January 2, 201210 Comments

What do Chinese people envision as the best life?

What kind of life do Chinese people desire the most in the new year? The news documentary featuring interviews with six ordinary Chinese people from all walks of life was produced by Chinese news portal Net Ease as a tribute to year 2011 and translated into English by Ministry of Tofu.

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December 8, 201110 Comments

Video: “Man without money is trash. Marriage is a colossal-sum transaction.”

From Youku A video, filled with face-to-face interviews with single men and women in Beijing, sparks debate on China’s Internet. Even though the video serves as a trailer for a comedy film titled “A Big Deal,” literally “A Colossal-sum Transaction,” and should not be taken as a news documentary, many of the hard-hitting arguments have [...]

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December 2, 2011No Comments

Video: Civil servant starves 90-year-old mother to a bag of bones

From NetEase A post titled “Civil servant in Wuping starves 90-year-old mother to death” circulated on dozens of Chinese websites since it was first posted yesterday. In the video, an extremely skinny silver-haired old woman is lying on a bamboo bed sheet. According to the post, the old woman is the mother of a public [...]

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November 16, 20112 Comments

Video: Chinese singer’s terrible rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic

Jing’s note: At 3:20, she said, “Thanks! Because I often sing this song at KTV (karaoke box). I am really quite unfamiliar with this song. I am sorry.” Make sure you stay tuned until after that. Caption: “Female artist sings Titanic theme song with composure and shocks the audience” Selected comments from Sina Weibo 闹玩儿呗:She [...]

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October 17, 20114 Comments

2-year-old run over by two vehicles, ignored by 18 passers-by, riling up public opinion

At 5:26 p.m. on October 13, a van knocked down and ran over a 2-year-old girl in a hardware market in Foshan, Guangdong province in a hit-and-run. Then a truck ran over her and fled. During the seven minutes following the first accident, 18 people brushed aside the little girl lying on the ground as [...]

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September 21, 2011No Comments

64 Chinese preschoolers crammed into 8-seat school bus; overloading kills 11

On September 9, traffic police in the city of Qianan, Hebei province, intercepted a minivan re-purposed as a school bus for a kindergarten. 64 kindergarterners, one driver and one teacher were crammed into an 8-seat minivan. The kindergarten removed the eight seats and refitted it with 4 long benches. The police later sent the 64 kids back [...]

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September 8, 20112 Comments

Video: Funeral held for cows reflects Chinese farmers’ woes

From Dahe Daily Elegiac couplets were written and hung; a sacrificial alter was set up; condolences were expressed; eulogies were pronounced; Buddhist monks were invited to chant prayers…For those who are wondering for whom was such a grand funeral and memorial service held, the answer is beyond their expectation: cows. A video of a funeral [...]

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September 3, 2011One Comment

Video: Erotic novel adapted for ballet takes center stage in China, admitting adults only

From Wenxuecity Golden Lotus, (Chinese name: Jin Pin Mei 金瓶梅, literally The Plum in the Golden Vase) is an erotic novel written by Chinese author “The Scoffing Scholar of Lanling”, an obvious pseudonym, in late Ming Dynasty. For the past four centuries since it was born, it has been banned in China for its explicit [...]

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August 30, 2011One Comment

Video: 77-year-old female kneels down, naked, in front of courthouse to protest land grab

From On August 18, Zhuang Jinghui, a 77-year-old woman went naked on her knees in order to call Shanghai’s justice system to account for their ineptitude. She wore nothing but a sign in black and white that says, “I want my case to be investigated. Champion the laws. Return the right to sue to [...]

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August 3, 20115 Comments

Video: KPMG Shanghai employees’ double adultery busted by in-laws and police

Two married employees, Amy and Rex, at the Shanghai office of KPMG, one of the Big Four international auditors, were caught by their spouses, relatives and friends as well as local police in their love nest. The entire process has been videotaped and uploaded onto the internet, and the captions groan with detailed background information, [...]

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July 30, 20113 Comments

MV: Chinese netizen sings Cui Jian’s “Nothing to My Name” to mourn 7.23 train crash victims

After a deadly bullet train crash in Wenzhou, southern Zhejiang took place on the evening of July 23, the Chinese government and the Communist Party came under public opprobrium for their previous confidence in Chinese railway system, which now proves to be problematic and even dangerous, and their rescue and investigation effort, or lack thereof, after the [...]

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July 29, 20116 Comments

Video: Chinese teacher repeatedly pushes, pulls and slaps her adolescent student

A video taken in a classroom of a teacher using violence against her student was uploaded to Chinese portal IFENG and soon drew fire over the teacher’s conduct. The conversation between the teacher and the student was very indistinct because of poor recording device. However, the conflict probably stems from the student playing with her [...]

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July 26, 20119 Comments

Chinese parapolice kill handicapped street vendor in daylight, use brutal violence against spectators

The violent enforcement took place at 1:43 p.m. on July 26 in Anshui, southwestern Guizhou province. The street vendor who sold fruit was a disabled man hobbling along on a crutch while pulling a cart. Information from MOP and Sina Microblog provided by netizens said the murderers were two men and one woman from a [...]

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July 23, 20115 Comments

Video: Australian comedy show explains difference between two Chinas

The Mansion is an Australian satirical news show, hosted by Michael Chamberlin and Charlie Pickering. Michael and Charlie explore why there are Two Chinas: People’s Republic of China and Republic of China.

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July 22, 201111 Comments

Video: Cat brutally abused and choked by a young couple; netizens furious

A video clip has been recently posted online showing that in a neighborhood in Tongzhou District, Beijing, a woman repeatedly submerged a kitty’s head into a puddle. After a cat of bigger size came over and tried to rescue the kitty by holding it in the mouth, a man chased the bigger cat away, tossed [...]

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July 20, 2011One Comment

Chinese wife Wendi Deng swipes at attacker of husband Rupert Murdoch; Chinese netizens’ reaction

Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who heads News Corp. among many other news organizations around the globe, has recently been mired in public opprobrium for the wiretapping scandal by the British tabloid News of the World he owns. When a frustrated Rupert Murdoch was questioned by a British parliamentary panel Tuesday, a man approached him [...]

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July 14, 20114 Comments

Video: Chinese young man Liu Xinying makes “iPad3″ by hand

A Chinese young man can’t wait to have the long-anticipated Apple iPad3, and as a result, he made one himself, filmed the entire assembling process and uploaded it to the internet. The Do-It-Yourself iPad cost 2,000; the R&D took half a month, and it runs on Microsoft operating system. The exquisite craftsmanship has wowed many [...]

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July 12, 20117 Comments

Video: 7-year-old Chinese girl uses violence against cousin, cheered by father

(From Recently, a video of a 7-year-old girl bullying her cousin of the same age has become viral on Chinese internet. The girl’s father, who is the brother of the little boy’s mother, stood aside and cheered the girl, who had clearly gained the upper hand, while videotaping the entire episode. The girl, emboldened [...]

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July 8, 2011One Comment

Video: Chinese old man gazes into young woman’s cleavage

The video was taken on a bus in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. It is quite self-explanatory. Within one day since it was posted on Youku, it has received over 1,200,000 views. Selected comments from Youku ligion123: Attentive and focused men are the most attractive. 正常滴反映:One wishes to be watched and the other wishes to watch. Both two [...]

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June 10, 201113 Comments

Video: Chinese young man’s comically phenomenal cheerleading dance

A Chinese college student has become a new internet sensation after video of him dressed as a cheerleader and dancing with seven girls at a basketball halftime show was uploaded to the popular streaming sites. The college student is said to be a science major. It is not clear which university he goes to. Chinese [...]

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