. Fu Jun(@傅军教授), a political science professor at Peking Universiy, immediately retweeted this sentence on Weibo, saying that this, among a few others, strikes him as the most memorable quote during Hu’s speech. “A quick translation of this would be, neither old way nor odd way.”

Xu Xiaonian (@许小年), retweeted, adding, “In a nutshell, no way.”


The two pithy summaries quickly caught on with Weibo users, who also sensed the negative tone.

Selected Weibo comments:

三水易: Art of speaking. They tell you that they don’t go this way or that way, and they just won’t tell you what way they really go.

何钢HG: This translation is faithful, accurate and elegant. Anyway, I still don’t know what way.

jordan锐: So it is neither left nor right?

长腿大花猫: I listened to the leader’s speech for 20 minutes today. I can tell you my feeling is: I did not get a single word!! Tax policy, employment, food safety or housing prices, none of these was mentioned.

@killbilldollor: Absolutely no way. This organization has been immune to nothing since long ago. Pity that billions of Chinese only get blood in return for their tolerance.

@王冉: Every time leaders speak, I feel that Chinese translators’ job is really not easy.

刘-玉海: It has poured cold water head-on over all the expectations for political reform. The door to changes has been shut.

Selin_菲霖: When the nation overlooks its people, the people will overlook the nation.

太史公公: So in the end the solution will be: touch stone. (Reference to the late Chinese leader’s famous quote when talking about China’s political future: Cross the river by feeling the stones.)

法律案例-文史典故: So the Imperialistic America must have been pretty astray on the evil way, and yesterday (2012 U.S. Presidential Election) was a classic example.

鵟HughZhang(In English) mother fucker way

唱游者者: A voluntary top-down reform initiated by the leadership seems to be, after all, naïve fantasy… But it is pretty imaginable~

上海_天虹: Another whip on the ordinary people!

男人何苦为2557588243: A country that uses the people as a shield and national conditions as a fig leaf to prevent the democratization process. How can there be any advanced scientific progress if it is ruled with exploitation?  No excuse can stop people’s desire for democracy. Any country that prevent the democratization process with authoritarian rule will finally perish. Don’t think too much. I was talking about North Korea.

树袋熊佐敦: Idiots have something in common, which is: instead of using the bridge readily available, they love to cross the river by feeling the stone!

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  1. 小马 | November 8, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Basically, they are saying that they will keep the same track, yes some reforms. But definitely zero reforms in political system. When nothing changes, it just doesn’t change for the politicians, but for the people, change is always a necessity.

    The US just spent 6 billion dollars on making zero changes. The only difference in having a bi-party system is that it’s more expensive.

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