August 1, 20132 Comments

Ou Leili: China’s Wheelchair Bomber Shines Light on Injustice, Disability Rights

Ou Leili is a contributor at Ministry of Tofu. You can learn more about her on our About page. “I am festering away, paralyzed and over 100,000 yuan (US $16,303.60) in debt. Our family has suffered an unimaginable fate.” This declaration was translated from the now-deleted blog of Ji Zhongxing. Ji, a 34-year-old man from [...]

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April 19, 20118 Comments

Photos: China’s absurd and dangerous footpaths for the blind; the disabled face barriers

Yu Jianrong, a famous human rights activist and sociologist, who campaigned against abducted children exploited as beggars earlier this year, made another appeal on April 15 to microblog users: Take pictures of faulty footpaths for the blind and upload them to a public page. The purpose is to pick ten most hideous “blind lanes” and [...]

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