About Us

Ministry of Tofu started in October 2010. Our goal is to boost mutual understanding between China and rest of the world. It is our passion to translate China articles and make the world aware of what is going on in the world’s biggest cultural sphere.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, constructive criticisms or you have a topic in mind that you’d like us to write about, feel free to send us an email at minitofu.master@gmail.com.

Meet the writers

Jing Gao – Editor in chief

Previously a journalism graduate student at a U.S. university, Jing now aims to glean news and aspects of Chinese culture and society often overlooked by professional foreign media owing to culture differences and language barrier, and to offer her own thoughts. She also hopes by blogging in English, she can hone her English writing skills.

Some ultra-nationalist Chinese denounced the blog of fixating on dark sides of China and humiliating Chinese. She has a rebuttal in Chinese here.

Chia-fu Chen

aka “陳家福”
Creator, marketer, tech support and occasional writer for MiniTofu. He strongly feels a need for the Chinese and rest of the world to engage in meaningful dialog. Chia-fu grew up in an authoritarian regime until he went studying abroad five years ago. He was once a firm believer of the ultra-idealized prospect that his country promised to its citizens. While now he has developed a mature view of the world and often finds his past beliefs naïve, life under authoritarian rule was, after all, a part of his childhood.

For nostalgic reasons, he named the news blog Ministry of Tofu, a parody of Ministry of Truth from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Why “Tofu” then? In Chinese language, a “chunk of tofu” (豆腐块) is a metaphor for a small piece of news that appears on printed newspaper. The name carries the hope that some day, their website could become an authority for “chunks of tofu”, i.e. a reliable and reputable source of news articles.

In addition to the news blog, Chia-fu is working on a couple of other projects that help China and rest of the world exchange information and ideas: a translator’s assistant tool, and a China news aggregator, which hopefully will be release for public use soon.

Charlene Ni

Charlene Ni came from Ningbo, China. Growing up in China and attending college in the U.S. get her interested in looking into one subject from various perspective through the lens of journalism. As a College of Social Studies major at Wesleyan University, she is interested in socioeconomic issues in China and in the U.S. She hopes to become an investigative journalist, telling stories of different populations and documenting issues on social justice and historical memory. She believes stories and opinions matter, but what matters more is the honest and thorough documentation of them.

Ou Leili

Ou Leili is a graduate student in Asian Studies at a U.S. university with particular interest in Chinese history and politics.