Archer Wang

July 9, 20124 Comments

The Last Mantou in Memory of the Only Child

From Sina Weibo: Hundreds of millions of Chinese parents ended up having one child, in line with the one-child policy, and that one kid is the hope of the family. However, some ten million families have lost their only child, and twenty million parents have become childless. They are bereaved not only of their beloved [...]

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June 14, 20129 Comments

“Grandpa Wen, I want to go to school!”

Pictures from Weibo users reported the demonstration at the entrance of Fengtai District Education Commission in Beijing by elementary school age kids who are not eligible because they don’t have Beijing hukou. The signs run, “I want to go to school.” Their parents are migrant workers from outside Beijing. The municipal government’s attack last [...]

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April 23, 2012One Comment

Photos: College students’ Occupy Seats movement turns ugly as Graduate Admission Exam nears

From NetEase With now an increasing number of Chinese students choosing graduate school to get themselves more prepared for the hypercompetitive job market in China, admissions to various graduate programs are getting more selective than ever. The Postgraduate Admission Test (中国研究生入学考试) is an integral part of the admission process. Every Chinese college student has gone through the ritual [...]

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December 27, 20116 Comments

The Plight of China’s Migrant Workers

From NetEase 网易《看客》 Ministry of Tofu: Migrant workers have been subject to unstable employment, hazardous working conditions, and low wages. On top of that, they often find themselves fighting deceptive employers for their meager salaries. Here are some pictures that show what they would do in desperate situations. Migrant workers are considered “outsiders” in the [...]

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November 21, 201110 Comments

Photos: Comparing China and Other Countries

From Sina Weibo: Recently a collection of photographs that shows how some aspects of Chinese people’s lives differ from those of people in some other countries, mainly the U.S., has gone viral on the Internet. A comparison of school buses in China and in the U.S. In the wake of a deadly school bus crash [...]

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September 21, 201111 Comments

Photos: What do you really eat when you go to a restaurant in China

From Sina Blog Chinese food is yummy! But do you know how it is prepared in restaurants? A set of pictures taken by an anonymous chef working in a Chinese restaurant was leaked online, and they offer a disturbing peek into restaurant kitchens which might unnerve those of you who have enjoyed Chinese cuisine and [...]

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