September 5, 2013One Comment

The Most Idyllic and Pristine College Campus in China (Hint: def not PKU or THU)

The site of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts used to be part of a rural village. After moving in, the school authorities manage to preserve everything ranging from fields and soil to ponds and bamboo forests and farmhouses. Exterior walls of student halls and buildings are not painted in any unnatural color. Farm tools commonly [...]

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April 23, 2012One Comment

Photos: College students’ Occupy Seats movement turns ugly as Graduate Admission Exam nears

From NetEase With now an increasing number of Chinese students choosing graduate school to get themselves more prepared for the hypercompetitive job market in China, admissions to various graduate programs are getting more selective than ever. The Postgraduate Admission Test (中国研究生入学考试) is an integral part of the admission process. Every Chinese college student has gone through the ritual [...]

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February 22, 2011One Comment

Funny: What does sunny day mean to Chinese college students? Time to give bedding a sunbath

Jing: Chinese always have the tradition to air bedding in the sun (shaibeizi, 晒被子), as sunshine, with its ultraviolet rays, can kill the tiny bedbugs, mites and bacteria hidden in duvets, quilts, pillows and plush toys. They also like the warmth and fluffiness that the sun brings to their bedding. However, have you ever seen [...]

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February 22, 2011No Comments

Funny video: Chinese college dormitory orchestra

Youtube version Unblocked Youku version: The song featured in the video is titled Yellow River Cantata (黄河大合唱). Composed in early 1939 in Yan’an near Yellow River, dubbed China’s Mother River, the song is a patriotic song meant to rally soldiers and Chinese people at large to stand up against Japanese invasion, just like the way [...]

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