A Court in China Gives Citizens Metaphorical Warning

July 16, 2013Jing GaoOne Comment


Recently, a bizzarre poster in the city of Manzhouli, China, has surprised netizens there. The poster was put out by People’s Court in Manzhouli, warning people to obey the law, other wise they could turn from “a fresh daisy” to “a shriveled sunflower”.

To give you a bit of context here, “daisy” and “chrysanthemum” in Chinese internet language are slangs for anus, for Chinese online masses do believe the two flower species look similar to the human anatomical part. With that in mind, if you look back at this poster, you would probably associate the shriveled sunflower with some physical damages done to it.

Many internet users on Renren, the Chinese version of Facebook, caught the obscure implication of this poster: prisoner sexual abuse. Many were shocked by the straightforwardness of the message. Others commented that this poster was so effective and vivid that no one should dare to break the law anymore. Some believed that this kind of public education was too teasing, not serious.

However, compared to the prevalent dogmatic patrotic education elsewhere (shown below), which is basically educating citizens to become responsible for their action for the sake of social harmony, the poster in Manzhouli simply shows the “modern” and humorous character of the court.




Contributed by Zheyan Ni

Zheyan Ni, a student from Wesleyan University (Connecticut), is currently an intern at LinkAsia, a TV program of KCETLink Media.

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    Definitely an evolution of a kind, but not much of one.

    And how exactly does one obey a constantly changing state of law?

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