August 27, 2013One Comment

My Video Story for LinkAsia: The App Has Eyes: China’s Social Surveillance Spooks

I struggled for a long time whether to share this, but here it is… I so wish I had put on some makeup.

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July 30, 2013One Comment

Zheyan Ni: Chinese Box Office Hit Flaunts Wealth, Angers Communists

Zheyan Ni is a contributor at Ministry of Tofu. You can learn more about her on our About page. Tiny Times was released on June.27. It’s based on the director Guo Jingming’s  best-selling novel published in 2007. The movie portrays the urban lives of four college graduates in Shanghai, their friendship, relationships and careers. The movie’s [...]

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June 6, 20133 Comments

Video of chengguan bully beating and stomping on victim angers Chinese

A video of five chengguan (city management) officers manhandling bicycle vendors has shocked and outraged Chinese netizens, bringing the age-old topic of highly abusive chengguan force back into spotlight. In the video, a man was knocked down onto the ground by the five chengguan officers in uniform in a violent brawl. One officer then jumped [...]

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December 12, 20125 Comments

Anchor at North Korea’s KCTV announces satellite launch success in dramatic tone

North Korea declared the launch of a satellite a success, and state television KCTV ran a brief report confirming as much on Wednesday morning. The video channel of, one of China’s biggest internet portals, posted a segment of the news program, in which an anchorwoman in traditional Korean dress announced the news in a [...]

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October 9, 20122 Comments

Chinese’ nonsensical answers to “Are You Happy” baffle CCTV and amuse netizens

Video and photos from Sina Weibo During the past eight-day Mid-Autumn and National Day holiday, China Central Television, the state broadcaster, aired a nine-part special series, titled “Reaching the Grass Roots: People’s Voices From Within”, featuring interviews of ordinary men and women in the streets by asking them if they feel happy. It is said that [...]

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August 24, 2012One Comment

Video: 19-year-old drunk driver w/o license makes out with girlfriend after killing one in crash

From Sina Weibo, Anhui Satellite TV, KDNet On the early morning of August 21, according to a news program on Anhui Satellite TV, a car in Chengdu killed one person and injured two others in a crash. The driver was a 19-year-old man. Police inspection showed that the driver was under influence and does not [...]

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August 23, 20122 Comments

Video: Romance, Chinese style

From Youku Youtube version (English captions by Ministry of Tofu) Full text below: Love, the seemingly sacred and beautiful word, is no longer that simple these days. After the Chinese society went through roller-coaster changes in the past few years, marriage, this topic of significance, seems to be more than just a matter of love. The [...]

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May 9, 201246 Comments

Video: Foreigner beaten by Beijingers for sexually assaulting a Chinese woman in public

Update: It has been confirmed by Beijing Police that the foreigner in the video, a Briton, did commit sexual assault and has been detained. He was also seen sexually harassing five other women on the subway train by rubbing his genitals against their bodies on the same day prior to the rape attempt.  Foreigner expats in [...]

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May 3, 20122 Comments

Video: Hospital staff forced to kowtow for forgiveness at a patient’s funeral

From Sina After a patient died allegedly from medical malpractice in Shaanxi province, the hospital’s president and more than 40 staff members put on heavy mourning garments and attended the patient’s funeral, where the president gave a tearful self-criticism speech and kowtowed with the rest of the staff to the portrait of the deceased. The hospital was even [...]

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April 15, 20124 Comments

Video: Children travel on zip-line across abyss to and from school

From NetEase, QBNews Hongde Village in Guizhou province, enveloped by mountains and turbulent rivers, cannot be accessed using any form of road vehicle. The only viable transportation method connecting the village with the outside is train. The nearest train station to Hongde Village is only less than two kilometers (1.3 miles) away. But a gorge [...]

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April 9, 20122 Comments

Video: Ode to Older Unmarried Artistic Girls

This is a song that has been widely circulating around the Chinese cyberspace since 2009. Upon first hearing it, I immediately recognize the universal value in the type of frustration it expresses: not only is it relatable to women in China, but  perhaps also to many who live elsewhere in this industrialized world. (read our related [...]

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April 2, 20123 Comments

Video: Where has Chinese taxpayers’ money gone?

The following video was made by Ming En Media and uploaded to Youku, Tudou, Sina among other sites. On Sina Weibo alone, it has had 38,032 shares and 6,635 comments. According to the uploader and many commenters, censors at both Tudou and Youku once removed the video before putting it back online. Note: Alpaca, which [...]

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March 18, 20123 Comments

Nanjing destroys trunk road for Youth Olympics despite strong opposition; thousands came to say goodbye

Multiple sources At 10 p.m. on March 16, the 724-meter Shuiximen Viaduct was reduced to rubble in a blink of an eye. For 16 years, the City West Artery, which Shuiximen Viaduct has been a part of, has been bearing the weight of Nanjing’s high-speed road traffic. The blasting demolition of it has touched a [...]

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March 15, 2012One Comment

Videos: Viral Chinese song inspires queer, funny dances and outdoor workouts

Zui Xuan Min Zu Feng, literally The Coolest Ethnic Wind, by the Chinese pop duo Phoenix Legend, has been circulating crazily all over the Internet recently and spawned a variety of parodies, spoofs and adaptations. The fast tempo, fusion of Chinese musical instruments, Mongolian chants and modern rap beats, contribute to the song’s catchiness, making [...]

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February 23, 20123 Comments

Video: 8-year-old goes hysterical after seeing his mother beaten by chengguan

A video clip has been circulating on Chinese internet, in which a woman has blood all over her face after she was beaten by a law enforcer. Her son lost control at the sight and kept screaming and wailing for about a minute while thumping and pushing a table. Original video on Youku The chengguan [...]

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February 21, 20125 Comments

Globe-trotting Japanese cyclist has bike stolen on China leg; netizens’ reaction

From Sina Weibo A Japanese man who had cycled to multiple countries on his around-the-world tour prior to his arrival in China probably underestimated bike thieves in the Middle Kingdom, where nearly 1 percent of its 470 million two-wheelers are stolen, according to China Daily. In less than six hours, his 13,000-yuan high-end bicycle evaporated [...]

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February 16, 20122 Comments

Vice squad breaks into hotel room on Valentine’s night, busts ‘threesome’ and air it on TV

From Sina Weibo In the United States, it is invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress; in China, it is law enforcement and a moral lesson for the public. Local police of Huai’an, Jiangsu province raided upon a hotel on the night of Valentine’s day with a camera team, and found two women and [...]

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February 7, 201210 Comments

Video: Chinese Eagle Dad trains 4-year-old son to jog naked in NYC’s heavy snow

From Sina In a heavy snowstorm in the Flushing Chinatown area of the New York City where temperature plummeted to 13 degrees Celsius below zero(9 F), a 4-year-old boy who hails from Nanjing, China, was asked by his “Eagle Dad” to run while wearing nothing but a yellow underwear and sneakers. It was in the [...]

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January 13, 20124 Comments

Video: China completes 30-story building in 15 days

From Daily Mail China is nowadays known to the world as a huge construction site where superlative and larger-than-life skyscrapers spring up faster than anywhere else. At the end of 2010, a video in fast motion documenting the completion of a 15-story building within merely 6 days left most viewers’ jaws drop. This time, the [...]

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January 9, 20129 Comments

Photos: Hong Kongers protest ‘discriminatory’ D&G photo ban that protects Mainland China’s new rich

From NetEase and Weibo A Dolce &Gabbana store in Hong Kong was besieged on January 8 by more than a thousand protesters clamoring for apology after the Italian high fashion house decided to forbid non-shoppers from taking photos of its storefront.

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