January 16, 2011One Comment

McDonald’s repackages itself and branches out in China to lure Chinese young middle-class

Yang Yang walked slowly down an aisle about six meters long. The wall on the side is embossed with several ice cream cones with doodles of English words on the wooden “cones.”  Rows of stylish armchairs and leather ice cream chairs sit at the end of the aisle. Cozy yellow light is shed onto the [...]

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January 8, 20112 Comments

New business idea takes off in China: being traffic-jammed in lieu of you

From Xinhua ChinaNews When traffic congestion becomes an increasingly common and serious problem in Chinese cities, a new occupation rises to the occasion. In Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province in east China, many companies have started to offer “substitute drivers during traffic jams,” and charge at most 400 yuan (US$60). In Guangzhou, white-collar [...]

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October 30, 2010One Comment

Funny Chinese counterfeits need not be taken seriously

Admittedly, China is glutted with knockoffs. Buyers seek after them for a good reason: it looks like a real deal. But what if some knockoffs are designed to be so crudely fake that nobody fails to tell?

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