“Get A Room With Me!” Child sexual abuses prompt online outcry

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On May 27, Ye Haiyan, a prominent women’s rights activist, staged a protest outside the gate of the No.2 Elementary School in Wanning, Hainan province. The hand-made sign reads aloud, “Principals, Get A Room With Me! Leave Elementary School Students Alone!”


The sign reads, “Principals, Get A Room with Me! Leave Elementary School Students Alone! Call Number 12338 for Ye Haiyan.” 12338 is a hotline set up by All-China Women’s Federation.

Ye Haiyan was referring to a horrendous sex crime commited by the school’s principal against six student girls. What happened at No. 2 Elementary School, along with a series of similar sexual abuses across China that ensued, sparked the public outrage and clamor for stringent punishment for child sex offenders.

Ye’s bold message, with a tint of quirky black humor, was reverberated on Chinese social media and duplicated by many, including internationally known dissident artist Ai Weiwei, who spread the slogan across his belly. Other web users either took pictures of themselves holding a similar sign or photoshopped the text onto different photos in an effort to amplify the message, spawning the Get A Room With Me hashtag.


Ai Weiwei: “Principals, Get A Room with Me. Leave Elementary School Students Alone!”


Japanese porn star Aoi Sora (aka Aoi Sola), who enjoys great popularity in China


The left one reads, “Leave Those Lovely Children Alone!!! Rape Me If You Have the Guts!!!”


All signs shown above read at the end, “Call Number 110.” 110 is the emergency number for the police.

hands-off05 hands-off06



Child sexual abuse re-emerged into the spotlight right ahead of June 1, celebrated in China as Children’s Day. On May 8, Chen Zaipeng, the principal of the school, took six student girls, all of whom were under age 12, to a hotel room to spend a night.

Chen was later charged with child molestation rather than rape because the law enforcement said there was no finding of “any tearing of the hymen” in the girls. But parents as well as many netizens questioned the authenticity of the forensic report. Parents of one of the six girls even showed her panties tainted as the result of vaginal bleeding.


Panties of one of the victim girls.


The school principal was caught on surveillance camera taking two underage girls into a camera.

In the next 20 days, there were at least seven media reports of sexual abuse against young children. In eastern Anhui province, a male principal was found to have raped nine girls in the span of 12 years, whereas another 55-year-old math teacher sexually assaulted a girl aged 7, who suffered from vaginal bleeding. Another principal in the southern Chinese city of Leizhou lured two underage girls into dormitory rooms and raped them on multiple occasions.

Guangzhou’s Women Federation said in a news interview Wednesday that in the past three years, almost half of the 2,506 young female victims of sexual assault were under the age of 14. 65% of child sex offenders were acquaintances. The city is aiming to hand out 10,000 “anti-wolf” booklets to its student girls and parents, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.


Selected comments from Sina Weibo: (3,096 comments so far)

堂达#GetARoomWithMe# Even a scumbag can become a school principal and educate people?! The image of Communists in those TV dramas is now totally overturned!

最爱影子2013:Execute by shooting immediately! Today’s China is simply too messy. Too many criminals and corrupt souls. In my opinion, this is because of loose laws.  One can come out after spending two years in jail even if he embezzled multi-million dollars. Should shoot them to death…

曦陈only:The government is keeping silent. Rise, parents! Punish the violent with violence! Let’s chop off the penises of those heartless bastards first!

Blue兰澎哲#GetARoomWithMe# If I have a daughter in the future, how can I guarantee her healthy growth and development ?? I am so worried.

言小峯:If the Ministry of Education remains silent any longer, then this country is truly feeding a bunch of scumbags.[怒][怒]

和尚去化缘:I support you guys! Tomorrow is June 1 (Children’s Day)! Should demand an explanation from those bureuf chiefs and ministers…

广阔海域:I agree that Ministry of Education should apologize for this matter. Give the general people an explanation and show us measures and solutions to  be taken. Let children live in the sun.

美如西子胜三分:I wonder if President Xi and Premier Li know any of these. It should be a state affair if it concerns children, isn’t it?

星星平安无事:I call for the cancellation of Teachers’ Day. Those people are a disgrace of all teachers. They are the lowest lives, scumbags and animals.

第二世界2008:They are beasts, with no human hearts. If their little daughters were taken by others into a hotel room, how would they feel?

不必假关心:Too many scumbags in this society. Time for a clean-up.

木子萌萌萌#GetARoomWithMe# I am now feeling worried for today’s society. There were at least reports in the past dozen days. How many more beasts are hiding out there and not exposed!!!

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