Americans use Chinese popcorn cooker on Discovery Channel; netizens amused

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Recently, a magical popcorn cooker from China has piqued Americans’ curiosity. The old-fashioned Chinese popcorn cooker is essentially a cannon with a handle. MythBuster, a famous show on America’s Discovery Channel, uses it to explore the fastest way to make popcorn. The production team spent much time on figuring out the monster, put up a bullet-proof glass wall, had the operator wear a bomb suit before carefully lighting the flame. In the end, jets of popcorn were shot up to the ceiling from the pressure vessel.


popcorn4 popcorn6 popcorn7 popcorn8

The video clip of the show was posted on Sina Weibo, the Chinese hybrid of Facebook and Twitter, and soon became the hottest topic, garnering 12 million discussions. It tickled almost every Chinese online viewer, especially those born before the 1990s when sightings of elderly popcorn vendors (usually males) wandering around the streets with the ‘cannon’ and a giant sack are a part of their childhood memories. Nowadays, it can be rarely seen in big cites.

popcorn2 popcorn

Watching a “grandpa” operate the popcorn cooker is a part of the national childhood memories.

Below are some very interesting and typical comments on Sina Weibo:

神隐汪:I just love foreigners who are so bumpkinish/yokelish, but the thing is, they don’t seem to have got the quantity or the method right…··

相对纶女装设计师:  [偷笑] [偷笑][哈哈] How can you earthly people manage this godly tool well!

音玄3917: Holy sh*t~ You guys think you are dismantling a bomb?!! [笑哈哈][笑哈哈][笑哈哈]

矛盾体大骚包有幻想症:Chinese grandpas would say, “It’s a matter of bare fists and empty hands. What are you laowai (foreigners) making a fuss about!”

君儿是个神经病:Stupid laowai.[偷笑]

钱锤银:There are so many things in China that you guys have never seen.

老山城的足球流氓:It seems the seller did not give you the sack that you explode your corn into when you mail-ordered it. Give him a bad review![偷笑]

_小呆欣_: Go ship them a Chinese grandpa right away!! And also, remember to let him bring the sack!!!

蔚蔚_茂也:How can there not be a sack?? So they plan to eat from the floor??? Sigh…[偷笑]

阿Sun–:I truly feel worried about American people’s IQ.[转发]

今天要翻谁的绿头牌呢-老少年们:Actually I wonder: what kind of myth they want to bust?

九撇上一点儿: I finally have a sense of superiority!

一路向北我的海: Sigh~ Nowadays, even in China, this godly tool is rarely seen~~~

郭沅丰: So Americans also have their moments of stupidity!![笑哈哈]

onepiecee-:LOL. I can see that on the street every day, okay?

Fed-up-with-everything:Soooo lame. Chinese grandpas and grandmas are awesome.

步如花: So the best gift for foreign friends should be popcorn made with Chinese popcorn machine!!! Yummy food made at the risk of one’s life!

凸囧凸凸-_-凸: It reminds me of the rice cane maker that looks like it is pooping. It is actually even cooler to watch.

绯馆的绯二: My goodness. In the future, if those Yankees negotiate with China, our country of food lovers don’t even have to mention the aircraft carrier. Just put the popcorn cooker with bare fists on the table, and make it clear that in our reserve there can be endless supply of this thing. Do you guys still have the nerve to mess with us?

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2 comments to “Americans use Chinese popcorn cooker on Discovery Channel; netizens amused”

  1. Blacksoth | January 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Always amusing to hear what chinese have to say about american pop culture.

  2. seanpodge | January 27, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    I’ve seen them going around for a spin up here in Harbin this winter. A lot of soot. Popcorn is pretty good though (and soot free, I might add!).

    In fairness to Mythbusters, I have also seen one explode on the footpath this winter too, so the bomb suit isn’t too much of an over reaction. The old man operating the machine seemed shaken, but thankfully otherwise OK.

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