March 30, 201210 Comments

Facebook’s Zuckerberg on vacation in Shanghai; netizens chatter

From IFENG, Weibo, NetEase The moment Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was spotted on the streets of Shanghai, young and wired Chinese began to seethe with excitement, totally oblivious to the fact that the world’s largest social network is totally off limits to the world’s most populous country. On March 28, a reporter with Dongfang Daily [...]

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March 27, 20123 Comments

A Chinese citizen’s funny take on the latest gas price hike goes viral

Chinese people, for all the rage they pour out and insults they hurl on the Internet every now and then, do know how to get their viewpoints across while maintaining civility and dignity. When a television program in the city of Jiaxing, East China’s Zhejiang province, randomly interviewed people on the street for their thoughts [...]

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March 26, 2012One Comment

‘Du Fu is very busy’– Netizens have fun with photoshopping portrait of ancient Chinese poet

From Baidu, Sina Weibo “It is said that today, Du Fu is very busy. He rode a motorcycle before switching to a white horse. He sells watermelons after he delivered bottled water.” A portrait of Du Fu in the Chinese literature textbook has recently been the inspiration of a slew of photoshop masterpieces, while the [...]

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March 23, 20126 Comments

Photos: A ‘plastic surgery’ that turns duck into goose

From NetEase In Guangdong, because a domesticate goose costs twice as much as a duck, restaurants that serve roast geese usually pass ducks off as geese. After their feathers are plucked and their feet are choped off, the two birds look quite the same, except that a Chinese domestic goose may be readily distinguished from [...]

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March 15, 2012One Comment

Videos: Viral Chinese song inspires queer, funny dances and outdoor workouts

Zui Xuan Min Zu Feng, literally The Coolest Ethnic Wind, by the Chinese pop duo Phoenix Legend, has been circulating crazily all over the Internet recently and spawned a variety of parodies, spoofs and adaptations. The fast tempo, fusion of Chinese musical instruments, Mongolian chants and modern rap beats, contribute to the song’s catchiness, making [...]

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March 15, 2012One Comment

Hidden message in NetEase’s homage to “Chinese corporate conscience” amuses netizens

News portal NetEase devoted a special editorial web page (deleted by now) to March 15, China’s Consumer Rights Protection Day. Headlined “Lists of businesses with moral conscience in our country,” the feature story begins with the lead, “Today’s netizens fume at gutter oil, fake medicine, luminous pork, poisonous milk, poisonous rice…What they don’t know is, in [...]

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March 8, 20125 Comments

Picture of the day: Roses

Wow, this is a gift from boys at Xiamen University to girls on March 8 Women’s Day: a, ahem, maxi-pad of roses. (Picked at Sina Weibo)

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March 7, 20128 Comments

Photos: Side-by-side comparisons of Chinese copycat movie posters and those they rip off

From Wenxuecity To be fair, likeness in some pairs is generic and harmless, but others just share blatant resemblance and are even nearly identical. Love Actually (UK) VS. Fit Lover (China) Red Cliff (China, 2008) VS. The Knot (China/Taiwan, 2006) Vantage Point (U.S.) VS.  Seven 2 One (Hong Kong, China) Daddy Day Camp (U.S.) VS. [...]

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February 28, 20122 Comments

Photos: Who says China lacks creativity? Look at its supermarket displays!

It takes the art of flower arrangement and patience of setting up domino tiles. But it just happens when you have a bunch of bored grocery store employees, a ton of products and an obsession to put everything in place. The following pictures taken in China’s supermarkets show you what unstoppable aunties (as most supermarket employees [...]

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February 28, 20124 Comments

Photos: Hilarious one-child-policy writings on the wall

Bad news for internet humor: China is exterminating countless slogans splashed on the walls in rural China, screaming family planning and sterilization and striving to intimidate the population into submission. The Chinese authorities say that in promoting family planning, “Only by keeping abreast of the times and catering to the people can the idea take [...]

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February 24, 20123 Comments

Picture of the day: iPhone gas stove

Apple is knee-deep in a trademark dispute with a Chinese company, which claimed the right to use the name “iPad”, and sued the electronics giant in both Chinese and U.S. federal courts for trademark infringement. Chinese authorities confiscated thousands of iPads from racks amidst the legal battle. The court rulling is still up in the [...]

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February 15, 2012One Comment

Picture of the day: A rigidly stratified Chinese society

A vivid portrayal of the Chinese society: The upper class is doing the splits (slang for two-timing); the middle class is being brainwashed; the lower class is awaiting their doom. (Picked from Sina Weibo)

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February 10, 20128 Comments

Woman holds three crawling men on chain leashes to promote feminism, frowned upon by netizens

From NetEase Three men enslaved by a woman docilely submitted to their master’s abuse. This was a performance put on by four young Chinese artists on the streets of Wuhan trying to promote feminism.  However, it was terribly received by residents of Wuhan, as many passers-by “found the claptrap obnoxious.” On February 8, four men [...]

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February 3, 20122 Comments

Despite ugly tension between Hong Kong and mainland China, HK’s accusatory ad becomes Internet meme

From Sina Weibo Since the demonstration in front of a Dolce & Gabbana store in Hong Kong targeting tourists from mainland China in early January, spats between Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese have finally escalated to nasty confrontation, culminating in a viral parody music video on Youtube and a full-page ad run in a [...]

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January 6, 20123 Comments

Chinese grows “Asia’s biggest man boobs” after treating baldness with contraceptives

From Youku Guo Qingbo lives in a rural village administered by Dezhou, Shandong province. Six years ago, he heeded a quack doctor’s advice on treating his baldness and began using contraceptives to shampoo his hair. More hair did grow. However, his breasts also got larger and larger, until they looked like two balls hanging in [...]

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December 15, 2011No Comments

Now college student, former basketball player Yao Ming jokes about “copying classmate’s homework”

From Xinhua Famous basketball player Yao Ming, recently retired from NBA, now attends Economics and Management School at Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). In a recent New Year’s party at the school, Yao, unable to attend the event, sent a video clip to the party featuring himself addressing to his fellowing students. In the video, Yao [...]

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December 9, 2011One Comment

To enhance cleavage, C-list actress squeezes breasts so hard that blood veins show

From NetEase 23-year-old actress Liu Yuxin appeared in several TV dramas before, where she often had minor roles and bit parts. Then this year, she took a supporting role in Startled by Each Step, one of China’s hottest TV series.  Just as television viewers started to remember her face and name, her red-carpet look on [...]

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December 4, 20112 Comments

November 23, 20119 Comments

Picture of the day: Netizens amused by Katy Perry’s dress with Chinese characters at American Music Awards

From QQ and Sina Weibo Singer Katy Perry wore a gown printed with Chinese calligraphy to the star-studded American Music Awards. The show-stopping dress might have blown western minds with its Oriental elements, but Chinese netizens took her red-carpet outfit very literally. Katy Perry in a Chinese sequin gown from Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2012 Gold Label [...]

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November 16, 20112 Comments

Video: Chinese singer’s terrible rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic

Jing’s note: At 3:20, she said, “Thanks! Because I often sing this song at KTV (karaoke box). I am really quite unfamiliar with this song. I am sorry.” Make sure you stay tuned until after that. Caption: “Female artist sings Titanic theme song with composure and shocks the audience” Selected comments from Sina Weibo 闹玩儿呗:She [...]

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