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December 12, 20122 Comments

Taiwan’s Tsinghua University student scolds Taiwanese minister; Chinese netizens’ reaction

Jazza John, our contributor, is currently a student at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. Taiwanese students have been making headlines on the island off the South-Eastern coast of mainland China as they protest against Want Want China Times Group’s bid for the acquisition of Next Media Group. If the take over is permitted by the [...]

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July 17, 20129 Comments

Hong Kong youth’s protest over patriotic education causes a stir among netizens

A compilation of pictures showing Hong Kong students’ growing discontent with being brainwashed with Pro-Communist rhetoric resonates deeply with Chinese netizens. It was shared by over 2,600 Weibo users and received hundreds of user comments. The pictures are screenshots of a television report uploaded by Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based media group, onto YouTube. The [...]

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February 3, 20122 Comments

Despite ugly tension between Hong Kong and mainland China, HK’s accusatory ad becomes Internet meme

From Sina Weibo Since the demonstration in front of a Dolce & Gabbana store in Hong Kong targeting tourists from mainland China in early January, spats between Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese have finally escalated to nasty confrontation, culminating in a viral parody music video on Youtube and a full-page ad run in a [...]

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