Learn From Everyone – A knowledge sharing initiative launched by young Chinese

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Written by Charlene Ni, co-founder of LFE, who is also a contributor at Ministry of Tofu.


向学LFE (Learn From Everyone) is an NGO committed to sharing interesting knowledge, stories and opinions regardless of the social status of their owners. It is founded by a group of Chinese college students studying in the U.S. with a diverse body of contributors located in various parts of China. LFE is striving to create a boundless platform for information sharing. Check out our Sina Weibo page for more information (English version in process).

女权之声 Sherry Shen

Ms. Xiong is a member of Women’s Voice, an NGO committed to sexual equality and women’s rights. She shared a story with us.  In 2012 national college entrance examination, many colleges imposed stricter standard test requirement for girls than for boys. Therefore, in Guangzhou, four girls shaved their hair off to protest, and three girls in Beijing did the same the next day. In this case, Women’s Voice published an online petition “we want you to shave your hair to protest against the Ministry of Education”, twenty signed up. In 2013, the Ministry of Education enacted affirmative action against sexual discrimination in college admission. The action of shaving hair contributed significantly

米线故事 Sherry Shen



Crossing the Bridge Noodles is a kind of special rice noodle soup from Yunnan Province, China. Ms. He, from Yunan, told us a story of how this noodle soup came into being. In ancient China, people had to pass the Imperial Examinations (Keju) to get positions in the government. In Yunnan, a test taker surnamed Yang studied hard for the exam in a pavilion in the middle of a lake. His wife had to cross the bridge everyday to get him meals. One day, when she was cooking chicken soup, she found that chicken fat could preserve heat very well. Since then, she always added chicken fat while boiling the noodle soup. Thus, this kind of noodle soup is named “Cross the Bridge Noodles”.

罗女士 Yi Luo


Mrs. Luo is in her mid fifties. She works as a street cleaner for ten years. In her spare time, she collected wasted trash and turn it into beautiful shoes. She said, handmade crafts are not necessarily made of delicate material; old calendars, purses and clothes are all the source of beauty.

毛笔 Calligrapher


Chinese Calligrapher Chen introduces to us the main categories of Chinese ink brush textures: soft (ruan hao), mixed (jian hao) and hard (ying hao). Ying Hao is usually made of Siberian Weasel hair; it can also be made of mouse and rabbit hair. However, ying hao is hard for beginners to learn to use. Ruan hao is usually made of goat hair.

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