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June 5, 2013No Comments

Chinese college humor: Do you pleasure yourself? Survey on masturbation goes viral

A recent video interview of more than 50 college students on their masturbation and porn-viewing habits has become an online hit on Chinese social media sites. The project is launched by a study group called ‘Research on Masturbation’ from Guangzhou-based Zhongshan University. The study group, headed by sexology professor Pei Yuxin at the university, aims [...]

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June 5, 2013One Comment

A deadly fire in Jilin kills 120; Weibo bans mourning emoticons

A deadly fire broke out Monday morning at a poultry plant in northeast China’s Jilin province, claming at least 120 lives. As rescue efforts and police investigation go on, on Sina Weibo, the Chinese answer to Twitter, popular mourning emoticons such as flickering candles and black ribbons have been disabled to prevent the public uproar from [...]

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June 4, 2013No Comments

Pic of the day: A historic advertisement on June 4

  June 4, 2013, the 24th anniversary of Tiananmen Square crackdown. Front pages of four major newspapers in Henan province were blanketed by the same property advertisement with no space left for one more character. This could be a laudable chapter in the Chinese media history.

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June 4, 2013No Comments

Wuhan may fine out-of-wedlock childbirth

Unmarried mothers and mistresses who give birth may have to pay a 80,000 yuan (USD13,000) fine, the Chinese city of Wuhan says Friday. According to Article 26 of a draft city ordinance published by the capital city of Hubei province, “Those who give birth and fail to provide valid identification from her partner,” or who [...]

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May 31, 2013No Comments

“Get A Room With Me!” Child sexual abuses prompt online outcry

On May 27, Ye Haiyan, a prominent women’s rights activist, staged a protest outside the gate of the No.2 Elementary School in Wanning, Hainan province. The hand-made sign reads aloud, “Principals, Get A Room With Me! Leave Elementary School Students Alone!” The sign reads, “Principals, Get A Room with Me! Leave Elementary School Students Alone! [...]

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May 31, 2013No Comments

Pic of the Day: 24th Anniversary

“Then all of a sudden it seemed to stop.” – From “German” by Charles Bukowski.  

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May 30, 2013One Comment

Newborn baby fell into sewage pipe and got trapped for two more hours; mother remained silent

From Qianjiang Evening Post A newborn in Eastern China magically survived after being flushed down the toilet sewage pipe and trapped there for two hours. The baby boy was first discovered in a sordid public restroom inside an apartment building in Jinhua, Zhejiang province on the morning of May 25. A female renter heard the baby [...]

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May 8, 2013One Comment

A 1995 mysterious poisoning case grips China and moves to White House

An unsolved 18-year-old attempted murder case in China has been brought to the White House’s We the People site. So far, the petition to the U.S. government demanding the deportation of the suspect back to China has garnered more than 130,000 signatures within in four days as the public fury over the possible foul play [...]

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April 13, 2013No Comments

What was cropped out of this photo of Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher?

A spittoon! Into which Deng, then the paramount leader of China, expectorated loudly while expressing his firm stance on Hong Kong’s return to China in early 1980s. Her tripping down the steps in front of the Great Hall of the People is also a memento to Chinese.

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April 9, 20132 Comments

Torture methods at a Chinese gulag, or reeducation-through-labor camp, are exposed by Chinese media

Campaigns to abolish the oft-maligned reeducation-through-labor camp have been gathering steam on the Chinese social media in the past few years and even made their way into the agenda at China’s annual political meetings, for the reeduation system is often seen to be an extrajudicial punishment that have emboldened local authorities to jail and torture [...]

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March 16, 201313 Comments

China’s state broadcaster hires opinion leaders on Weibo in smear campaign against Apple

Source: Sina Weibo Tech giant Apple and German automaker Volkswagen were accused of jerking Chinese consumers around in a 3-hour expose aired by China Central Television Friday evening, but a celebrity’s foolish mistake on Weibo revealed that the so-called investigative journalism from CCTV was nothing but the big shark’s PR offensive against the wrong targets. [...]

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March 11, 20133 Comments

1,200 dead pigs floating in Shanghai River points to heavy water pollution

Sources: Xinmin Evening News, CRI We don’t know yet if the polluted water has killed too many pigs, or too many dead pigs have polluted the water, but the sight of over 1,200 bodies of domesticated pigs floating with tons of garbage and flotsam in Songjiang River, which has the city of Shanghai downsteam and [...]

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March 10, 20139 Comments

Rich Chinese kid pays $2M bail after killing one in car crash in US pleads not guilty; father identity revealed

Source: Seattle Times, Sing Tao Daily A 19-year-old Chinese community college student is facing homicide charge after killing a 25-year-old woman in a fatal car crash in November. His mother flew to the U.S. from China and paid two million dollars in bail last week. Chinese social media are now abuzz with condemnation of such [...]

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February 11, 201312 Comments

Advertisement for Editor-in-chief Jing Gao

Due to my family’s relocation plan, I am now looking for a job in the United States. I figure while I will be sending out application packages every day, it does not hurt if I advertise myself here, since we already have thousands of followers. If you have been a Ministry of Tofu reader for [...]

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February 6, 20136 Comments

On TV, Chinese man rips ‘Japanese devil’ in half with bare hands; netizens call it ‘wet dream’

Chinese-made anti-Japanese patriotic television dramas have been the object of an awful lot of ridicule on Sina Weibo, the Chinese twitter, after netizens found much to their amusement that in one extreme example, a Chinese man tears up a “Japanese soldier”, or commonly known in China as “Japanese devil”, across like a piece of paper, [...]

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February 6, 20133 Comments

Hong Kong’s ban on baby milk formula trade adds to tension with mainland China

As complaints over the severe baby formula shortage in Hong Kong rise, the local authorities plan to slap a tough restriction on the amount of formula outbound travellers can take. The new rule, which is aimed at mainland Chinese smugglers, has sparked fear, outrage and angst on Chinese social media. Under the regulation, each individual [...]

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February 1, 20135 Comments

In China, coming out is not easy

Two elderly gay men living in Beijing find themselves in the center of controversy after their high-profile coming out on the web is as much censured as praised. The two men, one a retired teacher and the other a rural migrant working as a water bottle deliverer, created a profile page named “Two Old Men’s [...]

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January 25, 20132 Comments

Americans use Chinese popcorn cooker on Discovery Channel; netizens amused

Recently, a magical popcorn cooker from China has piqued Americans’ curiosity. The old-fashioned Chinese popcorn cooker is essentially a cannon with a handle. MythBuster, a famous show on America’s Discovery Channel, uses it to explore the fastest way to make popcorn. The production team spent much time on figuring out the monster, put up a [...]

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January 22, 2013No Comments

‘Technological cheating’ shadows online ticket sales for Spring Festival rush

As the Spring Festival travel season, also known as the largest annual human migration in the world, approaches, the vexing and taxing battle for a train ticket home starts. This year, a new problem occurs: tech-savvy Chinese ticket buyers have been using plug-ins, add-ons and other software applications, which causes a surge in traffic that [...]

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January 21, 2013No Comments

Viral love diary of mistress ends career of Yi Junqing, senior propaganda official

Five weeks after a lengthy chronicle of his sexual encounters with a woman went viral on the Chinese Internet, Yi Junqing, a high-ranking official, was fired for “improper lifestyle,” according to a terse news dispatch from the state-run Xinhua News Agency on January 17. Yi Junqing, director of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, has [...]

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