6-year-old boy has eyes gouged out after being drugged, corneas missing

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Source: IFENG


Screen grab of a local television report. Headline reads, “Cruel! 6-year-old Child Has Eyes Gouged Out”

A 6-year-old Chinese boy in central China had his eyes gouged out after the perpetrator abducted the child away from home into the middle of nowhere and drugged him.

The boy, still hospitalized, is not in any life-threatening condition, but he has been permanently lost his sight.

The child was last seen playing outside his home on the outskirts of Linfen, Shanxi province, by his neighbors at around 6 pm Saturday. An hour later, his parents noticed he was missing when they were about to have dinner.

At around 10 pm, the boy was found lying in an empty field not too far away from his home, his face covered in blood.

His eyeballs were also found nearby. Earlier news reports said his corneas were missing. The local police quickly denied the claim, saying that organ trade has been ruled out as a possible motive.

The boy regained his consciousness while being rushed to the local hospital. He vaguely recalled a woman speaking with a different accent said to him, “Bin (his name), follow me,” before he was drugged and lost consciousness.

Both Bin’s parents are farmers. They planned to send their boy to an elementary school in the county seat a week later when fall semester starts. To take better care of the kid, they had even rented a small apartment there.

The local police has put down a 100,000-RMB ($16,000) bounty for any information related to the crime.


The boy is still in hospital recovering from the horrific act done to him.


The boy’s mother, who is a farmer, appears very helpless.


The boy has permanently lost his sight. 





The boy’s uncle is heart-broken.


The boy’s uncle speaks with the family’s relatives about the heinous crime over the phone.


The mother chokes with sobs.


The mother hugged a visiting relative for consolation.


A relative of the family talks to reporters. 


A young mother brings her boy of similar age to the hospital to donate money to the family. 



The news received strong reaction from the online population after it was posted on Weibo, a microblogging service similar to Twitter. Most netizens expressed their indignation at the brutality and sympathy for the little boy. Some also refuse to believe the story, “I so wish it were a rumor.”

Selected comments:

@可乐:Life of this child is totally ruined.

@冰莹雪洁:Sensational! Utterly inhuman.

@胖若两人:Was it about organ trade or personal feud?

@都市农耕:Sigh! I truly wish it were a rumor.

@我是一片云:So horrible. What kind of hatred and animosity can drive a person to do this to a child? So inhuman!

@犸辣:A shocking tragedy in the human world. It makes people’s hair stand. The perpetrator must be punished with no lenience.

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