April 5, 201224 Comments

Photos: Chinese students lost in the dream of studying in USA

From NetEase In the past six years, Ohio University in the United States has seen a 35-fold increase in the number of Chinese undergraduate students. But the language and culture differences pose barriers that eventually lead them to indulge in a Chinese circle cut off from the outside. It seems that these young men, who [...]

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April 4, 2012No Comments

Prostitution ring makes 13-year-old fake virginity with pigeon’s blood

The city police in Nanchang, eastern Jiangxi province busted a prostitution racket by arresting four people and rescuing three underage women, including one 13-year-old. The ring leader made his girls pretend virgins and sell sex at premium prices. The crime ring also blackmailed hundreds of thousands of yuan from victims of their badger games. When [...]

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March 31, 20122 Comments

Left-behind rural woman poisoned herself and three kids, another tragedy in hollowed rural China

From NetEase & Mop On March 27, a 27-year-old woman in Sichuan province attempted to kill herself and her children with toxic herbicide, after she was severely depressed by the prospect of having to bring up their three young children alone while her husband is a thousand miles away. All four were still in hospital. The [...]

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March 31, 20124 Comments

*Graphic warning* 9-month fetus forcibly aborted by authorities for One Child Policy violation

From Tencent Weibo The news and picture came from a web posting in Baidu’s discussion forum: Family planning authorities in Moshan town, administered by Linyi city, Shandong province, forced a 9-month pregnant woman into abortion. According to the post, the baby “even gave a cry when it came out.” The family, on hearing the cry, [...]

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March 30, 201210 Comments

Facebook’s Zuckerberg on vacation in Shanghai; netizens chatter

From IFENG, Weibo, NetEase The moment Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was spotted on the streets of Shanghai, young and wired Chinese began to seethe with excitement, totally oblivious to the fact that the world’s largest social network is totally off limits to the world’s most populous country. On March 28, a reporter with Dongfang Daily [...]

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March 28, 201212 Comments

Photos: Chinese family of 3 lives in transformed public restroom

From NetEase Skyrocketing housing prices and rents in Chinese cities have always been a vexing issue for urban dwellers in the past decade. Luckily, necessity is the mother of invention. Migrant workers who really have to tighten their purse strings have come up with a variety of ideas, ranging from ‘Egg House’ to ‘Capsule Inn’, [...]

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March 28, 20125 Comments

Just how much monthly income do you need to live an easy life in China?

The costs of living vary greatly across China, as does the average salary. National per capita monthly income for city dwellers in 2011 was 21,810 yuan ($3,461), which averages out at 1,817 yuan. In Beijing and Shanghai, where residents’ living standards are among the highest in China, per capita monthly income in 2010 was respectively [...]

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March 27, 20123 Comments

A Chinese citizen’s funny take on the latest gas price hike goes viral

Chinese people, for all the rage they pour out and insults they hurl on the Internet every now and then, do know how to get their viewpoints across while maintaining civility and dignity. When a television program in the city of Jiaxing, East China’s Zhejiang province, randomly interviewed people on the street for their thoughts [...]

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March 26, 2012One Comment

‘Du Fu is very busy’– Netizens have fun with photoshopping portrait of ancient Chinese poet

From Baidu, Sina Weibo “It is said that today, Du Fu is very busy. He rode a motorcycle before switching to a white horse. He sells watermelons after he delivered bottled water.” A portrait of Du Fu in the Chinese literature textbook has recently been the inspiration of a slew of photoshop masterpieces, while the [...]

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March 24, 2012One Comment

Jilted woman shows explicit photos in court to sue man for disowning love child

From IFeng Yanyan (pseudonym)has suffered much censure and insult after she gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock. Every time her two-year-old daughter asks about “papa,” Yanyan cannot refrain her tears. However, as her daughter grows, she becomes stronger than ever. She is the first mother in Hebei province to file a lawsuit for [...]

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March 23, 20126 Comments

Photos: A ‘plastic surgery’ that turns duck into goose

From NetEase In Guangdong, because a domesticate goose costs twice as much as a duck, restaurants that serve roast geese usually pass ducks off as geese. After their feathers are plucked and their feet are choped off, the two birds look quite the same, except that a Chinese domestic goose may be readily distinguished from [...]

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March 22, 20122 Comments

China cracks down on ‘religious cults’ that target middle class and preach ‘sexual license’

From Yangcheng Evening Post Ever since she suffered a career downfall, Cheng Jing, a white-collar worker in Guangzhou, has become fascinated with all forms of spiritualism and their books and products, including astrology, hypnotism, tarot cards, aromatherapy and meditation, hoping to find spiritual guidance and be healed. In fact, in recent years, the concept of [...]

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March 19, 20122 Comments

Photos: 4 years after 8.0 M Wenchuan Earthquake, disaster relief is still pigeonholed

A Magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck Sichuan province in southwestern China on May 12, 2008, killing nearly 70,000 people. However, on March 18, about four years after the quake, a reporter with First Financial Daily found in Beichuan, a small town right next to the epicenter Wenchuan, a 500-square-meter room (5,300 square feet) filled with unopened [...]

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March 18, 20123 Comments

Nanjing destroys trunk road for Youth Olympics despite strong opposition; thousands came to say goodbye

Multiple sources At 10 p.m. on March 16, the 724-meter Shuiximen Viaduct was reduced to rubble in a blink of an eye. For 16 years, the City West Artery, which Shuiximen Viaduct has been a part of, has been bearing the weight of Nanjing’s high-speed road traffic. The blasting demolition of it has touched a [...]

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March 17, 20122 Comments

Photos: Chinese prison teaches male inmates needlework; Netizens’ reaction

From ChinaNews, NetEase On March 14, Jinjiang Prison in Sichuan province partnered with a local vocational school and started to offer embroidery lessons to its male inmates. According to the person in charge, the prison has been for years following its principle of classifying inmates based on their aptitude and rehabilitating them accordingly, which helps [...]

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March 16, 20126 Comments

McDonald’s bitten by China’s state watchdog over food safety. Which side do netizens take?

On March 15, China’s Consumer Rights Protection Day, China Central Television wielded its camera at world’s largest fast food chain and exposed a number of dishonest and unsanitary practices – with its reporter masquerading as a busboy. However, the story takes a surprising twist, after the hashtag “I trust McDonalds more than I trust CCTV” [...]

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March 16, 20122 Comments

Qingdao homeowners step up NIMBY protests against power substation

From NetEase and iFeng On March 15, China’s Consumer Rights Protection Day, about 100 homeowners took to the street in Qingdao, Shandong province, and decried the planned construction of an adjacent 220 kilovolts substation, with an element of performance art. “Vanke Doesn’t Have Moral Conscience,” the combination of individual characters on the protesters’ shirts says. [...]

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March 8, 20125 Comments

Picture of the day: Roses

Wow, this is a gift from boys at Xiamen University to girls on March 8 Women’s Day: a, ahem, maxi-pad of roses. (Picked at Sina Weibo)

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March 7, 20128 Comments

Photos: Side-by-side comparisons of Chinese copycat movie posters and those they rip off

From Wenxuecity To be fair, likeness in some pairs is generic and harmless, but others just share blatant resemblance and are even nearly identical. Love Actually (UK) VS. Fit Lover (China) Red Cliff (China, 2008) VS. The Knot (China/Taiwan, 2006) Vantage Point (U.S.) VS.  Seven 2 One (Hong Kong, China) Daddy Day Camp (U.S.) VS. [...]

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March 6, 20127 Comments

Chinese lawmakers, political delegates sporting high fashion draw criticism from netizens

From Weibo 1 and 2 Starting on March 3 and 5, two special meetings are convened in Beijing, China. These are the annual sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislative body, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a political advisory body consisting of delegates from a range of political parties and organizations. [...]

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