May 4, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Hong Kong flight attendants learn kung fu for self-defense

Cabin crews from Hong Kong Airlines practise Wing Chun, a concept-based Chinese martial art or Kung Fu, during a lesson in Hong Kong Saturday, April 30, 2011. A Hong Kong airline makes all its cabin crews to take Wing Chun lessons as helping them to build the team spirit and to learn self-defense, as young [...]

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May 3, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Beauties hired by property developer scatter cash to woo potential buyers

In Zhenjiang, a city in eastern Jiangsu province, a property developer hired three pretty young women to scatter 100-yuan paper money from the second floor of a villa, after heavy wind prevented them from doing it from a hot-air balloon. The real estate is located within a tourist resort. The PR stunt was meant to [...]

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April 28, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Chinese man develops a nosebleed on seeing hot girl

Picked from MOP

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April 27, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Female job applicants objectified

Ten days ago, MOT reported a Chinese company hiring only C-cup virgins to be its tea-leaf pickers. On April 24, China Eastern Airline’s human resources division meticulously examined applicants for the flight attendant job. They picked at applicants’ “faults” of appearances, including thick eyebrows, loose hair and muscular calves. The picture shows an examiner points [...]

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April 23, 20116 Comments

Picture of the day: Chinese actress publicizes her boob job

Young emerging actress Chen Meixing (陈美行) has recently admitted in her blog that she has just undergone a breast augmentation surgery and posted pictures of the surgery process. Her confession has attracted much media and public attention. Chen Meixing said in a interview that it was for viewers that she got breast implants, “Actresses should [...]

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April 21, 20113 Comments

Picture of the day: Foreigner WIN

At this spring’s Canton Fair, a foreign visitor wiped off sweat from a security guard with paper tissue. (Picked from MOP) Held in the spring and autumn seasons each year in Guangzhou, the capital city of southern Guangdong province, the Canton Fair is China’s largest trade fair . Its full name is China Import and Export Fair.  

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April 20, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Diandian v. Tumblr, another classic Chinese copycat in the Internet age

We can’t fail to notice how many similarities Chinese social network and Facebook share. We also find Chinese Fanfou reminiscent of the old Twitter. But this February, Kai-fu Lee, former Google China president and now a chairman of a venture capital fund Innovative Works, bankrolled a Beijing-based startup with more than $1 million. What [...]

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April 17, 20119 Comments

Chinese job ad: Tea-leaf picking girls have to be virgins, C-cup and Up

From NetEase and Mop A job post on a job-hunting website based in Xinyang, a city in southern Henan province, said, “West Jiuhua Mountain scenic spot is hiring full-time tea-leaf pickers. A prospective employee has to be a woman with no sexual experience, has a bra size of at lease C, and has no scar [...]

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April 14, 2011No Comments

Video: Chinese school practices Michael Jackson’s dance as routine morning exercises

Duping Elementary School in southwestern Chongqing’s mountainous rural area has recently replaced their routine morning exercises, or radio calisthenics, with Michael Jackson’s dance. At 10 p.m. on every school day, 700 students come to the playground and dance to MJ’s Dangerous. Youtube version Unblocked version on Selected comments from 展宇666: Quite good! Even [...]

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April 12, 20113 Comments

Video: Chinese singer charges RMB 80 grand for sex, undresses on candid camera

Ma Ruila (马睿菈), a small-time singer has become a “star” after a video clip of her undressing in front of an unknown man circulated on the web. According to the dialogue between Ma and her client, most Chinese actresses and singers have a price tag and will readily sell their bodies if enough cash is [...]

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April 9, 2011No Comments

“Come claim your boyfriend!” Chinese woman baits and exposes two-timers online

If a gal is looking for a boyfriend on the web, saying that she wants to fulfill this dream before going abroad, and asks men who are interested to contact her via email and specify their height, weight and telephone number, will you heed the call?

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April 7, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Mao lookalike surrounded by onlookers

On April 5, a man, who resembles Mao Zedong and was wearing his trademark Mao suit, appeared in Beijing Tiananmen Square.  Curious onlookers surrounded him and took picture with him.

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April 5, 20119 Comments

Picture of the day: Women’s panda shorts in vogue in China

Chinese netizens: “I want to feed my bamboo to them.” (Picked from MOP) Selected comments from MOP: 爬处来的小僵尸:I feel like feeding them bamboo. 如梦醉浮生001:So cute 江山如画人间如梦:wawawawawa 狼妖小小:Fierce. 秋刀恨:Kawaii (Japanese word for cute.) 摩羯荣:Hehe, first time of jizz in the front… 冒牌的楼主:Not enough bamboos. Everybody comes to help! 人品测速器:I want to feed bamboo. Yes or no!!! [...]

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April 5, 20115 Comments

April 4, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: House for the dead goes green

A mini house made for the deceased on the grave is equipped with solar water heating panel and water tank on its roof.

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April 2, 20112 Comments

April 1, 2011No Comments

April 1, 20112 Comments

“Teeth-revealing Brother,” “Little Fatty” and Chinese online photoshop trolls

Recently a picture of a high school student who wears glasses and smiles to the camera has become the subject of the art of photo parody. It said that he uploaded the picture himself to seek help from netizens with beautifying his lips. However, his smile is so broad and compelling, netizens dubbed him “Teeth-revealing [...]

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March 31, 2011One Comment

Video: Chinese netizen visions an iWorld taken over by Apple

30 years from now, Apple will take over the world with its technology? According to the video maker, Mingjai, the video is an idea for an Apple commercial that he came up with and executed. “This isn’t a real commercial, it’s just for fun.”  Youtube version Unblocked Youku Version

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March 30, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Car coated with gold

On March 29th, a convertible Infiniti G-37 coupe coated with gold made an ostentatious appearance in downtown Nanjing, capital city of China’s eastern Jiangsu province. Onlookers surrounded the car out of curiosity. Ten minutes after the owner parked it in front of a department store, the car was towed away due to parking violation. (Picked [...]

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