November 19, 20129 Comments

Auto show publicly flogged for use of bikini-clad preteen girls as models

Photos from NetEase We are no stranger to the scantily-clad women and the whole sex-sells idea at Chinese auto shows. As if that were not controversial and low-taste enough, an auto show in Wuhan, Hubei province, asked little girls under 10 to dress in bikini and pose teasingly with automobiles, which immediately came under public [...]

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July 12, 20113 Comments

Picture of the day: Which part of a girl’s body do Chinese men like to check out the most?

As summer arrives, women are also getting hotter with their halter dresses, shorts and bikinis. The Lady Channel of Chinese portal NetEase has recently asked male netizens about where they eyes go on a female body. Here’s how the 65,907 men answered. Face: 6% “No matter how much effort you spend on powdering your face [...]

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